Bae Suzy’s Weight Loss, Diet Tips, and Exercise

Bae Suzy Before and After Dieting

Bae Suzy Before and After Dieting

The diet program that Suzy went through didn’t only change her weight but also how she looks. The charisma she has after dieting makes her look more mature than before. Thanks to her drama projects, she upheld the program successfully and even created a new her.

Suzy prohibited herself from eating after 6 pm for the sake of her role in Uncontrollably Fond. Even though this drama tells a story about her character being sick, her strong charisma and maturity fit very well with the character. The diet plan seemed to have a big part in her success story. 

Before the diet, Suzy still has the image of her being a girl student in Dream High. The transformation of her weight plays along pretty well for the drama While You Were Sleeping and Vagabond. She needed to look fit and strong in both dramas.  

The “Time Limit” Diet

The Time Limit Diet

Suzy revealed that the diet she followed was called the “Time Limit” diet. This diet requires intermittent fasting of no food intake after 6 PM. Not only limiting dinner time, but it also required arranging the menu. Let’s take a look at Suzy’s diet menu:

Breakfast – a small portion of chicken breast
– one sweet potato
– one cup of low-fat milk
Lunch – half a bowl of brown rice
– salad
Dinner  – two sweet potatoes

Suzy’s diet menu might be the most balancing one among other artists because there is still an intake of calories, minerals, proteins, and fats, even if in a low sum. Suzy did not say how to serve these meals, but the suggested serving is the dry one. The total calorie intake per day of Suzy’s diet is around 900 calories.

This kind of diet has different effects for each person. If this diet looks hard or boring, you can still upgrade the menu to fit your own body because the key to the diet is making sure the input calories are lower than the output calories. For example, the chicken breasts can be changed to fish, and the salad should be different every day.

As a note, this diet is used if you want to lose weight in a short time. This kind of diet is not recommended for a daily diet plan that you follow for the rest of your life.

Bae Suzy’s Exercise

There’s no specific information about Suzy’s workout plan. She might work out in a gym, and she also practices dance (because she is a girl group member). But, on the variety show Get It Beauty with Suzy as a guest, she introduced the “penguin exercise” to tone up arm muscles.

According to Suzy, this “penguin exercise” can be done anytime and anywhere because its simple movement might not be too embarrassing in public. The “penguin exercise” is done until the arms hurt.

For additional exercises, you can do home workouts for 10 minutes such as squats, sit-ups, lunges, hip raises, and leg raises to get your sexy body faster.

If you have problems with your weight, maybe you can try to implement Suzy’s diet method above. There are a lot of dieting methods. People need to consult with an expert to know what’s suitable for their body condition. You can also try a diet for a few days, and if it doesn’t give you adverse side effects, maybe you can continue the program. Who knows, you can probably have a similar body structure to Suzy.

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