From Lee Sung-kyung to Jun Ji-hyun: Here Are The Badass Female Roles in K-Dramas!

IU (The Producer)

IU is a multi-talented singer-songwriter and actress. She was born on May 16, 199, in Seoul. She started to audition for talent agencies during her teenage years and got her a contract in 2007 as a trainee. She began a music career at the age of 15, by releasing the debut album Lost and Found. It wasn’t until 2010 that she finally received national popularity by releasing a single titled Good Day. She started her acting career in the 2011 drama Dream High. IU appeared as the leading role in various successful dramas, one of them is a 2015 TV series, KBS2’s The Producers.

In the TV series, IU performed the role of Cindy, a famous and talented singer who debuted at a young age. She is capable of manipulating other people, especially her manager, and of suppressing her own emotion, making her an emotionless celebrity. Cindy’s character is selfish and arrogant. As a celebrity, Cindy has a sexy image, oftentimes wearing revealing stage costumes, which is a total opposite of IU’s real-life image.

While preparing for upcoming promotion, Cindy was interviewed by rookie PD Baek Seung Chan. The rookie PD said that her best friend would come to support her and hold an interview together with her. The PD didn’t tell her about who would be coming, leaving her guessing without any clue. Knowing that the interview was being recorded, she said that her best friend should be her CEO. But when the recording was stopped she said that her CEO definitely not her best friend.

When her supposedly best friend arrived, Cindy was surprised to see that, instead of her best friend, it was Go Ara, her true rival who came for the interview. Cindy looked dejected and asked why she came as her best friend. It was a very awkward situation, because in the past they got into a fight and pulled each other’s hair for three hours straight. Neither of them wanted to release their grip on their rival’s head. During the interview, they pretended to be close friends by holding hands. They threw away other person’s hand when the interview was stopped.


Jung Ji-hyun (My Love From Another Star)

Jun Ji-hyun is one of Korea’s top actresses. She was born on October 30, 1981. She was a former commercial model who became drama actress. Her debut performance in the 1999 movie White Valentine gained little attention. Jun Ji-hyun really gained huge popularity after her appearance as the volatile girlfriend in My Sassy Girl. She also performed the leading female role in the 2013 drama, SBS’s My Love from Another Star. Her role in the drama reminded the viewers of her role in her breakout movie, My Sassy Girl.

In My Love from Another Star, Jun Ji-hyun played as Cheon Song-yi, a top celebrity who is self-centered and believed that she is the ideal type for every man. She neglected her education and her family, minding only her image in front of public. She oftentimes manipulated her staff and asked them to do whatever she wanted. Being forced to continue her education in university and attend classes, she met an emotionless professor who happened to be her next door neighbor. She wanted to manipulate the professor, but instead fell in love with him. Cheon Song-yi’s character is confident and arrogant, but mentally fragile and weak.


In a beauty salon restroom scene, Cheon Song-yi was washing her hands when Han Yoo-ra came in. Cheon Song-yi saw her and greeted her politely. Instead of greeting back, Han Yoo-ra asked Cheon Song-yi to change beauty salons because she felt dirty when meeting Cheon Song-yi. Cheon Song-yi replied that instead of her, Han Yoo-ra should move out. Han Yoo-ra said that as a senior, she has a right to order Cheon Song-yi, her junior. Without any hesitation, Cheon Song-yi said that even though she is younger than Han Yoo-ra, she debuted earlier than the other woman. Cheon Song-yi said that she debuted 12 years ago while Han Yoo-ra debuted a mere 5 years ago. Because Cheon Song-yi is younger, she chose to respect Han Yoo-ra rather than ask for respect from Han Yoo-ra.

To add further embarrassment to Han Yoo-ra, Cheon Song-yi mocked Han-Yoo-ra’s recent drama ratings. She said that Han Yoo-ra’s drama failed so badly that the viewer’s rating only reached 4%, and that nobody knew how it ended. Cheon Song-yi added that she initially refused to accept the drama because the drama was bad. Instead of her, Han Yoo-ra performed in the drama.


These badass female roles were loved by viewers and left them with good memories. Let’s wish more other unique roles appear and win the attention of Korean drama lovers.

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