Cuteness Overload! Check Out EXO’s Baekhyun’s Cute and Funny Moments!

exo baekhyun

Meet the Powerful and Talented Main Vocalist of EXO, Byun Baekhyun!

Who doesn’t know Baekhyun, one of the singers under SM Entertainment that debuted as a member of EXO back in 2012. Baekhyun is so popular for his unique vocal, a lot of professional vocal trainers have even admitted that he is one of the best idol vocalists out there. Not only can he sing, Baekhyun is also really good at dancing, as well!

Despite his powerful and mysterious persona at the stage, Baekhyun is completely a different person backstage. He is one of the happy-virus line, along with Chanyeol. Often, he tends to be so funny and goofy, which makes the atmosphere around him more fun and alive. Today, Channel-Korea will give you some of Baekhyun’s cute and funny moments.

So EXO-L, are you ready to see this compilation of Baekhyun being funny and cute? Well then, without any further ado, let’s get into our topic for today!

Baekhyun as a Meme

Every fandom in the K-Pop world likes to turn their idols into memes. Whenever their favorite members makes some funny or exaggerated move or face, there will be a lot of creative memes made from it. This includes EXO-L, who love to make memes from the EXO members.

For the first picture during his live, we can see that Baekhyun has opened his mouth wide. It looks like he’s either yawning or screaming. What do you think EXO-L? What is you explanation for Baekhyun’s questionable expression below?

There are moments when we try not to be upset about certain situations. We try to look fine on the outside, while on the inside we have mixed emotions. This Baekhyun meme totally fits that kind of situation.

This iconic line word from Baekhyun during Exo Showtime back in 2014, ‘Kkaebsong,’ become one of the popular inside jokes in the fandom. This line has also become a favorite memes, along with Chanyeol’s ‘chogiwa’ and Sehun’s ‘yehet’.

When you smell the lie from that ‘so-called friend,’ but you gotta act surprised, so she/he won’t notice that you already know the truth. The meme of Baekhyun below, visually represents our reaction.

What if the person you hate the most started to talk with you out of the blue. What about sending this Baekhyun meme towards them, so they would get the signal to not come any closer. It might seem a bit of rude, but it might be better than being all fake by becoming a good person who’s always being intimidated.

Baekhyun’s Cutest Moments

Exo-L have decided that Baekhyun is one of the cutest members in the group. It’s a fact, since he has a baby-faced look even for his age now. That’s why, every time Baekhyun does something it gets labeled as a cute thing. Here are some of his cute pictures; let’s take a look!

Baekhyun posing and showing off his waffle ice-cream, with those puppy-dog eyes.

A compilation of Baekhyun being cute and adorable in a nine-photo frame, during the EXO Showtime that was aired back in 2014.

Baekhyun during the live streaming; it looks like he’s reading the comments in the photo below. Can you see how cute he is, moving his face forward to the camera.

Baekhyun, during a photoshoot/interview; look at how innocent his face is!

Here is a compilation video of Baekhyun being cute, created by EXO-L on YouTube: