Baek Min-hyun: Profile, Appearances in Dramas and Movies, and Almost Debuting with Super Junior

Baek Min-hyun in Arang

baek min hyun profile

Baek Min-hyun made his debut by appearing in a film called Arang which was broadcasted in 2006. In the film, Baek Min-hyun played the role of Joon-ho.

Arang (Hangul: 아랑) is a Korean horror film that combines elements of a murder mystery and the legend of Arang‘s ghost. This film is said to be one of the tensest Korean horror films. The rating is quite high at 7.1/10 on the MyDramaList site and 6/10 on IMDb.

Arang starred senior actress Song Yoon-na and actor Lee Dong-wook. Song Yoon-na has starred in the popular film Wedding Dress (2010) and the drama The K2 (2016) with Ji Chang-wook. Meanwhile, Lee Dong-wook has starred as the lead actor in the drama Goblin (2016) and Strangers from Hell (2019).

This film tells the story of a female detective named So-young (played by Song Yoon-na) who is working on a serial murder case. She is accompanied by her partner, an amateur photographer named Hyun-gi (played by Lee Dong-wook). So-young finds a videotape stored in the stomach of a dead dog. The dog was the pet of one of the victims who died.

baek min hyun profile

When opened, the footage shows a video of several men raping a girl in a salt warehouse. In addition, in every murder case, there is an email note containing a link to the location of the salt storage. So-young suspects that the murder cases are related to the legend of a ghost in a salt farmer village. She goes to the village and hears a story from the residents about the myth of the ghost of Arang who lives in a salt storage warehouse.

Deep in the investigation, So-young discovers the fact that this case is related to Hyun-gi. The partner turns out to be the one who shot the rape video. Overwhelmed by disbelief, So-young finds out the reason behind Hyun-gi’s involvement as she continues to work on the mysterious case.

Baek Min-hyun Was Supposed To Debut With Super Junior?

baek min hyun profile

In 2005, Baek Min-hyun made a pretty bold choice at the crossroads of his life. After being selected as a member of Super Junior, only two weeks before his debut, he gave up his career as a singer and chose to be an actor since he wanted to act. But, things didn’t go as well as he hoped.

baek min hyun profile

He debuted as Song Yoon-ah’s younger brother in the drama titled My Beloved Sister that was aired in 2006, but afterward, the casting was missed due to a contract issue, so he had to stop acting for a while. Baek Min-hyun said, “I was upset because things didn’t go well regardless of my will. I endured those hard times with the conviction of ‘I will act no matter how hard it is.’ I am glad that my efforts were not in vain. I accidentally found a good opportunity, and like this again, I am happy to be able to act.”

“I had been in SM Entertainment for about three years as a trainee. I was selected as a Super Junior member and changed my career as an actor with two weeks left until the debut date. My friends ask me if I regret not making my debut as Super Junior. I really don’t regret it. I really deeply congratulate my Super Junior friends for their success,” he said. Baek Min-hyun also said that he often contacts Super Junior’s members and asks them to do exercises together.

baek min hyun profile

The former trainee of SM Entertainment, Baek Min-hyun, also shared about the person who helped him in every difficult moment. He said, “After all, my mother was the greatest strength when I was having a hard time. My mother always tells me that she believes in me. Whenever I hear such words, my heart feels bloated, and I feel more responsible. I am not good at saying that I love you, but I always think of my mother and make up my mind to work harder.”

Baek Min-hyun Attended Wanna One’s Farewell Concert

The final line-up of Produce 101: Season 2, Wanna One’s contract with the agency Swing Entertainment officially ended on December 31, 2018. Since then, the members returned to their respective agencies to continue their careers in the entertainment world. However, the members have still been active together since early January 2019 including attending various award events to holding farewell concerts with fans.

Wanna One’s farewell concert titled Therefore was from January 24-27, 2019. The concert which was held at Gocheok Sky Dome Seoul was very lively. The concert venue which incidentally was a baseball stadium was full of spectators.

The audience that attended the final concert was not only fans but also fellow celebrities who attended to provide support. The celebrities who attended the first day included Park Seo-joon, BIGBANG’s Seungri, and Ahn Jae-hyun. On the second day, it was the handsome actor Baek Min-hyun’s turn to attend to provide support to Wanna One’s members.

This became known after the actor nicknamed “Little Song Seung-hoon” uploaded a photo on his personal Instagram account on January 25, 2019. In the post, Baek Min-hyun uploaded five photos at once showing his moments with several Wanna One members backstage.

baek min hyun profile

In the first photo, he is seen taking a photo with the Wanna One member who has the same name as him, Hwang Min-hyun.

baek min hyun profile

In the second photo, he is seen together with the maknae, Lai Guanlin.

baek min hyun profile

The third photo shows when he and Ha Sung-woon posed forming the letter V.

baek min hyun profile

In the fourth photo, he appears to be smiling sweetly with Ong Sung-woo.

baek min hyun profile

And, the last photo shows Baek Min-hyun embracing the handsome Park Ji-hoon.

In the photo caption section, he revealed that he was honored to be able to attend the Wanna One concert. Because the concert was very lively and extraordinary, he was impressed.

He also didn’t forget to describe the five members one by one. He started with Hwang Min-hyun who is in charge, then Lai Guanlin the youngest but always caring member, followed by Ha Sung-woon who is shining and attractive. He also praised Ong Sung-woo as an actor who has a cool and stylish voice. At the end, Minhyun did not forget to thank Park Ji-hoon for inviting him to come to the concert.

As a result, this post was flooded with comments from netters and fans. Not a few of them expressed their gratitude to Minhyun for being willing to attend the concert and supporting Wanna One.

“Thank you for coming to support Wanna One,” wrote a netter. “When Min-hyun took a photo with Min-hyun, haha, thank you for coming,” said another netter. “Thank you very much for supporting Wanna One, you are the best,” concluded another netter.

Meanwhile, Wanna One’s farewell concert was the last official event for the members. After that, they completely disbanded and continued their careers in different ways.

Well, that’s it for South Korean actors Baek Min-hyun. For readers who often watch K-dramas, surely you will now be aware of Baek Min-hyun’s presence as a supporting actor in several famous dramas.

Even though the last drama starring Baek Min-hyun was released in 2015 and his role was as a cameo, let’s wish him all the best so that Baek Min-hyun gets a new role in this year’s dramas.

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