The Story of EXO’s Baekhyun’s Hypothyroidism and Military Service Status

baekhyun hypothyroidism

Baekhyun’s Hypothyroidism Illness Causes His Face to Swell

In April 2021, Baekhyun made headlines for his medical issue. He suffered from a thyroid-related illness that can cause his face and his throat to swell. Apparently, the illness has caused a change of status to his military service duty.

Find out about Baekhyun’s hypothyroidism issue and the effect on his military service status in this article!

Baekhyun’s Medical Issue

baekhyun hypothyroidism

On April 3, 2021, Dispatch made a shocking revelation about EXO’s Baekhyun’s medical issue. According to the media source, Baekhyun has medical issues related to hyperthyroidism. He has been receiving treatment and consuming medication to alleviate the issue since his trainee days. His medical issue dated back to when he was just 20 years old. The condition gave him hard times and nearly cost him the dream of becoming an idol. But, due to his strong determination and positivity, Baekhyun finally was able to debut.

K-Pop Fan and Netizen Comments

baekhyun hypothyroidism

Fans already knew about Baekhyun’s need for regular medication from a video. During a tour in Japan, fans noticed Baekhyun’s medication when he showed his room and accidentally exposed his medication. Fans encouraged him to stay healthy and take vitamins to maintain his health. Fans also asked him to rest more even during busy schedules.

Baekhyun’s Military Service Enlistment

baekhyun hypothyroidism

On April 2, Baekhyun’s agency, SM Entertainment, announced his plan to start mandatory military service duty on his birthday. Initially, Baekhyun was set to start his duty in May 2021. After receiving the enlistment letter, Baekhyun immediately informed his fans. He said that his military duty is temporary and encouraged fans to spend time with him in different ways.

Baekhyun as a Public Worker

baekhyun hypothyroidism

Due to hypothyroidism, Baekhyun can’t fulfill his duty as an active soldier. In the worst condition, his face and throat can swell and endanger his health. Before the enlistment, Baekhyun already submitted his medical records. The military administrative body decided that Baekhyun suffered from hyperthyroidism and was deemed unfit to serve as an active soldier. Due to his health condition, Baekhyun is stationed as a public worker, and he can return home daily from service duty after conducting three weeks of basic training.

In terms of health conditions, Baekhyun has the lowest health category because of his thyroid-related disease and his need to consume medicine for over 6 months.

People’s Opinions and Reactions

baekhyun hypothyroidism

Following Dispatch‘s revelation, the public criticized Baehyun and claimed that the male idol has received special treatment because of his status as an idol. People may think negatively about idols receiving special treatment during mandatory military service. Public service workers have a much less intense duty compared to active soldiers.

Baekhyun immediately responded to the news. He revealed that he already had hyperthyroidism since high school and has been taking medicine for nearly 10 years. Before this scandal appeared, Baekhyun never talked about the illness. After revealing his health condition, the criticism quickly disappeared and fans encouraged Baekhyun to stay healthy and rest between schedules.

Thankfully, Baekhyun’s hyperthyroidism is currently under control, and fans must always support Baekhyun to maintain his health condition.

baekhyun hypothyroidism

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