Learn More About B1A4’s Sandeul Moments in ‘King Of Masked Singer’


Let’s Get Acquainted with the Best Vocal of B1A4, Sandeul

B1A4’s contract with WM Entertainment just expired last year (2018). Sandeul, with CNU and Gongchan, decided to renew their contracts with the agency and keep promoting as B1A4. Meanwhile, other members moved to other agencies. Lately, B1A4’s members have been concentrating on individual promotions, including Sandeul. Last June, he just released the solo album “One Fine Day”. He showcased his strong and mellifluous vocals in this album. He’s been competing in numerous singing contests for a long time, so it’s no wonder the agency approached him and recruited him to become a trainee. With only two years of training, he debuted as a B1A4 member as the main vocalist. Now let’s see his amazing vocal in King of Masked Singer!

1st Generation Mask King (2015)


Do you know about King Of Masked Singer? It’s a South Korean singing competition program that hides the identity of the singers by having them wear elaborate, creative masks and costumes that camouflage every part of their bodies so no one can guess the real identity behind the mask. Two contestants compete head-to-head in three elimination rounds that span two episodes. This is a really unique program because the voters will vote without any prejudice; they have to trust their ear to decide which contestant that they want to vote for. The first season of the program aired in 2015 and Sandeul was one of the very first contestants, appearing in the first episode of the season. He called himself Flowering Silky Fowl and wore a classic black and white suit with a mask that was covered in flowers. Let’s check out how he did there!

First Round


The first round is a duet competition, where two singers perform together. After both of them took off their gowns, the tension started to rise. Flowering Silky Fowl, with Electric Shock Caution Action Robot as his rival, sang Still Eating Well (밥만 잘 먹더라) by Homme. He started the song very well with his soft and powerful voice. Everyone listened to both of the competitors carefully before making a decision who to vote for. From Sandeul’s gestures, it was clear that he was soulfully getting into the song. He may even have been overdoing it, to be honest, but he did it so the audience couldn’t guess who he was. Sandeul reached the high notes easily, surprising the audience. In the end, Sandeul finished the song excellently and won an overwhelming victory for the first round, with 78 votes out of 99. He advanced to the second round!

Comments From The Panelists

After the performance, Gim Gu-ra said that the panelists had different thoughts about who the contestant was, because they thought the contestant might be wearing a wig or making gestures that they wouldn’t normally do. Flowering Silky Fowl was making big gestures on purpose, Because of that, Shin Bong-sun said that she thought Flowering Silky Fowl was  Cho Young-nam, based on his movements. Ji Sang-ryeol added that he noticed that Flowering Silky Fowl held his fist the whole time, so he thought this contestant was someone who did boxing before, for instance, Choi Jae-song. Other than that, Choi Jae-song also sings quite well.

Yoo Sang-moo had a different thought. He said that he knows a singer who always holds fist like that, but he wasn’t 100% sure because the physique is different; Flowering Silky Fowl is skinnier than the person he was thinking of. What he means is Bae Ki-seong of Can. Celebs normally don’t wear what Flowering Silky Fowl wore; he didn’t wear a suit and tie, so they thought this one was not a celebrity. And, for your information, the contestant is the one who picks their own style. Because of the conversation about style, Lee Yoon-seok mentioned another singer who has a similar style as him, Kwon Seon-kook of Green Area. Lee Yoon-seok added “Shoulder line, holding fist, his swaggering and his vibration was a pro-level. so I think he is a good singer but a bit old.

The music expert, Kim Hyung-seok, said that Flowering Silky Fowl was not a professional singer because of a gesture he made when he fixed his mask, but he still thought the contestant was a good singer. Don Spike made a very contrasting statement than Kim Hyung-seok. Don Spike said that Flowering Silky Fowl is definitely a singer around age 35-40 because his movements seem to be very relaxed on the stage. Having self-proclaimed  expertise in spotting idols, Son Dong-woon made a statement that Flowering Silky Fowl was not an idol because his body didn’t fit well in the suit. The MC even asked Son Dong-woon again if he was sure that neither contestant was an idol, and he said he was sure. Of course, we know that he was completely wrong.

Second Round


Round two was a solo song showdown, but still done in pairs, and the final two would advance to the third round. The winner with the most votes in the previous round is allowed to choose his opponent and the order of the other contestants. Flowering Silky Fowl had that opportunity, so he chose Sharp White Cat as his opponent and made her the first singer to perform,  and he would sing after she did. Fly Taekwon Boy was the third one, going against Used Two Buckets of Gold Lacquer, as the last performer.

Flowering Silky Fowl chose Emergency Room (응급실) by IZI as his song for the second round. The audience was amazed by his voice and curious about who he was at the same time. The public judges were captivated by his angelic voice, closing their eyes and nodding their heads following the melody of the song. Once again, he hit the high notes effortlessly and when the performance was over, the panelists gave him standing ovation. This pair is so amazing and it was a close match, which made it hard for the judges to decide who to vote for. Finally, the MC announced the winner and Flowering Silky Fowl won over Sharp White Cat, with 19 votes as the gap between them. He advanced to the final round!

Comments From The Panelists

When Flowering Silky Fowl went on stage, the panelists gave a few comments, such as he was purposely wear big clothes, he is from the countryside, and he is an old man. But, when he sang everyone was focused on him and even forget to guess who he was. The expert in music gave him a big compliment, saying that that his head voice, chest voice, breathing, and vocalization were almost perfect, but he is still didn’t know who he was. One of the panelists thought that Flowering Silky Fowl was Hyun-lee, and another thought he was Min Kyoung-hoon from Buzz, but, of course, none of those guesses were correct. His previous rival guessed that Flowering Silky Fowl was an idol, either from Block B2B or B1A4, which was almost right. But, again, there was another comment that he couldn’t be an idol because of the posture.

Reveal Behind The Mask


For the final match, the contestants had to sing the song that they feel the most confident with. Flowering Silky Fowl’s rival for this round was Used Two Buckets of Gold Lacquer.  Flowering Silky Fowl chose to sing Stigma (낙인) by Im Jae-beom.  The more you listened to his voice the more you could feel the emotion that he tries to deliver. His charm was doubled in the final match, and he left everyone speechless. This is one of the hardest songs to sing, but he managed to sing it really well. He tried his best to be the first Mask King. When it was voting time it was a really hard choice for the audience, because they are both really good singers.

While waiting for the results, the panelist again tried to guess who was behind the mask. Kim Hyung-seok said that Flowering Silky Fowl was a middle-aged man who debuted a long time ago, because he doesn’t sing in the modern style. And again, Don Spike had a contrasting opinion, saying he thought that Flowering Silky Fowl was an idol in his early 20s. This was the third time that Son Dong-woon said he was sure Flowering Silky Fowl was not an idol because his gestures are like an old singer.

When it was time to reveal the results, the gap was very tight; only a difference of five votes separated the winner and the loser, much to everyone’s surprise. Sadly, Flowering Silky Fowl was in second place, so he had reveal his identity and remove the mask. When he removed his mask everyone was shocked to see it was Sandeul because he was the panelist for the pilot episode. None of them knoew that Sandeul could sing that well. He  said that he practiced the gestures to fool people, and he did a great job! Finally, people know that he is a really great singer with powerful, stable high notes. He said that he was happy he was free from the prejudice that an idol can’t sing that well. Let’s give applause for him!