Bae Suzy: Latest News About Her Relationship

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Bae Suzy’s Love Life

Bae Suzy is considered one of the most beautiful actresses in South Korea. Here is the latest story of her relationships with two handsome South Korean actors, Lee Min-ho and Lee Dong-wook.

Lee Min-ho Wants to Propose Bae Suzy Before Breaking Up

Apparently, Lee Min-ho divulged his plan to propose Bae Suzy, shortly before the couple broke up. Despite it’s end, Lee Min-ho and Bae Suzy’s love story once adorned the media and charmed fans.

Unfortunately, the love story that began in 2015 has run aground. Lee Min-ho, who entered the military service, said he made Bae Suzy feel uncomfortable. Lee Min-ho had wanted to propose to Bae Suzy just before they broke up, unfortunately, his hope was broken when their relationship was.

Before leaving for his 2017 military service, Lee Min-ho was briefly interviewed, and he mentioned that he was growing up. He also understood what he wanted now, especially protecting the people he loved.

Meanwhile, in an interview with a fashion magazine some time ago, Miss A’s Suzy gave hints of breaking up with Lee Min-ho. Although indirectly, Suzy said there was an incident that forced her to make the change.

Fans drew their own conclusions, saying Suzy and Lee Min-ho had a big problem, until they finally decided to break up.

Bae Suzy seems to have successfully moved on. She seems to have chosen another tall actor, Lee Dong-wook. It looks like there may be a relationship between them, since they have been seen together several times.

Bae Suzy and Lee Dong-wook In A Relationship

Happy news came from Bae Suzy and Lee Dong-wook. The two Korean star’s agencies confirmed the truth of their relationship.

News of Bae Suzy’s relationship with her new lover emerged after Bae Suzy recently broke up with Korean star, Lee Min-ho, in November ,2017. A number of fans still hope that Bae Suzy and Lee Min-ho will be reconciled, however, the breaking news of Bae Suzy and Lee Min-ho has broken the hearts of Min-ho/Suzy shippers.

Representatives from their two agencies said Lee Dong-wook and Bae Suzy were just getting to know each other, since they just started to dating recently. A number of sources said Lee Dong-wook, the actor who played the Korean drama Goblin, and Bae Suzy, the lead actress of the Korean drama While You Were Sleeping, confirmed they were officially dating.

A number of eyewitnesses have seen the couple on dates in the Cheongdam-dong area, the same location as Park Shin-hye and Choi Tae-joon. The report said, Lee Dong-wook and Bae Suzy were together with another person, who is suspected of being the manager of one of the Korean stars. Both Lee Dong-wook and Bae Suzy looked cautious, but Lee Dong-wook still interacted with Suzy attentively, and Suzy continued to smile at him.

Reportedly their love story began at a private meeting, and starts from a senior-junior relationship. After they got to know each other they had a lot in common, so the relationship expanded to dating. From various sources that have been collected, Lee Dong-wook fell in love because of Bae Suzy’s personality.

Bae Suzy is considered is known to down to earth, and Lee Dong-wook feels amazed by her. Although Bae Suzy is one of the most popular actresses and singers in the Korean entertainment industry, Lee Dong-wook sees her as a woman with a brilliant personality who is humble and cheerful.

Meanwhile, Bae Suzy turned out to have long dreamed of Lee Dong-wook as her ideal type of man. Therefore it didn’t seem too difficult for Bae Suzy to fall in love with Lee Dong-wook. In a talk show in 2012, Suzy Bae called Lee Dong-wook her ideal type of man. The 13-year age difference isn’t a barrier for them. At his mature age Lee Dong-wook has a heart-breaking charm.

Besides, Lee Dong-wook has a brilliant personality, much like Bae Suzy. Lee Dong-wook looks very handsome with his very simple style. His brilliant personality and association made him an announcer on the radio. Lee Dong-wook is the type of man who is very good with chldren. He’s a kind man who is warm, good at taking care of the house, and is romantic.

Lee Dong-wook and Bae Suzy Break Up

The news of Bae Suzy’s breakup with Lee Dong-wok’s continues to be a public conversation, because the relationship only lasted for a short time. A source said, Suzy and Lee Dong Wook were both busy to have time for a relationship, and finally, the two decided to split up properly.

Some speculate that Suzy is the one who broke up with Lee Min-ho, who at that time had just entered the military service. After it happened, Suzy was criticized by some people, and continued to get negative comments. In fact, some of them seemed to corner Suzy.

In one negative comment, a Twitter user wrote, “Suzy feels beautiful, so she can date a famous man. Or is she just trying it out?” There are those who predict that Suzy will lose her popularity again. She makes headlines with news of her love, not news of her work.