Watch B1A4’s Jinyoung’s Acting in the Netflix Drama ‘My First First Love’


Check out the soundtrack for My First First Love that can cheer up your day, below!

Baby Baby 애기애기해 by Choi Sang-yeob

May Be by SE O

I like the way you are by KEEYO

Wanted by Choi Sang-yeob

Colorful by Jo Eun-ae

Human (사람) by SE O

First Love (첫사랑) by Choi Sang-yeob

Fall In Me (나에게 빠져들어) by Jo Eun-ae

Until The Day Dream Comes True (꿈이 이뤄질 날까지) by Choi Sang-yeob

My All by Oliver

It’s Really Goodbye (정말 이별인가봐) by Ways

On The Wind (바람에 실려 ) by Jo Eun-ae


There’s an interview by with the lead actors, Ji-soo and B1A4’s Jung Jin-young about their story in My First First Love. Let’s check out their dialogue below:

Interviewer: “How were you be able to relate with your characters on the TV series?”

Ji-soo: “I read the script a lot and while reading it, I was reading it through and actually get to the closest to the feelings of the character and I also consulted with the director to understand the character better.”

B1A4’s Jin-young: “I did the same, too. While reading, I was trying to think about how Do-hyeon would have felt in this situation and I tried to become Do-hyeon by myself and would think about what he would do or what he would feel in this situation.”

Interviewer: “So, how was it like working on the series with each other? What was it like on set while you were filming?”

Ji-soo: “We are best friends in the series as well, so while filming we were able to enjoy the time together, too. And I kind of naturally got to be close to him. It was so much fun.”

B1A4’s Jin-young: “We are quite similar in age as well and what we think and like are quite similar, too. As we talked, we began to know each other better and be close together.”

Interviewer: “How did your experience with your past projects help you in your role in this new series?”

Ji-soo: “Any experience counts, I think. Anything that I experienced actually contributes to my experience in the series and I have different experiences, so they helped. For this one, I was trying to approach it a bit differently, as well. I think all these experiences are kind of stacked up inside me and that helps me eventually.”

B1A4’s Jinyoung: “I have experiences in the short series called If We Were A Season as the situation and character is quite similar. So, I actually brought that memory back to me as a reference. Except for the age, the overall situation of the characters was quite similar, so that helped me a lot.”

Interviewer: “How did the collaboration process with the creators go? How was it like working with the writer, director, and producers?”

Ji-soo: “We connected very well with the staff. They were very open-minded and always open to talk. So, it was a very fun experience and we were communicating a lot. It was a fun, great collaboration together.”

B1A4’s Jinyoung: “And I actually liked the script from the start. The personality of the director- he looks like he’s a very manly person. But in fact, he has a very sensitive soul inside. So, when we were doing the characters analysis, for example, he helped a lot in catching those sensitivities in the characters. It was very helpful and great to work with them.”

From the press conference video above, you can see each cast member explaining about their character in this series, which really suited their personality, as well. They look like real friends and have such a great chemistry with each other. Although the characters are having different backgrounds and families, they stilled blend well and built a great friendship, which made this series special.

Cast Reactions and Comments

In the first scene, while the cast are reacting to their series, My First First Love Season 1, Ji-soo, as Yoon Tae-oh, showed up while dancing along to the music which caused the cast members react with smiles at seeing his moves.

While he enjoyed dancing along to the song, Kang Tae-oh, as Choi Hoon, showed up as he drank a glass of wine at the couch, revealing his shoulder out of a reason. B1A4’s Jin-young was commented to this scene that he’s sexy.

Without any consciousness, Choi Hoon stood up and hugged Yoon Tae-oh because he was so drunk and didn’t have any control of his own body. In this scene, all of the cast members were so embarrassed while watching the funny scene between Yoon Tae-oh and Choi Hoon.

In the scene where Choi Hoon tried to kiss Yoon Tae-oh, Kang Tae-oh commented that he could feel Ji-soo’s firm chest that time and the members reacted with so embarrassment with the bromance scenes at the very beginning.

Reacting to Kang Tae-oh’s comment, Ji-soo revealed that the secret was he worked out that day so his muscles went firm like he said before, and said that it was one of his favorite scenes. Maybe because it was so hilarious? The cast members were shocked while Ji-soo reacted to this bromance scene.

