Korean Actress Bae Geu-rin’s Full Profile: Plastic Surgery, Movies and TV Shows, etc

Bae Geu-Rin’s TV Shows – Love and Law (2008)

love and law

Love and Law is a serial drama, written and directed by Yoon Jae-Moon
and Seo Sook-Hyang. The Drama was released on July 9 through September 4, 2008, Geu-Rin serves as a supporting role.

This drama tells the story of Lee-Kyung, played by Lee Soo-kyung, who works at a big law firm as a secretary, and falls in love with Byun-Hyuk, played by Ryu Soo-Young, a lawyer at the firm. Finally, they both fall in love and live together.

However, Byun-Hyuk eventually decides to break up with Lee-Kyung. Because of her desperation, Lee-Kyung studies hard and manages to create her own office. She earns her first duty in representing Min-Kook, played by Lee Sung-Jae, to face his divorce demands at a cost of $ 100 million dollars. During that time, Lee-Kyung experiences a funny and romantic incident with Min-kook.

Another issue arises – it is known that Min-Kook’s ex-wife is Ae-Ri, played by Han Eun-Jung, who is a good friend of Lee-Kyung, and the attorney representing Lee-Kyung is Byun-Hyuk. Various other problems arise between the four of them.

Bae Geu-Rin’s TV Shows – You’re Beautiful (2008)


You’re Beautiful is a drama series written by Hong Jung-Eun and Hong Mi-Ran, and is directed by Hong Sung-Chang. It stars Bae Geu-Rin as Sa Yu-Ri, alongside Park Shin-Hye as Ko Mi-Nyeo, Jang Keun-Suk as Hwang Tae-Kyeong, Lee Hong-Ki as Jeremy, and Jeong Yong-Hwa as Kang Shin-Woo. The drama airs every Wednesday and Thursday, and as many as 16 episodes have achieved high ratings.

This drama tells the story of Ko Mi-Nyeo & Ko Mi-Nam, who are twin brother and sister. They grew up in an orphanage and never knew their parents.

As a young adult, Ko Mi-Nyeo is set to become a nun. On her way to pick up a ticket to Rome, a strange man catches up to her. The man’s name is Ma Hoon-Lee and he explains that he’s the manager of the popular boy band, ‘A.N.JELL. He also explains that her twin brother Ko Min-Nam, who just joined the band, was seriously injured and sent to America to recover. Ma Hoon-Lee then pleads with Ko Mi-Nyeo to impersonate her brother until he recovers. For her brother’s sake, Ko Mi-Nyeo reluctantly agrees to play her brother.

Fellow A.N.JELL band member, Kang Shin-Woo, first discovers Ko Mi-Nyeo’s secret, but he keeps it to himself. Kang Shin-Woo also tries to help her out without her knowing. He also starts to develop feelings for her.

Meanwhile, A.N.JELL’s Tae-Kyeong discovers Ko Mi-Nyeo’s secret. Hwang Tae-Kyeong is an extremely gifted musician, but his personality is cold and he is a control freak. At first, Hwang Tae-Kyeong tries to kick Ko Mi-Nyeo out of the band, but he becomes sympathetic to her plight when he discovers that she hoped to find her mother by appearing on television with the band. Meanwhile, Yoo He-Yi, an actress, starts to develops feelings for Hwang Tae-Kyeong.

Bae Geu-Rin’s TV Shows – 49 Days (2011)


49 Days is a drama written by So Hyeon-Kyeong and directed by Jo Young-Gwang and Park Yong-Soon, giving Geu-Rin a role as Park Seo-Woo. The drama has 20 episodes and aired every Wednesday and Thursday on SBS. It raised the profile of Bae Geu-Rin as an actress among netizens.

This drama tells the story of Ji-Hyun, played by Nam Gyu-Ri, whose life seems to be perfect. Ji-Hyun is also engaged and set to marry her fiancé Min-Ho, played by Bae Soo-Bin, in just a few days. Meanwhile, Lee-Kyung, played by Lee Yo-Won, is a woman who is completely distraught over her life and frequently contemplates suicide.

On a fateful day, Lee-Kyung gets off a bus and wanders around. She then stands in front of a busy street and attempts to kill herself by walking into oncoming traffic. At that time, somebody saves her life by pulling her back. At this moment, Ji-Hyun, who is driving nearby, hits her breaks, but can’t avoid the semi-trailer truck that has stopped in the middle of the road. She loses her memory in the crash.

At this time, Ji-Hyun’s memory starts to return to her. Before the accident, Ji-Hyun remembers going to see her best friend, In-Jung, played by Seo Ji-Hye, to show off her bridal gown. When she arrived, Ji-Hyun saw her best friend and her fiancé sitting together in a car. They looked so intimate sitting together. She was then driving to confront them when the accident occurred. Ji-Hyun now realizes that it won’t be so easy to find the people who truly love her.

Bae Geu-Rin’s TV Shows – You Are The Best (2013)


Geu-Rin plays Shin Yi-Jung in the Drama You Are the Best, starring IU. The Drama is written by Jung Yoo-Gyung and directed by Yun Seong-Sik, and stole the attention of netizens to get a high rating. The drama, which aired every Saturday and Sunday on KBS2 with 50 episodes, tells the story of Lee Soon-Shin, played by IU.

Soon-Shin has to fight with her mother to find happiness again after her father’s death. Soon-Shin is the youngest member of her family, and even though her family is successful and well-to-do, Soon-Shin feels she has no inherited talent whatsoever.

His life is changed when she meets the president of an entertainment management company called Shin Joon-Ho, played by Cho Jung-Seok. At first, Joon-Ho is an arrogant man but his life changes and learns what the meaning of success and happiness from Soon-Shin.

Bae Geu-Rin’s TV Shows – Hold My Hand (2014)

hold my hands

Hold My Hand is the Drama which gave Bae Geu-Rin the chance to be the main character and act as Oh Shin-Hee. The Drama is written by Hong Seung-Hee and directed by Choi Eun-Kyeong and Lee Gye-Joon, with 130 episodes and airing every Monday through Friday on MBC.

Hold My Hand tells the story of Yeon-Soo, played by Park Si-Eun, who has a bright and positive personality. Since her father died, she has lived with her mother and younger brother. Despite the difficult situation, Yeon-Soo enjoys her days with her family and boyfriend, Jung-Hyun, played by Jin Tae-Hyun.

Yeon-Soo’s life then changes drastically. Her mother is killed and Yeon-Soo is accused of killing her. Every piece of evidence points to her as her mother’s murderer.

Bae Geu-Rin in 49 Days


49 Days is one of the fantasy Dramas that Bae Geu-Rin featured in as a budding actress, with Park Shin-Hye and Jang Geun-Suk, who she had previously appeared with in at You’re Beautiful. Because of her acting in that drama, where she played an ordinary person who was chosen to be in the band ‘A.N.JELL’, Geu-Rin was offered the part of Park Seo-Woo in 49 Days.

The drama begins when a car accident sends the main character, Ji-Hyun, into a coma the week before her wedding. She is given a chance to get back to life – if she can find three people who will cry for her, other than those in her family.


“It’s been five years since I made my debut. Time has passed like a lightning bolt. When I look back, I was not successful in a day but I think I’ve built my career step-by-step so it will last.” She said.

Bae Geu Rin has acted in many Dramas and movies over the six years of her career. She auditioned in Seoul while she was still young in Daegu. She passed by the audition the first time. At that time, she asked mother “Mom, can I visit grandma’s house in Seoul and go to audition?”. She made her debut and since then her career has been on the rise. What’s the secret?

She said “Acting is not my life but it is an important part of it, I try not to be obsessed but I do not want to neglect it, as then I’ll be a long-running actress. I think I’m good at it.”


Bae Geu-Rin really enjoyed acting in 49 Days and usually lightened up the atmosphere because as she was the youngest of the cast and crew, and was always active.

“Everyone, including Hyun Jae oppa, Ji Hye unni and Bae Soo Bin oppa, are really nice to me. Of course, I like getting to know Ji Hye unni. Today, I’m going to the do the scene where I have to pull her hair, but it’s ok because we have become friends!”