Learn More About B1A4’s Sandeul Moments in ‘King Of Masked Singer’

Comments From The Panelists

A panelist who’d watched Heart Attack Cupid during the special episode, before, said he was very good before but that day he sounded far more solid. The panelist praised him for his masculine boldness as well as the feminine delicacy which made this stage better than before. Janghyuk added his opinion, saying Heart Attack Cupid’s expressiveness was breathtaking, like the departure and landing of an airplane, and he was deeply touched.

There was a unique comment from a panelist that thought Heart Attack Cupid had a large mouth because his “a” pronunciation was really great. It’s funny, because he actually has a small mouth. From Tei’s point of view, he thought that Heart Attack Cupid’s hook was dense. Even he got hit by the hook. Yoonseok sensed Heart Attack Cupid’s personality from his singing, and he knew that, behind the mask, Heart Attack Cupid was just a young man with a pure soul. One of the most precise and truthful comments.

Reveal Behind The Mask


Since he was in third place. Heart Attack Cupid had to reveal his identity behind the mask. Before he removed his mask, he said a few words to the audience, “I was so happy to sing again. Thank you for being so kind to me.” The audience was screaming when Heart Attack Cupid removed his mask, especially the girls. Some panelists welcomed him with great excitement and others greeted him with shy smiles. They are all looked so happy, not because he was eliminated but because people were happy that he had a really good vocal and had given an amazing performance.

After Sandeul revealed who he was, he looked so excited. He even added a comment about appearing again in King of Masked Singer for the third time. He took us to a throwback to the time where he appeared on the first episode, and wondered if people would recognize his voice. But now he wondered if people liked his voice. He said that was his biggest worry and he was even a bit scared when he performed on the stage. Lastly, he thanked everyone who enjoyed watching his performance. There’s a funny story here, where Janghyuk gave him a warm message while he still wore the mask. Janghyuk confidently whispered to Sandeul, “Good Job, Eunkwang“. Even though Janghyuk was a little bit embarrassed after hearing this story, he did a great job of changing the topic by talking about how amazing Sandeul was on the live stage. It’s hard to perform live, but he won many people hearts and was recognized as a great singer.

Finally, when the MC asked Sandeul to give a message to the audience and his fans, he told the story that he was a little bit disappointed that he won, because, at that time, he was promoting his solo album. He needed to keep his identity as a secret and because the promotion of the song has ended, it was useless to promote his solo now. Of course, people laughed at his statement. Instead of being angry about that, he announced that his group, B1A4, will have comeback very soon, and asked people to support and love this comeback.

After going backstage, Sandeul felt his heart was very light. He said that after his very first performance in King of Masked Singer he kept wanting to come back to the show. He was happy he could return tand thought it was a really great experience!

That’s all for information about Sandeul’s great performances on King of Masked Singer. You should watch all his performance and will get goosebumps because of his angelic vocal. Please keep support and give your love to his future work! Don’t forget to share and comment here!