BAE173 Leader, Junseo: Profile, Facts, ‘Boys24’

Meet the Leader of BAE173, Junseo!

There may still be many people who don’t know about the group called BAE173. This group consists of 9 members, one of them being Junseo. Junseo is the leader of the group who is known for his dancing skills. Therefore, through this article, Channel Korea will share all known information about him so that you can get to know Junseo more closely. So, Keep on reading the article, everyone!

BAE173’s Junseo’s Profile

Name : Park Jun-seo (박준서)

Stage name : Junseo (준서)

Birthdate : December 28, 2001

Birth place : Seoul, South Korea

Height : 175.8 cm (5’9.2”)

Weight : 60 kg

Zodiac : Capricorn

Chinese zodiac : Snake

Blood type : B

Nationality : Korean

Years active : 2020 – present

Agency : PocketDol Studio, MBK Entertainment

Occupation : Singer

Group : BOYS24, BAE173

BAE173’s Junseo’s Facts

  • Before he joined PocketDol Studio, Junseo was a former Starship Entertainment trainee.
  • Junseo once tried to audition to become a part of A-Cube (now known as Play M) and LOEN Entertainment, and he passed the auditions.
  • Junseo graduated from Seoul National University High School.
  • Junseo’s family consists of his father, mother, himself, and one older sister.
  • He’s good at dancing.
  • He was a former contestant on BOYS24.
  • Because of his amazing dancing skills, he earned the nicknames Dance God and Poppin Genius, which were earned when he participated in BOYS24.
  • Junseo was one of the youngest among the contestants on BOYS24.
  • Even though he started actively pursuing his career in 2020, he had already entered the K-pop industry back in 2016.

Debut With BAE173

BAE173 is a new boy group that debuted on November 19, 2020, after releasing its first EP (extended play) titled INTERSECTION: SPARK with a title track entitled “Crush on U.” BAE173 stands for “Before Anyone Else,” the 1 stands for perfection, and the 73 is a lucky number. This group consists of 9 members, namely Doha, Bit, Youngseo, Muzin, Yoojun, J-Min, Hangyul, and Junseo. In this group, Junseo occupies the position of leader and dancer.

BAE173 is a group under PocketDol Studio which is a subsidiary of MBK Entertainment and Interpark. Junseo was revealed as a BAE173 member by his agency on September 21, 2020. Then, from September to October, the company also released individual teasers for each member through BAE173’s YouTube channel, and Junseo’s teaser was uploaded on October 5, 2020. Here is the individual teaser of Junseo with a fresh and cheerful concept!


Appearance in Boys24

Before debuting as a BAE173 member, Junseo participated in and was a contestant on a survival reality show called BOYS24. This program aired from June 18 to August 6, 2016, with 8 episodes and was aired by tvN and Mnet. This program involved 49 agencies, both popular and small, and had contestants compete to be in the top 8 to debut as a group named IN2IT.

Junseo became a member of the white unit along with Park Doha, Yoo Youngdoo, Kim Jinseob, Lee Haejoon, Choi Jaehyun, Hwang Inho, Lee Insoo, and Lee Kwanghyun. But, unfortunately, Junseo’s struggle had to stop at the revival final unit, and he didn’t get the chance to debut with IN2IT.

If you want to see his appearance from when he was a contestant on BOYS24, here are some moments including his video performances on the program!

BAE173’s Junseo’s MBTI

MBTI is a psychological test to measure a person’s preferences based on their thoughts. In this case, K-pop idols rarely share what their MBTI includes, but BAE173 decided to provide this information about their members. Junseo’s MBTI type is ENTJ (Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging). This type has the personality of people who are born as leaders because they have talent, charisma, and self-confidence. And, of course, this is evident to Junseo as he became the leader of his group, BAE173.

That’s all the information about BAE173‘s leader, Park Junseo, that you must know. If you have read this article, don’t forget to put your thoughts in the comment section and always wait for another article by us by following our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial.