BADKIZ’s Group Profile, Discography, Disbandment

Learn More About South Korean Girl Group BADKIZ

Badkiz (Hangul: 배드 키즈) is a girl group that debuted under ZOO Entertainment in 2014 with an initial formation of five members. This girl group has undergone many line-up changes and also some members have experienced changes because some have left due to personal or health reasons. Badkiz is also quite famous for its successful songs, one of which is “Ear Attack,” which went viral as a result of being on SBS’ Running Man and because of its playful music.

In this article, we are going to take a more detailed look at the information about Badkiz, their career journey, performances, and their latest news in the entertainment industry. What are you waiting for? Start scrolling down to find out more about Badkiz!

Group Profile

Badkiz is a girl group that consists of five members since their initial debut in early 2014. Badkiz debuted under ZOO Entertainment and has a different concept from other girl groups, which at that time often came with girly and cute concepts. The girl group with an initial line-up including Monika, Yeunji, Jina, and Bombom, comes with a sexy and mature concept. It can be seen from the music video and also their performance on stage which looks charming and also seductive.

As Badkiz’s career progressed in the entertainment industry in South Korea, the group underwent line-up changes almost every year. Below are the names of Badkiz members from their debut until they were announced as official Badkiz members!

  1. Yeu-nji (Hangul: 연지)

Real Name: Lee Yeon-ji (Hangul: 이연지)

Period: 2014

  1. Eun-joo (Hangul: 은주)

Real Name: Lee Yeon-ji (Hangul: 이은주)

Period: 2014

  1. Yoo-min (Hangul: 윤민)

Real Name: Jo Yoo-min (Hangul: 조윤민)

Period: 2014–2015

  1. Bombom (Hangul: 봄봄))

Real Name: Kim Ja-in (Hangul: 김자인)

Period: 2014–2015

  1. Jina (Hangul: 지나)

Real Name: Kim Ja-in (Hangul: 유지나)

Period: 2014–2015

  1. Hana (Hangul: 하나)

Real Name: Lee Ha-na (Hangul: 이하나)

Period: 2014–2015

  1. Haneul (Hangul: 하늘)

Real Name: Kim Ha-neul (Hangul: 하늘)

Period: 2015–2016

  1. LuA (Hangul: 루아)

Real Name: Jo Han-kyoung (Hangul: 조한경)

Period: 2015–2016

  1. U-Si (Hangul: 유시)

Real Name: Yoon Ji-yeon (Hangul: 윤지연)

Period: 2016–2017

  1. Duna (Hangul: 두나)

Real Name: Han Jung-a (Hangul: 한정아)

Period: 2016–2017

  1. Monika (Hangul: 모니카)

Real Name: Kang Yeh (Hangul: 강예)

Period: 2014–2018

  1. B (Hangul: 솔비)

Period: 2018

  1. Me (Hangul: 케이미)

Real Name: Na Mi-ri (Hangul: 나미리)

Period: 2015–2018

  1. Lohee (Hangul: 로희)

Real Name: Kang Da-hyun (Hangul: 강다현)

Period: 2017–2018

  1. Hayoung (Hangul: 하영)

Real Name: Kim Ha-young (Hangul: 김하영)

Period: 2018–2019

  1. Sihyeon (Hangul: 시현)

Real Name: Kang Si-hyeon (Hangul: 강시현)

Period: 2018–2020

  1. Taeri (Hangul: 태리)

Real Name: Im Yeon-ji (Hangul: 임연지)

Period: 2019–2020

  1. Rawhi (Hangul: 라휘)

Period: 2020

  1. Eunyu (Hangul: 은유)

Previous Stage Name: Somin/Kira/Jeje

Real Name: Jang Eun-yu (Hangul: 장은유)

Period: 2016–2020

  1. Seoeun (Hangul: 서은)

Previous Stage Name: Hanbit

Real Name: Kim Seo-hyun (Hangul: 김서현)

Period: 2018–2020

  1. Rozi (Hangul: 로지)

Real Name: Kim Yunjung (Hangul: 김윤정)

Period: 2020

  1. Semi (Hangul: 세미)

Real Name: Park Soo-jin (Hangul: 박수진)

Period: 2020

Career Journey

Badkiz (Hangul: 배드 키즈) is a girl group that debuted under ZOO Entertainment on March 24th, 2014, consisting of five members, namely Monika, Yeun-ji, Eun-joo, Jina, and BomBom. Upon debut, Badkiz released their digital single along with a music video titled “Ear Attack.” While promoting and introducing their girl group concept to the public, Badkiz also attended several music shows that were broadcast on TV.

