BOYS24’s Hwayoung: Badmouthing His Fans Behind Their Backs?

Scandal Involving BOYS24’s Hwayoung

Mnet and tvN held a boy band unit survival show in 2016 called Boys24 that was aired every Saturday at 10 PM. The show had 8 episodes that were aired from June 18th to August 6th, 2016. The final result of Boys24 was that there were 24 members that were separated into 4 units, that is Unit Yellow, Unit White, Unit Green, and Unit Sky. But shortly after the survival show ended, one of the contestants, Lee Sang Min, left the group due to health issues, and five of the eliminated members had to replace his position.

On November 20th, 2016, the band announced that they will perform with the new line up that was called Collabo line up where 4 members were swapped from Unit White and Unit Sky, while Unit Yellow and Unit Green swapped 3 members. But a member from Unit Sky suddenly stopped performing on the concert on February 10th, 2017. He was involved in a fatal scandal that ended his career instantly, his name is Lee Hwayoung.

So, let’s dig up some more information about his fatal incident that ruined his whole career. Let’s go!

Controversy Surrounding Hwayoung

One of the winners of the Boys24 contest, Lee Hwayoung, got massive hatred and was heavily criticized for making extremely offensive comments of his own fans.

Someone who claimed to be Lee Hwayoung’s ex-girlfriend uploaded a voice recording of him badmouthing fans, the file was quickly spread among the online community and went viral. This caused him to get backlash from both Korean and International fans. Here is the voice recorded proof and also a translation for you guys:

After hearing about the news and the audio that had been leaked, some netizens shared their thoughts. Here are some of their comments:

“It’s funny because I don’t even know who this dude is and here he is talking about his ‘fans.’ The career you might have had for a few months is over now.”

“He’s the one who stinks from his mouth ㅋㅋ But seriously he’s a real douche.”

“He was an SM trainee before ㅋㅋㅋㅋ As expected from SM, they have an eye for people.”

“Don’t all idols think that way? They just know how to shut their mouths but I bet all idols have spilled those words out at least once when they hit their dorms.”

“Look at how lovely and kind he is and once he turns back those words that he uses, it makes me scared thinking about what idols might be saying in their dorms ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.”

The Agency Takes an Action Regarding Lee Hwayoung’s Scandal

CJ E&M, as Boys24’s agency that manages the group had immediately called for an emergency meeting about the member since he hadn’t been performing with the group since Friday. Finally, on February 14th, 2017, Lee Hwayoung was removed from the group permanently.

Then a source from the label announced:

“First, we sincerely apologize once again to all the fans who love BOYS24 that have been hurt and worried because of the problems with Hwayoung’s private life as well as his degradation of fans. We are now letting you know that after talking carefully about what to do, Hwayoung has been expelled from BOYS24 and his contract has been canceled.

As we said in our official statement on the 8th, we are worried that the negative controversy around Hwayoung’s personal problems would hurt BOYS24’s image as a whole, and that sincerity of the other members who worked their best to give to the fans who cheer them on every performance might be twisted. We have decided not only to permanently expel him from BOYS24 but also to cancel his exclusive contract with us as an artist.

We want to apologize once again to all the fans who have been cherishing and supporting BOYS24 and promise that BOYS24 will be working their best for an even better stage performance. Please show them some support. Thank You.”

Latest News From the Other Members of Boys24

9 Final Members of Boys24 Announce Their Debut!

On August 12th, around 6 PM KST Boys24 broadcasted their final stage on V Live, where the 9 members that will be debuting soon were announced. But before the announcement, the other 26 members of Boys24 held up their final concert.

There were seven members that were previously chosen through accumulated points on with 20 percent, advance voting 10 percent, teamwork evaluation 20 percent, and live voting with 50 percent. The last two members were selected by the agency.

The final line up is:

  1. Hwang In Ho
  2. Jeong Yeon Tae
  3. Kim Jin Sub
  4. Kim Sung Hyun
  5. Yoo Young Doo
  6. Isaac
  7. Jin Seung Ho
  8. Lee In Pyo
  9. Lee Hyu Nuk

These 9 members, who are on the line up are going to debut with a group name IN21T. Make sure you guys support them and, oh, don’t forget to stream their recent official music video!

Doha Boys24 Signs with Million Market

On May 23rd, 2018, Boys24’s Doha signed an exclusive contract with Million Market!

One of the sources of Million Market announced the good news and said, “We have recently signed a contract with Park Doha who previously appeared on Boys24. He has a great talent to be a singer, but also be active at a variety of many other fields. So, from now on, we will give Doha our full support so he can be a prominent artist.”

Well, congratulations Doha! The fans are definitely looking forward to your future plans. Let’s hope everything will go well for him.

Social Media

If you guys are curious and want to know about their updates on their personal accounts, we got it for you~! Here are some of the Boys24 (or IN2IT) latest updates on Instagram:


Park Doha

One of the members of Boys24, Park Doha also has his own Instagram account but his feeds are mostly a video of him singing, dancing, and traveling around Korea, so he only has a few photos of himself (like selcas or from a photoshoot).

Back in the past, Park Doha’s Instagram was once hacked by an irresponsible person. The hacker even posted a sexy female picture that had taken a mirror selfie. But luckily, he eventually got his account back and deleted those photos of the woman right away.

Here is the official account of Park Doha, make sure you guys follow him!