Get to Know Park Shin-hye’s Partner On ‘Stairway to Heaven’, Baek Seung-hyun


Meet Handsome Actor Baek Seung-hyun

This 29 year old actor made his acting debut in the 1994 film I Wish for What Is Forbidden to Me when he was five years old. He has played in a several dramas as well, such as See and See Again in 1998 and Ajumma (also known as Housewife’s Rebellion) in 2000. As he entered his teenage years, he played a romantic role in a few dramas, and he was praised for his impressive acting.

Baek Seung-Hyun’s name spread around South Korea after his role in Stairway to Heaven in 2003 with Park Shin-Hye. This drama became his last escape role at his young age.

Baek Sung-Hyun’s Role in Stairway to Heaven

Baek Seung-Hyun

In this Drama, Baek Seung-Hyun played Cha Song-joo who had a childhood friend named Han Jung-Suh (Park Shin-Hye). Their friendship is so special that it turned into love. They share the pain of losing a loved one: Song-joo’s father died in a traffic accident, and Jung-suh’s mother died of eye cancer. The first episode of this drama received a viewership rating of 6% to 8%, and went on to receive ratings as high as 12%. According to a poll conducted by TV Asahi variety show SMAP Station in May 2007, Stairway to Heaven is ranked as the third most popular Korean drama in Japan.

Critics praised his acting that seemed mature and romantic for his age. Baek Seung-Hyun’s performance is really good and natural. After this drama, Baek Seung-Hyun received a lot of attention for his acting.

Baek Seung-Hyun and Park Shin-Hye

Baek Seung-Hyun

Park Shin Hye uploaded a photo of her and Baek Sung Hyun onto her personal Instagram with the caption, “This isn’t ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ Yes, it’s #’Doctors’~ #SongJuOppa is #PiYeongGook. So Dr. Pi Yeong Gook you trying to be friends?”

Yes! Baek Seung-Hyun reunited with Park Shin-hye in drama Doctors 2016. But in this drama, they are not childhood friends, he plays a young doctor in one of the most prestigious hospitals in South Korea. He becomes her co-worker in that hospital.

Baek Seung-Hyun’s Role in Doctors

Baek Seung-Hyun

As we said before, in this drama Baek Seung-Hyun plays a young doctor in one of the most prestigious hospitals in South Korea. His character’s name is Pi Young-gook. But it’s very different from Stairway to Heaven, in this drama Young-Gook (Seung-Hyun) is a close friend of Jin Seo-Woo (Lee Sung-Kyung) who is Park Shin-Hye ex-bestfriend from high school.

Jin Seo-Woo and Pi Yong-Gook were a close friends. Seo Woo is often hurt because of her one-sided love with Jung Yoon-Do (Yoon Kyun Sang) and she is always entertained by Young-Guk. Witnessing the story of Seo-Woo and Yong-Gook, the audience began to appreciate their chemistry.

Baek Seung-Hyun

After this drama ended with Seo-Woo and Yong-Gook together, Baek Seung-Hyun shared his photo with Lee Sung-Kyung and romantic moves!

Baek Seung-Hyun

Baek-Seung Hyun and Suzy

Baek Seung-hyun

Rumors were spreading around South Korea about Seung-Hyun and Suzy possibly dating. They were paired in the drama Big 2012. Seung-Hyun played Gil Choong-Shik who likes Jang Mari. He received love with his ‘collection of ignorant sayings’ and his ‘slightly dumb’ character who only likes one girl. Baek Sung-Hyun stated, “She (Suzy) really is a great younger girl.”

He added, “Personally, I think the ‘Acting controversy’ label is unfair. She is still 19. Depending on the day’s conditions and the set’s mood, it will change, but I think Suzy will succeed as an actress in the future. Recently, I met her on ‘Invincible Youth 2.’ Different from acting, she was taking charge in that scene. I think it would be good if she acted like she treats entertainment.”


Meanwhile, he said that in reality, he focuses on liking one girl, like his character did in this drama. He said, “I think I’m similar to Choong Shik, because I confess that I like someone when I start to like them. What’s different from him though, is that I open up my heart to someone I’ve known for a while, not love at first sight.”

Awkward Moments from Baek Sung-Hyun on Running Man


In Running man Ep.203, actor Baek Seung-Hyun was paired with attractive, pretty idol Bomi from A-Pink. Bomi and Baek Sung Hyun, drove a car to the next location, but they had trouble making conversation. They were both silent along the way, trying to ignore the awkwardness.

Finally, Baek Sung Hyun tried to break the ice by asking where Bomi came from, and after speaking a few words about their hometown, it turned into silence again. After a moment that felt like forever, they laughed because the atmosphere was funny.

Baek Seung-Hyun’s Filmography


Name : Baek Sung-Hyun(백성현)
Birthdate : January 30, 1989
Birthplace : South Korea
Height : 181 cm
Weight : 68kg
Blood Type : A

Drama Series

  • Mojito (2017) – Kim Young-Kwang
  • While You Were Sleeping (2017) – Do Hak-Young (cameo)
  • Voice (2017) – Sim Dae-Sik
  • Doctors (2016) – Pi Young-Kook
  • Hwajung (2015) – Crown Prince Sohyeon
  • My Love Eun-Dong (2015) – Park Hyun-Soo (20s)
  • Cheo Yong (2014) – Jang Dae-Seok (ep.1, 9-10)
  • Melody of Love (2013-2014) – Park Hyun-Woo
  • Drama Special Series: Puberty Medley (2013) – Choi Jung-Woo (20s)
  • IRIS 2 (2013) – Kang Byung-Jin
  • Big (2012) – Gil Choong-Sik
  • Queen Insoo (2011-2012) – Prince Dowon
  • Drama Special Series: White Christmas (2011) – Park Moo-Yul
  • The Accidental Couple (2009) – Han Sang-Chul
  • Elephant (2008)
  • Emperor of the Sea (2004-2005) – Jang Bo-Go (young)
  • The Age of Heroes (2004)
  • Stairway to Heaven (2003) – Cha Song-Joo (young)
  • Damo: The Legendary Police Woman (2003)
  • Ahjumma (2001)


  • Bittersweet Brew (2018) – Park Sung-Doo
  • Speed (2015) – Ma Goo-Rim
  • China Blue (2012) – Eun-Hyuk
  • Blades of Blood (2010) – Kyeon-Ja
  • Our School’s E.T. (2008) – Baek Jung-Koo
  • GoodBye Sadness (2007)
  • Marathon (2005) – Yoon Jung-Won
  • Kiss Me Much (2001)
  • Scent of a Man (1998)
  • I Wish for What Is Forbidden to Me (1994)

TV Show

  • Code: Secret Room Season 1 (2016)
  • Running man ep.202-203 (2010)

Baek Seung-Hyun’s News


Baek Sung Hyun officially enlisted in the military on January 2, 2018. He will be serving his time as a member of the Korea Coast Guard for 23 months. Back in 2017, Baek Seung-Hyun had personally announced his enlistment through Instagram in November 2017, which was confirmed by his agency. At the time, he also thanked fans for their love and support and promised: “to return in good health after protecting South Korean waters.”

SidusHQ also revealed a short clip and photo of the actor as he entered the military on January 2, with a caption “Baek Sung Hyun who enlisted in the Coast Guard because he likes the sea! [We hope] you return a better man and even cooler than before.” With hashtags, they added, “The ocean breeze is cold. Our noses and tears were running at [his] final salute.”