In the same era, Badkiz’s Monica and Jina released a digital single titled “Father” on March 30th, 2014.

Sometime after debut, Eun-joo and Yeun-ji, as members of the first generation line-up of Badkiz, decided to leave the group and immediately get a new member as a replacement for the two members who left Badkiz at that time. Members Yoo-min and Hana were introduced as the new members.

After almost a year of debuting and promoting together as members of Badkiz, the girl group released their second single for their next comeback with the title “Babomba” on November 13th, 2014. Even though they released 2 songs in the same year, Badkiz was arguably the rookie girl group that was quite active at that.

It is the work of the famous composer Sinsa-dong Tiger and the new composer Uppercut. Addictive lyrics are added to the repetitive electronic sound. Along with the song, a music video featuring comedians Byeon Ki-soo, Nam Chang-hee, and Song Young-gil was also released. Therefore, “Babomba” is one of the songs that became a hit and popular among comedians in South Korea.

In March 2015, Badkiz announced that one of their members, Yoo-min, decided to leave the group. Even though Yoo-min had just been actively promoting as a member of Badkiz only a few months, not even a year, she decided not to become a member of the girl group. In the end, Badkiz was left with four members who continued with all their activities and promotions together.

In April 2015, Badkiz members were among the invited guests of a sports event where each participant was an idol from a South Korean girl group or boy group. The event most eagerly awaited by fans was Dream Team and it was broadcast on television.

Not long after Badkiz’s appearance on television with their appearance in Dream Team, the girl group again announced that several members had decided to leave and stop all activities and promotions as members of the girl group. The members who left in mid-2015 were Jina, BomBom, and Hana. There is no official statement regarding the reason these members left Badkiz, but reportedly, Jina debuted as a solo artist under the new name Jina-U, and BomBom continued her career as a member of the girl group Pit-A-Pat under the name Jain.

As far as Badkiz’s career was concerned one year after debut, there were again five members in the group, namely Eun-joo, Yeun-ji, Jina, BomBom, and Hana. ZOO Entertainment, as the management label that regulates every promotion schedule of Badkiz, stated that they have found several new members who will soon be active to promote with Badkiz. The new members were LuA, Haneul, and K.Me.

On August 7th, 2015, Badkiz made their comeback with a new member that was previously announced by ZOO Entertainment. Badkiz released their third digital single titled “Come Closer” (Hangul: 이리 와). The concept presented in the music video has a summer theme and the members also show off a sexy choreography there.

“Come Closer” is a song still made by music producers Shinsadong Tiger and Uppercut, which has an impressive addictive rhythm peculiar to Badkiz; added with sensual lyrics that tempt men to an electronic melody line with a hip-hop beat. In addition, on this comeback, the members were seen exuding their sexy aura and charisma with the concept of a beach and wearing bikinis in the “Come Closer” music video.

In 2016, Badkiz announced that one of their members, Haneul, who just recently joined about a year ago and promoted together with the group, decided to leave Badkiz after the release of “Come Closer” as their comeback single. Badkiz immediately got two new members to replace these members with members named So-min and U-Si. The audition that recruited several new members for Badkiz finally found five people who will be announced soon as members of the new Badkiz line-up.

On August 15th, 2016, Badkiz released a single for their comeback that year titled “Hothae” (Hangul: 핫해). Two days after the song was released, Badkiz held a showcase located in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The five members of Badkiz: Monica, Kimi, Lua, U-Si, and Somin attended the showcase to promote their fourth digital single, “Hothae,” at the comeback showcase.

