Learn More About B1A4’s Sandeul Moments in ‘King Of Masked Singer’

First Round


Just as in previous episodes, in the first round the contestants sang duets. Heart Attack Cupid was in the first performance, with his opponent, Pitapat Scale Paralysis. They sang Aloha (아로하) by Cool, beautifully. He never fails to hypnotize people with his voice. His soothing and powerful voice combined together, but still stable, is unique to him. After the performance and voting session, the MC announced that Heart Attack Cupid advanced to next round with 69% votes.

Second Round

Heart Attack Cupid was again one of the first pair to perform, against Bang! Bang! Gunman. He chose No.1 by BoA for his song in this round, performing it with his own style. He started off quite low, but smooth, and gradually got very high, allowing him to showcase his wide range. He gave BoA song a whole different feel with his interpretation. 4,500 people voted for him, or 64% out of 100%. That meant he advanced to the battle round with the other finalists!


For the battle round, Heart Attack Cupid had to beat Quit Isn’t in My Vocabulary, Prohibit Resignation to become the next Mask King. Ballads are Heart Attack Cupid specialty, and the color of his vocals matched perfectly with the song that chose, After Love (후애) by M.N.J (엠엔제이). He gave one of the most beautiful performances ever on King of Masked Singer. He stole the audience’s hearts again, getting 58% of the votes from the live audience. Finally, after almost being the first Mask King, he became one on the special episode. Sandeul would then challenge the 41st generation Mask King on episode 84. Let’s move on!

Battle Pt.2

This episode was really special (episode 84), it was the big match that only happens once a year. For this episode, three contestants compete in the last round, not just two. Heart Attack Cupid, with his alluring voice, came back again to compete with the other contestants, the 40th and 41st generation Mask Kings, Ready to Order, Popcorn Girl and Long Life of the Golden Turtle. Heart Attack Cupid was the first one to perform and everyone was excited to see his amazing performance. This stage was definitely one of the hardest for him because he was carrying big expectations from the audience. He slayed this performance, with Winter Letter (겨울편지) by Yim Jae-beom.

The audience was fascinated by his delicate voice, like magic. He started the song with  ardent low notes. You could hear his breath like he was there, singing right next to you. He is advanced in expressing his sincerity through melody. Even if you don’t understand Korean, you still can get the sorrowful message that he tried to deliver to everyone.  People’s hearts were melted by his voice, and the performance ended with a standing ovation from the panelists.

It was time to vote and this was one of the biggest matches because all the contestants were great. The MC announced that no one won by a big margin. People were surprised and sad at the same time because Heart Attack Cupid came out in the third place. He only got 44 votes, meanwhile the Popcorn Girl got 98 votes. We could see that people were disappointed with the result and they really loved his performance here!