Do You Know B.A.P’s Member Moon Jong-up? Here Is His Full Profile, From His Height to His ABS!


Who is Moon Jong-up?

Moon Jong-up is a South Korean singer and dancer. His stage name is Jong-up and he is a member of B.A.P., a South Korea boy group who debuted in 2011. His position in B.A.P. is main dancer and sub vocalist.

Moon Jong-up’s Profile


Real Name          : Moon Jong-up (문종 업)

Nickname           : Moon Angel (Because his last name is Moon and he always smiles)

Date of birth       : February 6, 1995 (24 years old)

Height                : 176cm

Weight               : 66kg

Blood type          : B

Hometown         : Gyeonggi-do

Family               : Parents, 2 Old Brothers

Position             : Main Dancer, Sub-Vocalist

Pet                    : Green (rabbit)

Education          : Sunae Elementary & Middle School, Hanlim Art High School

Motto                : “Always do what you like, do what you want, and try your best to be happy.”

Moon Jong-up’s Career


Moon Jong-up was born in Seoul, South Korea on February 6, 1995. He has 2 brothers. He had attended Sunae Elementary and High School, and now is studying at Hanlim Arts High School in Seoul, South Korea. In 2011, before he debuted in B.A.P. he appeared in the Secret’s music video Shy Boy, Starlight Moonlight, and Bang & Zelo’s Never Give Up. He also was a background dancer for Secret and Untouchable.

In March 2011, TS Entertainment announced that the new boy band will be formed in 2012. Moon Jong-up was introduced as one of the boy band’s members. The boy band, called B.A.P, debuted in January 2012 with the lead single Warrior. On January 28, 2012, they held a debut showcase in Seoul, South Korea which was attended by more than 3,000 people. Their debut single was met with by praise critics as various media had dubbed their songs and music videos, “strong and charismatic”.

Moon Jong-up Facts

  1. Moon Jong-up is the main dancer at B.A.P. He was influenced by hip-hop, dance-pop and R & B music; he was quoted saying Chris Brown bring the influence of his music and one of his idols in singing and dancing.
  2. He is known to have the slogan “We are faster than treadmills and heavier than dumb bells”.
  3. He is also known as Dance Shindong.
  4. His favorite color is green.
  5. He doesn’t have a special type for his ideal woman, but he wants the girl to be older than him.
  6. He first learned to dance through club dance. The first dance he learned was mmoying/breakdance.
  7. When he was in high school he created dance clubs with his friends and entered dance competitions, one of which was directed by a casting manager.
  8. His muscles are mainly from dancing.
  9. He said the charm of dancing is to be able to dance freestyle but your body moves when listening to a song. He believes that performance always requires new and unpredictable techniques or fun elements. As such, he wants to do who puts shocking elements, eliminates one pattern, and tries different colors.
  10. He called his biceps ‘Cheetos’ and that was also one of his nicknames.
  11. He is the second to have the longest trainee day between all B.A.P. members.
  12. The members said he was never angry and that was why his nickname was an angel.
  13. He likes to read and play video games, World of Warcraft seems to be his favorite.
  14. He used to dislike eating kimchi and other vegetables when he was a kid but now, he doesn’t mind eating them.
  15. His childhood superhero is Spiderman.
  16. He likes to watch Shingeki no Kyojin.
  17. He does not have a special collection but he often buys shoes.
  18. Jong-up was interested in dancing from when he is in high school. He said, “Dance was my hobby in the first year of high school. I love dancing because it starts to give me a feeling of comfort. Finally I could go to tournaments. After that I stood on the stage and felt the allure of the stage, and ended up choosing this path, I now attend an art school. My time as a trainee for this company (TS Ent.) Is around one year. “
  19. According to TS Entertainment representatives. Jong-up is a shy person so he will only smile, but he is also smart at expressing what he thinks.
  20. His job in the dorm was to do the dishes and he would listen to the songs as well as dance while carrying out his duties.
  21. Jong-up doesn’t like going on variety shows because he’s not good at talking.

Moon Jong-up’s Abs

Moon Jong-up is known for his good body, and here are some photos of his abs! Do you want to see? If yes, you can scroll below.