Badkiz’s fourth digital single, “Hothae,” is a trendy dance song that combines electronic sound based on hip-hop. In addition, the existing members Monica, K.Me, and Lua, Somin, and U-Si, joined the group and reorganized into a five-member group, enhancing the completeness of the song.

On that day, Monica said, “As I come back in one year, I get more nervous. I have a goal to show you the colors of Badkiz this summer. I have the confidence to show you a more grown image.” Lua said, “It’s a song with a brass sound. That part is a part in common with other songs. What’s different from the songs released so far is that there haven’t been many parts to show the talented part, but it’s a song that highlights a lot of the vocal part of ‘Hothae’.”

In addition, the newly joined members U-Si and Somin said, “There was no burden at all. Everyone has a soft heart and is really kind. Thanks to the members, I was able to adapt quickly.”

“The friends who left the team also had personal circumstances. We, who are the current Badkiz members right now, are friends with a great passion for singers. However, when I look back as a team leader, I think that all the members lack such passion.” In addition, she replied honestly, saying, “I think this album is the beginning of the Badkiz because K.Me and Lua have been well-positioned.”

Finally, the members said, “As an artist, I want you to look at us pretty.” In addition, the newly joined members also added, “I will work hard so that the colors of Badkiz can be well immersed in it.”

On November 2nd, 2016, Badkiz returned with the release of a song as their comeback at that time. However, this was not a new song but a remake of their debut song, “Ear Attack,” which was titled “Ear Attack 2.” Even though this song is a remake, Badkiz still has the opportunity to promote this song on a music program broadcast on TV.

“Ear Attack 2,” which was loved a lot, is a song with a sophisticated lead line and a strong sense of beat as the media production Atomic Culture is in charge of the entire production. Through this activity, Badkiz succeeded in establishing themselves as a hot trend by being loved for more straightforward and pleasant lyrics and sensible stage manners.

After promoting the release of “Ear Attack 2,” Badkiz again announced that one of the members had decided to leave the group, which is LuA. Then, there was a new member who was ready to replace her, and that was Duna.

On July 3rd, 2017, Badkiz returned with their latest comeback to greet fans with the release of their 6th single, titled “Give It To Me.” The intense and alluring eyes of Badkiz with their choreography, who successfully transformed their image into an unrivaled sexy group, completed the stage with a sense of inspiration.

The rope that they used in the performance on stage maximizes the intensity of their choreography while using strings with a strong addictive melody with a splendid appearance, perfect legs, catching every man’s heart.

However, on this comeback, Badkiz again made a further announcement that two of their members, Duna and U-Si, were reportedly not going to be Badkiz members and promote with the other members due to health reasons and personal problems that could not be disclosed in more detail to the public. The good news was, that at the end of 2017, Badkiz again got a new member named Lohee.

In early 2018, Badkiz again released an announcement that they were getting new members who would replace the old members who had left the group. The new member was Sol.B. Not long after Sol.B joined Badkiz, the last original member from Badkiz who was also their leader, Monika, announced that she would officially leave the group to focus more on her solo career.

The teaser image was also released. In the published photo, Badkiz members are showing off their five-color charm while wearing sexy outfits. It was expected to reveal the sexiness of Badkiz with an image that is contrary to the image of the cute bad girl seen so far. The new song, “Give It To Me,” is an urban dance song based on an intense brass sound. The enticing lyrics to men who don’t come over are impressive.

On April 6th, 2017, Badkiz returned with the release of their seventh single titled “Just One Day.” Two days before the release of the song, ZOO Entertainment released their official statement regarding Badkiz’s comeback with “Just One Day,” “Badkiz will come back after 9 months and we are going to show a new style that has not been shown so far, so please look forward to it.”

Badkiz’s new song “Just One Day” is a pop dance song that incorporates the sound of a tropical house, and the talented producer group Aven Seung participated.

The music video released along with the sound source also shows the charm of Badkiz different from before. Badkiz are attracting attention with a more alluring atmosphere, a choreography that actively uses a jacket, an addictive chorus, and a facial expression.

