B1A4’s Gongchan: From His Profile to His Most Recent News

MAMAMOO releases behind-the-scene photos of “Piano Man” MV ft. B1A4’s Gongchan


Following the release of their comeback music video release for Piano Man, talented girl group MAMAMOO has revealed behind-the-scene cuts from the set.

MAMAMOO, made up of members Solar, MoonByul, WheeIn, and HwaSa, can be seen with gorgeous smiles as they film Piano Man. Photos include them getting ready for the shoot and in the makeup chair, posing on the small stage of the club setting, and dancing to their signature choreography.

Cut scenes of B1A4‘s Gongchan are also included, as he handsomely plays the piano, looking back as smoke creeps up, and looking deeply at the camera as he stands in between the members of MAMAMOO.

The girl group has already begun promoting “Piano Man” on broadcast, revealing their potential as a hitmaker.


B1A4’s Gongchan and Jung Hye-sung are Rumored to be Dating, Their Agencies Speak Up!

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On Wednesday (04/26/2017), there is a rumor that Jung Hye-sung and B1A4’s Gongchan have an love affair. Of course this news surprised many people because Jung Hye-sung was considered to be a match with Gong Myung, her virtual husband on “We Got Married”.

Not waiting long, WM Entertainment, B1A4’s agency, also gave a statement responding to the news about Gongchan and Jung Hye-sung’s date. The agency, which also houses the girl group Oh My Girl, denied that the pair had an affair.

“They (Gongchan and Jung Hye-sung) might have the same scope of friendship but if they say they are in a relationship it is wrong,” said WM Entertainment representative. “This is very sudden and honestly surprising.”

In line with WM Entertainment, FNC Entertainment as Jung Hye-sung’s agency, also denied the news. “News that she (Jung Hye-sung) is going out with Gongchan is not true at all,” said the FNC representative.

On the other side, sources revealed that Jung Hye-sung and Gongchan’s relationship was only known by their close friends. They reportedly often spend time together in private places such as in cars and homes.

B1A4’s Gongchan’s Plastic Surgery Rumor


Gongchan is a member of B1A4 who has never been hit by rumors of plastic surgery. He is one of the many K-pop idols who have a lot of money but don’t use it to beautify his facial features through plastic surgery procedures.

If you pay close attention, Gongchan has facial features that are still the same and have not seen changes since his debut period. It has a line of eyelids that are not parallel, which it doesn’t ‘fix’. You can see this evidence in the old photos and also the latest. In addition, from the photos you can also see that the shape of Gongchan’s nose also has not changed.

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Gongchan’s Instagram Account

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Delivered by Sandeul and Gongchan, B1A4’s CNU is Starting to Undergo Military Service!


CNU became the first member in the B1A4 group to undergo military service. CNU began compulsory military service by entering a training center in the Hwacheon area, Gangwon province, on Tuesday (01/22).

The agency said CNU decided to go into military service without parting with fans. He was only accompanied by the closest people when entering the military training center. “CNU has passed the entrance gate (military training center). B1A4 members, their families, agency staff, and some of their friends were present to take CNU,” informed the agency.

CNU’s departure to undergo compulsory military service today was also announced through the official B1A4 Instagram account by placing a photo of CNU flanked by Sandeul and Gongchan in front of the military training center by writing the caption, “CNU is always reliable, come back safely. We will wait for you.”

In the Instagram upload, it was also stated that CNU will give a gift to fans. What is the intended prize? Fans were asked to wait until January 26.

Currently CNU will attend basic military training for five weeks before undergoing military service in the division chosen. If it runs smoothly, CNU will return from compulsory military service on August 28, 2020.