Watch B1A4’s Jinyoung’s Acting in the Netflix Drama ‘My First First Love’

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Are you a fan of teenage-romance series? This drama has a fresh story about five friends that live in the same house because each is having their own set of problems, but their  problems make them become one and stronger than ever! There’s also a love triangle between three of the characters.

So, who’s having a crush on who? If you haven’t watched this series, scroll down and find out more about Netflix’s series, My First First Love, below!

About Netflix My First First Love

My First First Love (hangul: 첫사랑은 처음이라서) is a television series that was made available on Netflix starting on April 18, 2019. This drama was created by Jung Hyun-jung, written by Kim Ran, and directed by Oh Jin-seok with total of 8 episodes in Season 1 and 8 episodes in Season 2.

My First First Love is actually a reboot of a previous drama from 2015, titled My First Time, starring Choi Min-ho, Park So-dam, Kim Min-jae, and Lee Yi-kyung and produced by the same company. This time, they also continued with a second season, which aired on July 26, 2019.

This series has been anticipated by viewers and by the idols who get a chance to show off their acting in this series, especially B1A4’s Jin-young and DIA’s Chae-yeon. The director, Oh Jin-seok, has a lot of experience with drama series and also directed My Sassy Girl (2017) and Yong Pal (2015).

Are you excited enough to watch this series?

Characters and Plot

In this section, we’re going to learn more about each character from My First First Love and take a look at the synopsis. The section below contains many spoilers for you who haven’t seen this drama yet, but this has so much information about the series that might be one of your recommendations to watch later!


This drama tells a story about life in one’s 20s and focuses on a group of five friends who live with each other.

These five buddies knew each other because of Yoon Tae-oh. He is a sociable guy who has lots of friends, and his friends can get to know each other because they are all friends with him.

Han Song-yi is Yoon Tae-oh’s childhood friend and Seo Do-hyeon is Yoon Tae-oh’s best friend in college. Whereas Choe Hoon was Yoon Tae-oh’s best friend in middle school, and the last one, Oh Ga-rin, was Yoon Tae-oh’s best friend whom she knew through social media.

Apparently, there is a love triangle in this drama, which is between Yoon Tae-oh, Han Song-yi, and Seo Do-hyeon. Yoon Tae-oh and Han Song-yi, who have been friends since they were three years old, don’t realize that they have a little more than just love between friends.

Then Han Song-yi accidentally met Seo Do-hyeon. After several times of meeting each other in awkward situations, slowly but sure, the feeling of love between the two of them grew.

Each of them has their own problems. Yoon Tae-oh looks very cheerful, but actually he really missed his mother, who died when Yoon Tae-oh was three years old. In addition, Yoon Tae-oh’s father is loan shark who likes to collect debts from the parents of his friends, including parents of Han Song-yi and Seo Do-hyeon.

Tae-o Story About Love, Family, and Friendship

Jisoo as Yoon Tae-Oh

Yoon Tae-oh is a man who likes to befriend people and he’s a kindhearted person whose best friend since childhood is Han Song-yi. In this drama, we can see the love story between Yoon Tae-oh and Han Song-yi that slowly goes deeper.

Yoon Tae-oh and Han Song-yi were very close since childhood, even during high school, Han Song-yi’s friends had doubts about their friendly relations. Until college, Yoon Tae-oh also always picked up Han Song-yi at her home and driven to school together. At first, their relationship was normal, and they also gave mutual advice about dating relationships. But when they start getting closer to each other, the sense of romance between the two developed into a special feeling.

Yoon Tae-oh is the luckiest because he doesn’t have to wonder where he’s going to live. He invited his four friends to stay at his home. Unlike his friends, Yoon Tae-oh doesn’t seem forced to follow his parents’ ambitions. His privileged background should be able to be a bridge to understanding family issues and to narrate the lives of the other four characters.

Song-i and Her Mother Story

DIA’s Jung Chae-yeon as Han Song-yi

In this drama, Han Song-yi has a strong relationship with Yoon Tae-oh since they are best friends. Han Song-yi lived together with other four friends at Yoon Tae-oh’s home because her mother left her without leaving a penny of money when their house was confiscated by a bank and being auctioned.

In order to find a place to live, Han Song-yi thought that it would be all right if she stayed for a while at Yoon Tae-oh’s house, but she knew that her best friend would feel overwhelmed by this situation and decided to sleep on the street. At the same time, Han Song-yi met a person named Seo Do-hyeon and they ran into each other at the mini-market, library, and the police station.

Han Song-yi has actually had a crush on Yoon Tae-oh, but after she met Seo Do-hyeon, her world changed and they shared special feelings to each other, leaving Han Song-yi comfortable to be around Seo Do-hyeon. But in real life, Han Song-yi’s mother turns out to leave a pile of debt to Yoon Tae-oh’s father, as well as Seo Do-hyeon’s father, unable to pay the store rental fee. Both of them are hit by financial problems and the same estuary with Yoon Tae-oh’s family. But in the end, Han Song-yi and Seo Do-hyeon were able to end this problem peacefully.

Do-hyeon’s Bittersweet Love Story

B1A4’s Jung Jin-young as Seo Do-hyeon

Seo Do-hyeon is not as lucky as his friend, Yoon Tae-oh. He’s a hard worker is more interested in finding a job and making his own life than finding a girlfriend and starting a romantic love story, until he meets Han Song-yi. They developed special feeling together after they ran into each other on several occasions. Although he ended up in a love triangle between Han Song-yi and Seo Do-hyeon, he once tells his best friend about someone he likes but it was actually the girl that they knew; Han Song-yi.

The relationship between Seo Do-hyeon and Han Song-yi went well and no wonder that they could get to know more about each other, but the problem was that they secretly had a relationship without letting Yoon Tae-oh knew what happened between his two best friends.

Cheo Hun’s Musical Dreams

5URPRISE’s Kang Tae-oh as Choi Hoon

In the supporting roles, there is Choi hoon, who has to follow his parents dream as a musical actor, but it was really hard for him to achieve his parent’s passion and he ended up staying at Yoon Tae-oh’s home since they knew each other from elementary school. His family was rich, but he couldn’t keep up with everything that his parents wanted from him to become a musical actor. Choi Hoon was also a good friend to Yoon Tae-oh, when he reminds him that when being in a relationship,  he should make his loved one become the top priority before anyone else.

Besides his friendship with Yoon Tae-oh, Choi Hoon also has a relationship with Oh Ga-rin, which made the storyline in this series become sweeter when we see their interaction with each other. They showed support for each other while they each dealt with their own different problems but, through their relationship, this couple could gain their confidence back.

Ga-rin Holiday Time

Choi Ri as Oh Ga-rin

The girl comes from a wealthy family and is one of Yoon Tae-oh’s close friends. She was pointed to be the heir of Daebak Group, but she didn’t want it and decided to ran away to Yoon Tae-oh’s house and stay there along with Choi Hoon and Han Song-yi. While staying there, Oh Ga-rin met with Choi Hoon and they had a special relationship with each other. Oh Ga-rin has a bubbly personality and is a kind-hearted young woman who spent her money for those who needed help.