Particularly, with the participation of the top-notch session in Korea, guitarist Jeong Jae-pil and chorus Kim Hyun-ah, the song was improved, and Badkiz member K.Me directly participated in the rap part lyrics. “It’s a word I want to say to a couple who left, and I can forget it after just one more day, but I plan to empathize with those who broke up by putting the conflict between the ideal and reality that I want to meet only once more,” she said.

After promoting “Just One Day” a few months later, the agency stated that Sol.B, a member of Badkiz left the group and the new member to replace her was named Hanbit. Furthermore, K.Me also announced that she would soon be leaving the group because her contract with ZOO Entertainment had expired. It didn’t take long to get new members to replace the members who had left and finally Hayoung became a new member of Badkiz.

Still in 2018, Lohee, who joined Badkiz as a member at the end of 2017, also announced her resignation and had time to write a letter for her fans. After Lohee left the group, the new member who replaced her position was Sihyeon. In addition, Somin as a member who had already joined as a member of Badkiz in 2016 changed her stage name to Kira.

Since most of the members of the old generation stopped promoting as Badkiz members and there were many new members filling in the line-up for their comeback, the agency decided to remove all of the old Badkiz content from social media and prepare to start a new path for the careers of the newly-joined members.

In 2019, the agency announced that Badkiz had become a Hot Place (Hangul: 핫 플레이스). In addition, there was a new member who replaced Hayoung who secretly left the group without any reason being revealed to the public.

On March 28th, 2019, at a showcase for the debut of the group Hot Place and the release of the single “TMI” held at the Lotte Fit Dongdaemun branch in Euljiro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Jeje whose her previous stage name was Somin, revealed that she had made her debut as a girl group in the past.

Jeje said, “I made my debut as a Hot Place’s member after being in Badkiz. I have a new start with a new team. I want to unfold my dream now that I have achieved it.”

In addition, Sihyeon said, “I was an actress. I was appearing in web dramas, and I made my debut as a member of Hot Place. I had a hard time working in another field, but I was greedy. I will work hard.” The youngest Taeri said, “(I’m going to debut) I’m trembling. I’m the youngest, but I’ll follow my sisters and keep working hard.”

On the other hand, Hot Place is a four-member talented girl group composed of Jeje, Hanbit, Sihyeon, and Taeri, and released a single titled “TMI” on March 29th, 2019, and officially debuted in the music industry along with their single album.

“TMI” is an impressive song with the members’ powerful vocal skills and witty lyrics, and the retro sound reinterpreting the 1990s dance vibe with a modern K-Pop feel is attractive. Their second lead single titled “Kill You” is expected to reveal a different charm from “TMI” by expressing the feelings after being betrayed by a loved one in a straightforward and realistic way.

In 2020, Hot Place, who had just released their single album, announced that the two old members decided to leave the group and will not undergo any more promotions as members of Hot Place. The two members were Sihyun and Taeri.

In April 2020, three new members were ready to replace the two members who previously resigned. The new line-up with three new members comprised Rawhi, Rozi, and Semi. However, Hot Place also announced that they will be back promoting under the name Badkiz and change their entire social media group to the name Badkiz.

Due to poor health conditions, the agency announced that Rahwi would not follow the new line-up of Badkiz, and Jeje, who was the longest member of Badkiz, finally got the position of leader and also changed her stage name to Eunyu, which is her legal name. Hanbit, who joined Badkiz as a member in 2018, also changed her stage name to Seoeun. In 2020, Badkiz has a line-up with four active members which are Eunyu, Seoeun, Semi, and Rozi.

To attract the interest of fans and the public who are new to Badkiz, this girl group has returned to being active on social media and has started posting cover dance videos as well as coming to Makestar to help their comeback this year.

Debut Era

In the section below we are going to provide you with a rundown of Badkiz’s career journey starting with their promotions when they debuted with their first single “Ear Attack”!

Music Videos

Badkiz’s management company ZOO Entertainment said, “Since the debut song ‘Ear Attack’ was released, we are receiving a lot of inquiries and interest in achieving No. 1 in real-time rapidly rising keywords on the music site Melon.” Badkiz’s debut song “Ear Attack,” was sung by five members Monica, Bombom, Yeu-nji, Eunjoo, and Jina, and it is a dance song with electronic sound.

