Actor Baek Seung-hyeon (1975): Full Profile, K-Dramas and Movies, Etc.

baek seung hyeon profile

Get To Know More About Baek Seung-hyeon’s Full Profile and His Appearance in Dramas

In this article, Channel Korea will discuss in more detail the complete profile of an actor who comes from South Korea, Baek Seung-hyeon. The actor who was born in 1975 made his debut in 2000 and become an actor who has starred in several K-dramas such as Wanted (2016), The Royal Gambler (2016), Secret Door (2014), Only Love (2014), and many more.

Let’s check out more information about Baek Seung-hyeon’s full profile and several of his appearances in K-dramas in the article below!

Full Profile of Baek Seung-hyeon

baek seung hyeon profile

Real Name: Baek Seung-wook (Hangul: 백승욱)

Stage Name: Baek Seung-hyeon (Hangul: 백승현)

Birth: Busan, South Korea, March 1, 1975

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: 176cm

Weight: 65 kg

Blood Type: B

Occupation: Actor


  • Chung-Ang University (Department of Theater, College of Arts)
  • Yangjeong High School

Baek Seung-hyeon’s Appearances in K-Dramas

In the next session, we will take a look at what kind of roles have been played by actor Baek Seung-hyeon in K-dramas!

Baek Seung-hyeon in Wanted

baek seung hyeon profile

Wanted totals 16 episodes and finished its broadcast period in South Korea on August 18, 2016. In terms of popularity, Wanted was unable to compete with Uncontrollably Fond and W, but the drama was still flooded with praise.

Wanted (Hangul: 원티드) is a crime-thriller drama released from June 22 to August 18, 2016. This drama has 16 total episodes and is directed by Park Yong-soon. Even though this drama has no romance elements and only focuses on solving cases related to the kidnapping of a child, Wanted managed to steal the attention of viewers and also achieved the highest rating on the sixth episode with 10.0% based on TNmS Ratings – Seoul National Capital Area.

The drama Wanted tells the story of a top South Korean actress named Jung Hye-in (played by Kim Ah-joong) struggling to save her seven-year-old son Song Hyun-woo (played by Park Min-soo) from the hands of a kidnapper. She follows all the instructions through a reality show which finally airs on her husband’s TV station.

The reality show is broadcast live, and the kidnapper requires a certain rating to ensure the child’s safety. Jung Hye-In becomes even more depressed when she receives a video showing Song Hyun-woo tied to the back seat of a car.

Not daring to report to the police because of the kidnapper’s threat, Jung Hye-in returns home. Then, she receives a letter containing a drama script titled Wanted. When she opens the first page, she realizes that the story depicts her own story from the moment she announced her retirement to the moment when her son, Song Hyun-woo, wanted to see artificial blood in a film studio.

Not long after reading the script, Jung Hye-In receives a video containing the kidnapper’s charges. In essence, Jung Hye-in has to make a reality show for 10 episodes, and in each episode, there will be a mission that Jung Hye-in has to make.

Desperate, she asks PD Shin Dong-wook (played by Uhm Tae-woong) who had just been fired from his job to make the reality show. All she has in mind is to obey the kidnapper’s wishes so that Hyun-woo can survive. Later, she is assisted by Detective Cha Seung-in (played by Ji Hyun-woo).

In the last episode, Song Hyun-woo’s kidnapper is finally revealed after a live broadcast led by PD Choi Jun-gu (played by Lee Moon) is broadcasted on television. Initially, an investigator named Oh Mi-ok (played by Kim Sun-young) is vigilant until Lee ji-eun tries to call the suspect and PD Choi Jun-gu’s phone rings.

Song Hyun-woo’s kidnapping was not without reason. It turns out that there is an intrigue between the SG group and the characters in this drama. Prof. Kim Woo-jin’s (played by Jung Wook) research was commissioned by SG Chemical of SG Group. However, from the words of Detective Cha Seung-in, Prof. Kim Woo-jin seems to have made a report of the results by manipulating the research, as requested by the SG Group’s legal team.

baek seung hyeon profile

During the inspection, lawyer Choi Pil-kyu (played by Baek Seung-hyeon) who is also the target of the 8th mission becomes involved and writes a note with this content and tries to send it to someone. “I solved it nearly. The problem of the third son will not be discussed again. I have secured the identity of the solver. I will be careful for the time being,” says Choi Pil-kyu while solving the puzzle that seems to have begun to unfold in the final episode of Wanted.

Baek Seung-hyeon in The Royal Gambler

baek seung hyeon profile

The Royal Gambler is a colossal-themed Korean drama that aired on television station SBS with a total of 24 episodes. The Royal Gambler was aired from March 28 until June 14, 2016. Not only that but The Royal Gambler also won the highest rating which is 13.7% in the Seoul National Capital Area in the second episode.

This drama is based on the true story of King Yeong-jo who led the Joseon Dynasty. Yeong-jo is the son of King Suk-jong’s concubine. He is known as a handsome man who was a genius in his time.

The Royal Gambler‘s Korean title is Daebak (Hangul: 대박). It is said that a man named Baek Dae-gil (played by Jang Geun-suk) and the king entered a match to braw for the life of Dae-gil. Dae-gil is someone who likes to bet anything and is the best in the Joseon era. He has a deep hatred in his heart, but on the outside, he reflects a very cool and kind person.

Meanwhile, King Yeong-jo (played by Yeo Jin-goo) is a man who never wants to lose and lowers his head without a very convincing reason. Meanwhile, a man named Dam-seo (played by Lim Ji-yeon) plans to take revenge against the king.

This drama stars Jang Geun-suk, Yeo Jin-goo, Jeon Kwang Leol, Choi Min-soo, Lim Ji-yeon, and Yoon Jin-seo. The Royal Gambler is also the right choice for those who like colossal-themed Korean dramas.

baek seung hyeon profile

In this drama, Baek Seung-hyeon plays Jang Hee-jae who is Jang Ok-jung’s brother.