Move aside to another scene, Choi Hoon was getting abused by his parents and he ran away, only wearing his boxers. The cast members were shocked at the scene where Choi Hoon parents were screaming and throwing knickknacks at him.

Rather than reacting to the abuse scene, the cast members focused on how good Choi Hoon’s body looked when he ran out of the house. Ji-soo told him directly, “You’ve such a great body” along with B1A4’s Jin-young commenting, “Well, I can see you worked out a lot.” and DIA’s Jung Chae-yeon’s reaction, by asking him, “Did you work out that day?” and Choi Hoon answered with confidence, “Oh, I did a ton.”

When he tried to escape from his house, there was a woman with her baby and female students who were on the street. They literally thought that Choi Hoon was a pervert who just ran around with no clothes on him. The cast members reaction to Choi Hoon’s funny moments are priceless, they were shocked but also laughing along knowing that the female students were scared while seeing Choi Hoon.

In this scene, Kang Tae-oh, as Choi Hoon, shared his experience while choosing the boxers that he wears. He knew that his character, Choi Hoon, came from a rich family and he figured out what kind of outfit suited him the best, so he thought of the 50.000 won bill boxer shorts.

Move to the next scene, there was Han Song-yi with Seo Do-hyeon riding a motorcycle. Han Song-yi was naturally hugging Seo Do-hyeon’s back with a sheepish smile on her face, which caused Seo Do-hyeon to get a bit flustered. The cast members who reacted to this scene were smiling from ear to ear watching the romantic scene between Seo Do-hyeon and Han Song-yi.

Later on, Yoon Tae-oh stopped by and, seeing his two friends on the motorcycle, he asked, “Hey, where are you two going?” and Seo Do-hyeon shyly answered that today is his day-off from work and he on his way to go somewhere with Han Song-yi, without explaining any further to Yoon Tae-oh.

Although the reactions to this scene were a little bit awkward, the cast members were so focused watching the scene where the lead roles; Yoon Tae-oh, Han Song-yi, and Seo Do-hyeon accidentally met each other on the street.

Seeing Seo Do-hyeon and Han Song-yi ride the motorcycle and leave Yoon Tae-oh, his expression was so sad and confused at the same time. The cast members said he had the puppy look, which made Ji-soo, who is shy, react to this scene along with DIA’s Jung Chae-yeon, who was embarrassed by watching this love triangle scene.

In the next scene, we can find another funny moment from Choi Hoon and Oh Ga-rin, when they acted in the same drama for the first time and Oh Ga-rin made a mistake in the scene. Ji-soo commented on this scene by saying, “This is interesting because they have to shoot the drama within a drama.” Jin-young reacted by saying, “She [Oh Ga-rin] looks like a cartoon character in reality, too.” Kang Tae-oh, as Choi Hoon, also complimented that Oh Ga-rin, as played by Choi Rin, is also considerate, self-sacrificing, and warm-hearted.

Another scene that was very meaningful for them was when Han Song-yi revealed that there was a guy she liked a lot, but she still keeps it as a secret. The moment was very nostalgic as it became the cut scene from the trailer for the series, and they had so much fun while filming on the drama set. Choi Rin also commented with a flashback when they had delicious meat together and DIA’s Jung Chae-yeon agreed with her.

Next scene, we’re going to see another triangle love moment from Yoon Tae-oh, Han Song-yi and Seo Do-hyeon. If we look at this scene, Han Song-yi was temporarily arrested at the police station and the officer was looking for her guardian. If no one could come, Han Song-yi would have to go to jail.

Seo Do-hyeon already introduced himself as Han Song-yi’s guardian, but Yoon Tae-oh came out of nowhere and wrapped his arm along her shoulder, which made the cast members react with cringes over the scene. Jung Chae-yeon revealed that it was the first time for her to experience filming inside a police station.

Moving on to a final scene, there was Yoon Tae-oh and Han Song-yi when they were still  high school students and playing under the rainbow. This scene shows how adorable that Yoon Tae-oh and Han Song-yi’s friendship was back when they were still teenagers. Jin-young gave his reaction towards this scene by saying, “Wow, it felt like you really expressed what true friends are like.” along with another reaction from Ji-soo, by saying, “These scenes are difficult to act because there are no explicit instructions in the script.”