ATEEZ’s Jongho: Profile, Injury, High Note

Jongho as ATEEZ’s Main Vocalist: High Notes, OST, Cover Songs, etc.

We mentioned before that Jongho’s reason for being a trainee back then was because of his love for singing. Well, then again, Jongho indeed has a really soothing voice. He can sing ballad songs and hit the high notes well. He can also maintain a good and stable voice while performing dances.


What can Jongho not do, actually? Seems like he can do it all!

Okay, then, let’s see some of the good performances that Jongho provided for us with his amazing vocal skills!

This was when ATEEZ became a guest at MBC’s radio show called “Idol Radio.” Jongho did a cover of the song “I Will Go to You Like a First Snow.”

Have you ever wondered how it would sound if ATEEZ sang an OST for a drama? Well, they helped us to imagine what it sounds like by giving us this content.

Jongho did a cover of Baek Yerin‘s song called “Here I Am Again” and made it look and sound like an OST for a drama.

A similar effect was achieved when Jongho once again shot through our hearts with his voice by singing a cover of the song “You Are as Pretty as Flowers,” the soundtrack of a drama called When Camellia Blooms.

The voice of Jongho really sounds so calming and soothing. Who can resist his voice, seriously?

Jongho’s Injury

Even after he was able to make his debut after years of being a trainee, the storm didn’t stop appearing in Jongho’s life. Well, then again, that’s what life is. There are always ups and downs.

As for Jongho, he is going through the down for a time.


In February 2020, KQ Entertainment posted a statement saying that Jongho had to take a hiatus for a while after being involved in a car accident. His leg got injured, and it made him unable to dance or perform to any of ATEEZ’s songs as well as unable to practice. He took a leave from activities from ATEEZ while he focuses on recovering.

The car accident happened when Jongho used public transportation. There was a careless passenger who caused the accident and made him fall which led to a leg injury. That tragic moment happened while ATEEZ was on vacation.


KQ Entertainment also said that after Jongho went to the hospital, the doctor said that he needed to take a rest for about four months.

Then again, fans must be worried about him and want the best for him. So, the fans definitely can wait for Jongho even though it means that they have to spend three to four months without their precious maknae.

What’s important now is that Jongho has returned safely. Hopefully, there won’t be anything like this again in the future.

Let’s pray that ATEEZ members always have a healthy life!


That’s all the information that we can gather for you to get to know Jongho better.

What do you think of Jongho’s skills? Even though he made his debut when he was a minor, he still showed us superior skills in singing. Despite being the youngest member, he’s also mature and considerate in real life! Who has fallen for him already?

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