Bae Seong-woo’s Full Profile


Who Is Bae Seong-woo?

Bae Seong-woo is a South Korean actor who started his career in 1999. He has starred in many movies and dramas, so Korean movie fans might have seen his face. But, do you know much about him? Let’s get to know Bae Seong-woo more!

Bae Seong-woo’s Profile (Birthday, Height, Education, etc)

  • Name: Bae Seong-woo
  • Place, date of birth: South Korea, November 21, 1972
  • Height: 177 cm
  • Blood Type: N/ A
  • Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts
  • Relatives: Bae Sung-jae (brother)

Bae Seong-woo’s Movie and Drama List

Year Title Type Role
2007 Conspiracy in the Court Drama Do-sool
 2008 Crush and Blush Movie Dermatologist
 2010 Twilight Gangsters Movie Young-hee’s son
 2010 Bedevilled  Movie Chul-Jong
 2011 Countdown Movie Dr. Ahn
 2011 The Client Movie Prosecutor Park
 2012 Azooma Movie Husband
 2012 Juvenile Offender Movie Seoul probation officer
2012 You’re My Favourite Drama N/A
2012 Glass Prison Drama Special Tae-seok
2013 How to Use Guys with Secret Tips  Movie CEO Jin
2013 My Paparotti  Movie Sang-Jin’s alumnus
2013 Mai Ratima  Movie Job broker 1
2013 Queen of the Night  Movie Security supervisor
2013 Way Back Home  Movie Korean Embassy employee
2013 Steal My Heart  Movie Detective Kim
2013 Dating Agency: Cyrano Drama Min-sik
2014 Monster  Movie Sung-moon
2014 Obsessed  Movie Jo Hak-soo
2014 The Divine Move  Movie Mahjong man
2014 What the…?  Movie N/A
2014 Guardian  Movie Seong Hyeok
2014 Big Match  Movie Ax (gang member)
2014 My Love, My Bride  Movie Dal-soo (Young-Min’s friend)
2014 My Dictator  Movie Loan Shark Baek
2014 The Royal Tailor  Movie Je-jo
2015 Casa Amor: Exclusive for Ladies  Movie Soo-bum
2015 The Beauty Inside  Movie Woo-jin
2015 Veteran  Movie Used car dealer
2015 Office  Movie Section Chief Kim Byeong-gook
2015 The Phone  Movie Do Jae-hyun
2015 The Exclusive: Beat the Devil’s Tattoo  Movie Detective Squad Chief Oh
2015 You Call It Passion  Movie Reporter Sun-woo
2015 Inside Men  Movie Park Jong-pal
2016 Remember You  Movie Oh Kwon-ho
2016 No Tomorrow  Movie Sang-ho
2016 My New Sassy Girl  Movie Yong-seop
2017 Because I Love You  Movie An Yeo-don
2017 The King  Movie Yang Dong-chul
2017 The Swindlers  Movie Ko Suk-dong
2018 Ansi Fortress  Movie Choo Soo-ji
2018 Live Drama Oh Yang-chon


So, have you watched any of his movies or dramas? Which one is your favorite? From now on, too, let’s keep supporting Bae Seong-woo!