Ateez’s Mingi: Profile, Facts, Pre-debut

Mingi’s Injury

In October 2019, KQ Entertainment as the management agency of ATEEZ reported less than a good piece of news about one of the group members. ATEEZ’s Mingi was reported to have been injured and unable to keep up with some of the schedules ahead. The ATEEZ agency also revealed more information about Mingi’s injury and whether he will participate in future activities.

“Hello. This is KQ Entertainment.

“This is a notification regarding the health conditions of ATEEZ member Mingi.

“Mingi experienced pain around his joints while doing activities scheduled a few days ago, so he visited a medical professional and was examined.

“The results of the examination showed that inflammation occurred in the ligament and joint area that was different from the back pain he had recently felt. He received the care he needed and is currently resting at the hostel.

“Following the medical expert’s advice that he must avoid heavy movements for a fixed period of time, we will determine [his participation] in activities scheduled in the future with the health of our artist as the top priority.

“Thus, he will not participate in today’s MBC Show Champion (October 16th, 2019), and only seven members will participate in the scheduled activities that involve choreography or many movements for the upcoming promotion of TREASURE EP.FIN: All To Action. (We will renew Mingi’s participation in the upcoming schedule via the official ATEEZ website.)

“We ask for fans’ understanding and we ask for your support so Mingi can quickly recover. Thank you.”

ATEEZ’s Mingi reportedly underwent treatment and recovery after an injury that he experienced for about one month and was able to reactivate to follow his promotion schedule with ATEEZ. Mingi’s first appearance was the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) held in 2019.

Following is the official statement of KGQ Entertainment.

“We want to provide information about the return of ATEEZ’s Mingi. We also want to thank everyone who always supported Mingi so that he could recover as before. During the recovery period, Mingi focused on rehabilitation and physical care and after undergoing a series of tests, he was certain he could continue his activities.

“For this reason, Mingi will join ATEEZ and continue activities both at home and abroad as planned. The activities start with the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards. Please support ATEEZ and Mingi in the future.

“Thank you.”

Mingi Wearing An Eyepatch

ATEEZ’s Mingi once stole the fans’ attention with one of his performances on a music program. The members that participated in the MIXNINE survival show had a different appearance because they were wearing eyepatches. On January 31st, 2020, ATEEZ was present at Music Bank and made a winning performance with a black outfit and a dark concept.

Many people still don’t know the real reason why ATEEZ’s Mingi wears an eyepatch to perform “WIN,” but K-Pop idols usually wear eye patches when performing if they have an infection in their eyes that causes itching or swelling. An eyepatch serves to close the eye layer from exposure to dust and dirt that will disturb and damage the eye.

Meanwhile, “WIN” is a song from ATEEZ that makes us more enthusiastic in reaching dreams, and of course, to be able to achieve that dream, we also have to love ourselves first. The appearance of the members who performed live on the music program deserved more appreciation because of their very energetic performance.

Mingi’s Abs

Previously, one of the ATEEZ members, Mingi was reportedly in the middle of a temporary hiatus from all group activities after suffering an injury. However, Mingi managed to surprise his fans when his figure was seen at the 2019 MAMA event held at Nagoya Dome, Japan.

Not only that, Mingi’s appearance on the stage when performing with other ATEEZ members also managed to be in the spotlight. Although recovering from an injury, Mingi looked so powerful and excited when performing on the 2019 MAMA stage.

It’s not enough to just appear with power, while singing the rap part, Mingi surprised fans by unbuttoning his shirt, which made his abs immediately visible on the camera.

Beside their song “Wonderland,” ATEEZ also performed a number of songs from their seniors, among those was a BTS song titled “Blood, Sweat and Tears.” BTS’ J-Hope even gave a thumbs up for the hard work of ATEEZ on stage. ARMY could also see the leader, RM (Rap Monster) smiling while nodding his head to the music too.

Meanwhile, ATEEZ did not go home empty-handed. The singers of “Wave” successfully brought home the 2019 MAMA trophy for the Worldwide Fans Choice category.

Inception and World Tour

For those who haven’t watched ATEEZ’S “INCEPTION” music video, click the link below so you can see the charm of each ATEEZ member, especially Mingi in their latest comeback!

The coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) is increasingly widespread and makes all citizens of the world worry. This made several events involving many people gathered in one location postponed or even canceled. One of the Korean boy groups, ATEEZ is one of the K-Pop artists whose concerts had to be postponed because of the plague. It was announced by the promoter that ATEEZ had postponed their concert tour in America titled “The Fellowship: Map the Treasure” due to the ongoing coronavirus emergency.

Initially, ATEEZ was scheduled to appear in a total of five cities in America from April 17–26. However, with most major music shows and other shows in the United States canceled or postponed due to the threat of the coronavirus, ATEEZ has also decided to follow protocols to ensure the safety of fans, artists, and staff. The above text is the announcement of the promoter.

ATEEZ can indeed be included in the rookie category in the South Korean music industry because they made their debut about two years ago, in 2018. However, ATEEZ also showed their talents and managed to make achievements not only nationally, but their names are increasingly well known throughout the world. Many also think that ATEEZ will be the next BTS. Well, if so, let’s continue to give lots of love and support to ATEEZ so they can work even better in their careers in the future!