Up-Close With Former Dal Shabet Member Baek Da-eun


Get to Know Former Dal Shabet Member Baek Da-eun

Baek Da-eun or better known as Viki, a former member of Dal Shabet, has pursued a career as a solo artist. She also expanded her career to acting and landed a role in an erotic movie. In addition to acting, she has also taken a job as a weather forecaster on JTCB. Do you want to know more about Baek Da-eun? Here’s her profile!


Baek Da-eun’s Profile and Facts


Baek Da-eun’s Profile

Stage Name: Viki, Baek Da-eun

Real Name: Kang Eun-hye

Date of Birth: March 28th, 1988

Place of Birth: Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

Height: 172 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Blood Type: AB Type

Agency: Independent

Education: Dongduk Women University, Broadcasting Major

Official Twitter: @daeun328 

Official Instagram: @top.eunhye

Baek Da-eun’s Facts

  • Baek Da-eun almost became a member of the girl group Nine Muses because she used to be a trainee at Star Empire Entertainment.
  • Baek Da-eun is good at dancing and freestyle rapping. Her husky voice is one of her trademarks.
  • Before her debut, Baek Da-eun used to be a back dancer for the group VOS.
  • In the past, Baek Da-eun was famous as the beautiful back dancer on a portal site.
  • Her network of friends is very wide. She is friends with Jewelry, Nine Muses, and Rainbow members. Recently, she showed off her friendship with actor Kim Soo-ro.
  • Her role model is actress Uhm Jung-hwa.
  • Her grandfather is SK Telecom’s honorary chairman.


Baek Da-eun’s Discography

On January 3rd, 2011, Baek Da-eun debuted as Viki with the girl group DalShabet under Happy Face Entertainment. The members of the group are Viki, Ka-eun, Ji-yul, Ah-young, Serri, and Su-bin. Her position in the group is the leader. The group debuted with the song “Supa Supa Diva” that became a big hit right away.

Following their initial success, DalShabet released a mini-album Pink Rocket in April 2011, with the title song “Pink Rocket. Unfortunately, the promotion time for this comeback was only a month.

To make-up for their previous comeback, DalShabet made another comeback in August 2011, with the song “Bling Bling.” This era is considered to be their most successful yet, as the song managed to climb at the top of the charts. The promotion for this comeback ended in November 2011.

In January 2012, DalShabet made another comeback with their fourth EP, Hit U. After the song was released digitally, the album managed to climb the chart on Gaon and become the number one album.

After making their comeback with the fourth EP, in May 2012, DalShabet released their first studio album with the title Mr. Bang Bang.

Unfortunately, this was Baek Da-eun’s last comeback with Dal Shabet because she announced her departure from the group to pursue her solo career. The leader position was replaced with Serri. Happy Face Entertainment added a new member, Woo-hee, to fill Viki’s position in the group. Viki posted her handwritten letter on fancafe about her withdrawal from the group. She also asked fans to continue supporting DalShabet in the future and expect her solo appearance soon.


In 2013, Baek Da-eun started to work as a weather forecaster on JTBC News 9. This was her first project after leaving the group. Her appearance on the show gave a refreshing concept since she was an idol. Surprisingly, this concept attracted a lot of viewers.



Date Album Title
June 6th, 2012 BANG BANG


Date Mini Album Title
January 3rd, 2011 Supa Supa Diva
April 14th, 2011 Pink Rocket
August 11th, 2011 Bling Bling
January 26th, 2012 Hit U


Baek Da-eun’s Filmography


After leaving DalShabet, Baek Da-eun started pursuing an acting career and a solo career. In an interview with International BNT back in 2017, she revealed her reason about her withdrawal from the group.

“When I used to be in the group, time really passed by too fast without enjoying the moment. Also, when I was a child, I’ve been dreaming of becoming an actress to challenge my acting. My career in the group was the first step in the entertainment world.”

