Wanna Know More About Ateez’s Seonghwa? Check Out His Profile!


Find Out About the Visual of South Korean Boy Group Ateez, Seonghwa!

Seonghwa is one of the members of Ateez, a South Korean boy group that debuted in 2018 under KQ Entertainment. The handsome Seonghwa is both a vocalist and a rapper with his talent for singing. Though his singing actually focuses on rapping, he was chosen for the group as a vocalist. He even experienced fail moments during his pre-debut, but he kept going and finally debuted with Ateez.

Let’s get to know Seonghwa who is also the visual on the group in this Channel Korea article! Stay tuned!

Ateez’s Seonghwa’s Full Profile


Stage Name: Seonghwa (성화)
Birth Name: Park Seong Hwa (박성화)
Position: Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: April 3rd, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 178 cm (5’10″)
Blood Type: O

Interesting Facts About Ateez’s Seonghwa

– Seonghwa is from Jinju, South Gyeongsang, South Korea.

– He studied at Myungshin High School.

– Seonghwa has an older brother.

– He has unusual hobbies for a man, including cleaning and cooking.

– He has several nicknames including Mars, Angry Bird, and Toothless (from the movie How to Train Your Dragon)

– He auditioned as a rapper but was chosen as a vocalist in the end.

– Seonghwa has also rapped for Ateez.

– He loves enjoying meals with the other members.

– His name means “star” and “to become,” together forming “to be a star.”

– He is the oldest member, sharing his age with Hongjoon.

– Seonghwa tried to join MIXNINE but was unsuccessful.

– He has the nickname Hwaseong, or Mars, which comes from spelling Seonghwa’s name backward.

– Seonghwa is also called the “mom” of the group.

– Since he loves cleaning, he is the one who always cleans the dorm.

– Seonghwa attended Rhythm Company.

– Potato chips are his favorite snack.

– Seonghwa is a right-handed person.

– He loves to watch ASMR videos.

– Seonghwa’s favorite color was blue, but he later changed it to pink at KCON Japan 2019.

– He is a really caring person; he often comforts the other members.

– He doesn’t like coffee.

– Seonghwa has never experienced a nosebleed in his life.

– He is the best chef among the members.

– He doesn’t like to eat or drink bitter things.

– He often takes long showers.

– Seonghwa is the tidiest member based on Hongjoong’s interview with Forbes.

– He admires EXO’s Kai and SHINee’s Taemin.

Seonghwa is one of the demon line members of ATEEZ.

Ateez’s Seonghwa’s Pre-Debut


Seonghwa lived in Brisbane, Australia, when he was 11 years old. Before debuting with Ateez, Seonghwa also tried joining the survival show MIXNINE, but he failed to pass.


Seonghwa expressed in an interview that the biggest challenges for him during his pre-debut occurred when he was a trainee. He said that he had to deal with his inner struggles during the trainee process. He was trying hard to develop his skills and look for his position and place within a team. However, he also enjoys walking the streets and exploring with the members.

Seonghwa explained that he wishes Ateez and Atiny (the fans of Ateez) could shine brighter than the stars in the universe. He also explains to fans that they need to love themselves, and that love will overflow to others. This will be expressed as energy, confidence, and radiance to others.