B.I.G: Profile, Facts, Formation Changes

B.I.G’s Member Formation

B.I.G originally debuted with five members including Benji, Gunmin, Minpyo, Heedo, and J-hoon. On November 15th, 2018, it was revealed that the group’s leader J-hoon made his military enlistment in secret without saying goodbye to fans.

The news was revealed in December 2018 after it was reported by media outlets that J-Hoon has finished his army basic training from the training station on December 12th, 2018. He then would take mandatory military service as an active-duty soldier.

On January 19th, 2019, the group made another shocking revelation as it was revealed that the new member Jinseok was joining the group. Thus making it a six-member group upon the discharge of J-hoon.

With the addition of Jinseok, he is now taking the role of the new maknae (youngest member) and a vocalist of the group since he was born in 1998. It was also revealed that he has been training for two years to join B.I.G.

The group introduced their new member to fans directly on a fan meeting for their comeback with “Illusion” in January 2019. At the event, Jinseok revealed that one of his happiest moments is when he sings to the fans. He said, “When I sing in front of people,” to answer the question about his happiest moment. He then proceeded to sing the group’s title track “Aphrodite” from their first mini-album in front of the fans.

Other members asked the fans to give Jinseok plenty of love and welcome him to the group. They said after the show, “It was great to start off 2019 with our fans Biginning. We were happy to see everyone, including those we haven’t seen in a while and those who came for the first time.”

And added, “We’re excited because it seems like there will be a lot of fun things happening this year, including B.I.G’s comeback and the members’ individual activities. We hope you’ll look upon our new maknae Jinseok fondly.”


We can’t wait to see the full picture of complete formation!



Mini albums

  • Aphrodite (2016)

Single albums

  • “Hello” (2014)
  • “Are You Ready?” (2014)
  • “Between Night n Music” (2015)
  • “Big Transformer” (2015)
  • “B.I.G Rebirth” (2017)
  • “Hello Hello” (2017)
  • “Illusion” (2019)

Digital singles

  • “Last Christmas” (2014)
  • “Remember” (2017)


  • Moorim School OST (“Hey Girl”) (2016)



Reality shows

  • MBC Music’s B.I.G Project (2017, 4 episodes)

Music videos

  • “Hello” (2014)
  • “Are You Ready?” (2014)
  • “Between Night n Music” (2015)
  • “Taola” (2015)
  • “Aphrodite” (2016)
  • “Take You Home” (2016)
  • “1.2.3” (2017)
  • “Hello Hello” (2017)
  • “B.I.G Rebirth” (2017)
  • “Hello Hello” (2017)
  • “Illusion” (2019)



  • New Artist Award winner at the 2014 Korean Culture & Entertainment Awards


Sixth anniversary

On July 9th, 2020, the group celebrated their sixth anniversary through their official social media accounts as they uploaded a photo of all members (except J-hoon who’s still in the military) holding the banner with the members’ names.

The caption reads, “Today really fruitful day ♥ ️sleeping well all Beginning, see you in a dream ❕”

For the next few days, the group also uploaded the individual pictures of all the members with the formatted caption, “still did not end”/”it’s not over yet,” assuring fans that the group is still here.

They also uploaded a similar post on Twitter.

They even revealed a special handwritten letter from a member on the 6th anniversary of B.I.G’s debut through their YouTube channel.

The group expressed their personal messages to fans in the video.

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