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Baek Seung-hyeon in Secret Door

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Secret Door tells the story of Prince Sado and his conflicts with his father. The story is that Yi-sun is a “different” prince. Although a king’s son, deep in his heart, he is a humble figure. Instead of politics, Yi-sun is more interested in the world of art. Instead of living in the palace, Yi-sun has learned a lot from the lives of his people.

From there, he saw a lot of the outside world. Saechek (trans: borrowing books circulating among the people) is considered illegal, but to Yi-sun, books are the people’s right. He believes the common people deserve to be equated with the educated. Injustice is a nightmare for the little people, and it makes Yi-sun want to change the situation to be more pro-people.

This is what the King opposes. In the first half of the drama, the maenge or secret document is the cause of conflict and murder. Even the court artist who is a good friend of the prince is considered a traitor and murdered. Whatever is behind the documents is a big secret that the prince wants to reveal. As for the king and the Old Learning Faction, all are fighting over the document. If the secret is exposed, the king is in a position of danger.

The next half of the story is the story 3 years later which is a continuation of the prince’s efforts to bring change. One by one, changes in the defense of the people are considered to be detrimental to the position of the kingdom. Often, differences in thoughts sharpen and Yi-sun is considered a rebel. One by one, lives are taken easily. The world of politics is cruel.

This drama is Lee Je-hoon’s after-military project, and he plays Yi-sun or Crown Prince Sado. Here, he reunites with Han Suk-kyu who plays King Yeong-jo. It is Kim Yoo-jung as Seo Ji-dam who helps Yi-sun solve the murder mystery related to the early half of the drama. In the second half, the character Seo Ji-dam is said to be an adult. Unfortunately in the second half, Kim Yoo-jung no longer plays Seo Ji-dam. As a supporting cast, Baek Seung-hyeon plays Shin Chi-won in Secret Door.

Besides that, this drama aired on SBS from September 22 to December 9, 2014, with 24 episodes. Secret Door (Hangul: 비밀 의 문) also made it into several award nominations. Kim Yoo -jung received the New Star Award on the 2014 SBS Drama Awards and Lee Je-hoon received the Top 10 Stars and Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama on the 2014 SBS Drama Awards’

Baek Seung-hyeon in Only Love

baek seung hyeon profile

Kim Tae-yang (played by Seo Ha-Joon) is a doctor with warm-heartedness and confidence. He assumes that his parents are not his biological parents. His late uncle is actually his real father, but he pretends he doesn’t know. Meanwhile, TV station PD Yoo-Ri (played by Im See-mi) meets Kim Tae-yang for a story. She is attracted to Kim Tae-yang, and they fall in love.

Meanwhile, Choi Jae-min (played by Lee Kyu-han) is a dandy executive at a clothing company, and Kim Saet-byul (played by Nam Bo-ra) is an unmarried mother. Kim Woo-joo (played by Yoon Jong-hoon) is much younger than his lover Hong Mi-rae (played by Kim Ye-won).

baek seung hyeon profile

In Only Love, Baek Seung-hyeon appears as a cameo playing the role of Lee Young-chul. In this drama, Baek Seung-hyeon also competed with Seo Ha-joon. In several scenes, the two roles they play in Only Love are seen fighting and arguing with each other. Baek Seung-hyeon who plays Lee Young-chul has a firm character and seems to be working as a detective or police staff trying to unravel a mystery in a company that is in the drama.

Only Love (Hangul: 사랑 만 할래) is a drama broadcasted on SBS with a total of 123 episodes. This drama was broadcasted from June 2 to December 12, 2014, with an exciting and unpredictable storyline because there are so many backgrounds to each character’s different lead roles.

Well, that’s it for this article about South Korean actor Baek Seung-hyeon. For readers who often watch K-dramas, surely you are aware of Baek Seung-hyeon’s presence as a supporting actor in several famous dramas. Even though his last appearance as detective Jo in The Sheriff in Town (2017) movie is not well known to many people, it’s good that we still provide support to Baek Seung-hyeon so that the 45-year-old actor can be present in the newest dramas or movies as soon as possible!

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