The agency said, “The point choreography as if touching the ear with a beat that created a club-like atmosphere and a strong addictive melody evokes a strange addiction.”

Meanwhile, when viewed in the “Ear Attack” music video, the members look playful with scenes taken from their performance while busking in a public space, while other scenes show some actors and actresses acting hilariously there.


Debut Stage

As an idol group that debuted in the entertainment industry, Badkiz also had the opportunity to promote on several music programs broadcast on TV. Badkiz’s debut song “Ear Attack” is also quite popular and is easy to listen among fans and the public. In what follows, we are going to take a more detailed look at the debut stage of Badkiz with “Ear Attack.”

Badkiz appeared in one of the episodes of Show Champion with their debut song “Ear Attack,” with a very cute and energetic choreography. Although their group name is Badkiz, their concept of debut was not bad kids in general, but Badkiz debuted with a cute and charming concept. The outfits they wore on their debut stage performance on Show Champion were also trendy and casual.

Stage Performances

Badkiz comes with several singles that have become their hits in several eras. In the section below, we’ll take a more detailed look at Badkiz’s performances, whether from their comebacks being shown on-stage or off-air!

On September 9th, 2016, Badkiz made their comeback stage on Simply K-Pop by presenting “Hothae” in the episode. The girl group which consists of five members performed live by bringing a hand mic to each member. With a different concept from their debut, Badkiz came up with a sexy concept when performing “Hothae.” With a funky crop top outfit, the members also wear black hot pants that match and look very shining on the stage with this outfit.

On December 3rd, 2016, Badkiz performed their comeback song, “Ear Attack 2,” which is a remake version of “Ear Attack,” which was their debut song. The members look sexy with black outfits that are specially sewn and different for each member. The cheerful and remixed “Ear Attack 2” was delivered on stage with several male back dancers who made the impression even more crowded on the stage.

On July 8th, 2017, Badkiz came out with their new single and had their comeback stage on MBC’s Show Music Core with “Give It To Me.” Each member looks very compact by wearing a matching blue and white outfit. Their makeup and hairstyles on their comeback with “Give It To Me” also looked very on point. Badkiz could be seen looking sexy and also mature on the comeback at that time with the choreography using strings on the stage showing something different from this girl group.


Badkiz is also a girl group that is quite active in uploading their latest content on social media to just greet their fans. In this section, we are going to see in more detail the latest content and videos that Badkiz have uploaded on their official YouTube channel!

On July 25th, 2020, Badkiz uploaded their cover dance video of “Porappippam” originally sung by Sunmi. The pop song is delivered with cute choreography by Badkiz in the video. The members also didn’t forget to wear the same outfit and make their dance cover appearance look beautiful.

On July 19th, 2020, Badkiz’s Eunyu uploaded a single cover with her melodious voice to the YouTube channel and sang one of the songs popularized by BTS titled “Euphoria.” The member, who has a position as leader of Badkiz, showed his singing skills and every note she sang was good.

On July 12th, 2020, Badkiz uploaded a video choreography to their YouTube channel with the presentation of one of their previously released singles, “Hothae.” The song has become one of the top songs Badkiz has ever released. In this video, the four members of Badkiz dance in a studio energetically while performing the choreography of “Hothae.” Not forgetting that each member smiled at the camera and displayed their best expressions.


Over time, Badkiz is considered to have failed to attract interest from fans and the public and their campaign at Makestar also did not get a positive reaction. In August 2020, Badkiz did not upload any content on their social media.

On October 14th, 2020, Badkiz’s Eunyu, Semi, and Seoeun wrote goodbye and farewell letters to fans stating that Badkiz has been disbanded.

Well, that is all the information about Badkiz and also their career paths in the entertainment industry. It is undeniable that Badkiz has several songs that are easy to listen to and can make our mood better. Even though Badkiz has now been reported to be disbanded, it’s good that we continue to provide support and love to every member who is still working so that they get good appreciation from fans and the public!