Watch B1A4’s Jinyoung’s Acting in the Netflix Drama ‘My First First Love’

Drama Popularity

The drama itself, My First First Love: Season 1, had 8.655 viewers and has been ranked at #884. For Season 2, it had 3.173 viewers and has been ranked #917. Although the main story in this series was a love triangle between the best friends and someone who just came in their life, this series has a really good story about friendship, too.

In the first season, viewers might be amazed with the friendship between Yoon Tae-oh and Han Song-yi, from the time they were still high school students. Then, the viewers are brought to the moment where Choi Hoon and Oh Ga-in met each other and did a sweet interaction as a couple. Many of the viewers are fans of Choi Hoon and Oh Ga-in as a couple since the two always showed up their true feelings with each other. Then Seo Do-hyeon came to Han Song-yi’s life, everything changed and she felt comfortable when Seo Do-hyeon was around.

Who will be Han Song-yi’s choice? Yoon Tae-oh or Seo Do-hyeon?

Well, that’s the information about Netflix’s series, My First First Love, which tells us a story about friendship and a love triangle. Are you interested to watch the series after reading some spoilers here? This series is a good recommendation with a fresh storyline that won’t let you get bored. Let’s support the actors and actresses in this series by watching it on Netflix!