Her first acting job was with DalShabet. The group made an appearance in the drama Dream High in 2011. Then, her second project came in 2014, with an erotic movie titled A Pharisee. This was her first experience starring in an erotic movie. Her character in the movie is Eun-ji, a college student who falls in love with Seung-gi (played by actor Ye Hak-young) who has a trauma from his childhood. Even though this is her first experience in an erotic movie, she showed an incredibly good performance and even won the Rookie of the Year Award at the 34th Golden Picture Awards.


In 2015, Baek Da-eun again starred in another erotic movie, Nice Sister-in-law. This time, her character was Hae-young, a psychotherapist. The movie itself was based on an erotic novel with the same title. The next year, she was cast again in the other two erotic movies, titled P.S. Girls, and Challenge Game. Compared to her previous movies, in these movies, Baek Da-eun wasn’t given as much exposure as before.

Regarding her choice to act in an erotic movie, Baek Da-eun revealed her thoughts in an interview with Funfun News.

“It would be a lie if I didn’t feel any pressure but I focused on acting while my body was exposed. It’s hard to express the feelings of the characters because it’s so complicated. In the end, I was able to solve the problem and understand my character.”

In the interview, she also talked about her family’s reaction.

“I thought my family will object the movie because they’re conservative. But, my dad told me to do my best. On the other hand, my mother worried about me because we’re both women, but later, she encouraged me.”


Baek Da-eun shot another drama in 2016, with the title Twinkle Twinkle, that aired on the MBC network. Her character was Han Joo-hyun, a doctor with a youthful personality.


Drama Title Network Year
Dream High KBS2 2011
Twinkle Twinkle MBC 2016



Movie Title Year
A Pharisee 2014
Nice Sister-in-law 2015
P.S. Girls 2016
Challenge Game 2016


Baek Da-eun’s Latest News

In August 2018, Baek Da-eun posted an inappropriate direct message on Instagram. Someone sent her a message asking her to be her sponsor. Since it disturbed her, Baek Da-eun posted the message on her Instagram with a caption: “I don’t have sponsors. Don’t send something like this. I work hard and live well.” The post has been deleted from her page.


Since she posted it, many people realized that there is a possibility that other celebrities might have sponsors too. This topic quickly became the talk of the town and her name appeared on the news.

There’s no news about her upcoming project. Right now, Baek Da-eun is giving dance lessons through her Instagram @danceviki and on Kakao Talk under the name @topviki. She is teaching current girl groups to dance with individual lessons.


Baek Da-eun’s Instagram

Baek Da-eun is quite active in posting photos and videos of her activities on her personal Instagram. Recently, she posted about her exercise routine in the gym.


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🔥🔥🔥🔥배고파 #춤근육

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Most of Baek Da-eun’s photos are selfies or photos of her posing on some occasion. When she got interviewed by International BNT, she shared one of the photos from a pictorial. In the photo, she was photographed in a tank top dancing in a practice room. Her gaze looks sharp showing her ambitious side.


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💥 #bnt

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Here are some other photos from her interview.


Baek Da-eun also often posts photos of her holidays. She was photographed in a bikini showing off her body line. Seems like she’s very confident about her body!


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☀️☔️ #식단안해영#그냥엄청움직여요#😅#💃

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Baek Da-eun also often posts photos of her family. In the first post, she was photographed going on a date with her mother after a long time. In the second post, she shared her gratitude toward her mother, who raised her well. In the third post, she posted some of her childhood photos with her and her older brother.


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엄마랑 오전 데이트 👭💛 이제 수업하러 뿅 #👗#ak백화점

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Seems like Baek Da-eun’s routine for maintaining her lean body is exercising. In this post, she shared a photo of her with boxing gloves.


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아 힘드로 살 빠졌당😥 빨리빨리 되돌리자 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 #쌩얼이다은🐰

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While she was a weather forecaster, Baek Da-eun posted one of her videos from the show.


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아기 잼잼 ✋✊✋✊ . . #핑크다니2🐰🌸#jtbc . . #묶다은

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Another post of hers shows a photo of her balancing her work life and private life by enjoying a healing personal time.


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healing🍀 또 열심히 일💪💪💪❤️

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