ATEEZ Members’ Personalities Based on Their Zodiac Signs!

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Let’s Find Out More About ATEEZ Members’ Personalities and the Zodiac!

Maybe some of us still do not believe in zodiac signs or something, but K-Pop fans are curious about the zodiac sign of their favorite idols. Aside from being idols, they are also human beings who have their own characters and personalities, these things can be matched by looking at their birth date and then finding out their zodiac sign.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with everything regarding ATEEZ members’ zodiac signs to compare them with their personalities. Before you read them one by one, you should know a piece of short information about their sun, rising, and moon signs. Let’s check the list below:

Member Name Birthdate Zodiac signs
Sun Moon Rising
Hongjoong November 7th, 1998 Scorpio Gemini Leo
Seonghwa April 3rd, 1998 Aries
Cancer Virgo
Yunho March 23rd, 1999 Gemini Scorpio
Yeosang June 15th, 1999 Gemini Cancer Gemini
San July 10th, 1999 Cancer Gemini Aquarius
Mingi August 9th, 1999 Leo Cancer Sagittarius
Wooyoung November 26th, 1999 Sagittarius Libra
Jongho October 12th, 2000 Libra Aries Taurus


Without further ado, let’s check the details of ATEEZ members’ personalities based on their zodiac signs!

ATEEZ’s Hongjoong’s Personality Based on His Zodiac Signs

ateez hongjoong zodiac

Hongjoong was born in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do. He was chosen as the leader, captain, and composer of ATEEZ. As a leader, he should already have good leadership skills and creative ideas to be a composer. Do his personality and character match the traits of his zodiac sign? Check out the details about her personality based on his zodiac below.

Hongjoong’s Scorpio Sun

ateez hongjoong zodiac

The Sun sign is the center of the zodiac that shows the ‘main’ character/personality of a person as well as being a marker of how we express ourselves. So, in this case, Hongjoong’s Sun sign is Scorpio. This sign has a strong character, is charismatic, independent, and enigmatic. Scorpios are known for being sensitive, devoted, and can be skeptical people who don’t easily believe or trust something without any evidence.

Even though Scorpios can be possessive, somehow they’re very assertive in leading, also enjoy being taken care of by people they love. This type of character is matched with Hongjoong’s personality who is an assertive and caring leader.

ateez hongjoong personality

Hongjoong’s Moon & Rising: Gemini – Leo

ateez hongjoong personality

A Moon sign is more about ‘how to react to your emotions, subconscious mind, and feelings’, it can be said it represents the inner traits. This ATEEZ leader’s Moon sign is Gemini meaning that the person will react with wisdom and feel more connected with himself when he expresses an idea and interacts socially.

Meanwhile, his rising sign is Leo. The traits usually seen in the rising Leo are that they like to do things secretly and seem mysterious (it connects with Hongjoong’s Sun sign, Scorpio) they are calm, and sometimes like to brood over things.

ATEEZ’s Seonghwa’s Personality Based on His Zodiac Signs

ateez seonghwa zodiac sign

This visual of the group was born in Jinju, Gyengnam, South Korea. Before he was chosen to be the visual, Seonghwa was supposed to debut as a vocalist proving he’s actually good at that field. This indicates that he doesn’t give up easily and is willing to learn something new. To see his other personality traits, let’s read the characteristics of his zodiac signs.

Seonghwa’s Aries Sun

Ateez seonghwa personality

Those people who were born between March 21st and April 19th must certainly have a Sun sign in Aries and Seonghwa is an Aries. As an Aries, Seonghwa is creative, aggressive, and bold to accept all the alterations. Besides that, Aries are also unyielding, energetic, adaptable, and fast learners. It really fits Seonghwa’s personality who always learns new things without giving in and with full energy.

In this case, during the trainee period, Seonghwa once auditioned for MIXNINE but he didn’t pass it, then he tried again in another chance until he managed to debut with ATEEZ. Aries are most compatible with Pisces, Capricorn, and Cancer.

Seonghwa’s Moon & Rising: Cancer – Virgo

ateez seonghwa moon sign

Seonghwa’s moon sign is Cancer, where this zodiac has hidden traits, namely they are very sensitive, imaginative, and like to protect others. As we know, in the group he is called “mom” because he’s too sensitive about cleanliness even he always cleans the dorm.

His rising sign is Virgo. This sign is known for cleanliness and being oriented to details when tidying. They can find their ways to motivate themselves, are kind-hearted, and expressive people.

ATEEZ’s Yunho’s Personality Based on His Zodiac Signs

ateez yunho personality

Yunho is a performer and sub-vocalist in ATEEZ, and he shares his zodiac with Seonghwa, namely Aries. But, are his moon and rising sign also the same? Check this out, here!

Yunho’s Aries Sun

ateez yunho zodiac sign

In general, the Aries characteristics are the same as Seonghwa’s. The difference is Yunho is more energetic and often enjoys taking the lead, also loves to reach new accomplishments with their ways. Yunho doesn’t give up easily about anything, he’s also a tough person.

People of this zodiac are known to be optimistic in challenging situations, which reflects in Yunho who made his debut as an actor in 2021 with the drama IMITATION. He went through the challenge of being an actor quite energetically and optimistically.

Yunho’s Moon & Rising: Gemini – Scorpio

ateez yunho personality

Gemini moon has a desire to maintain their image of themselves as well as balance everything in their lives, including relationships. Meanwhile, his rising sign is a Scorpio. He can be described as ambitious, charismatic, and soulful. People with rising in Scorpio like Yunho can take a decision by thinking carefully to overcome or avoid problems that will occur in the future.

ATEEZ’s Yeosang’s Personality Based on His Zodiac Signs

Ateez yeongsang personality

Unlike Yunho who has a Moon sign in Gemini, this member who was born in Pohang is a Gemini in his Sun sign. So, let’s see his personality based on the zodiac sign!

Yeosang’s Gemini Sun

ateez yeosang zodiac sign

Geminis are known as highly talkative, flexible, and sociable. People with this sign always have something interesting, for example, Yeosang’s anime visual. Even though Yeosang looks calm he never likes to have boring conversations, instead, he likes deep conversations about life.

Yeosang’s Moon & Rising: Cancer – Gemini

ateez yeosang zodiac sign

Same as Seonghwa’s Moon sign, Yeosang also is a Cancer in his Moon sign. Yeosang’s inner traits point to an emotional person, but they will not vent their anger when they are emotional but express it by crying or doing something to relieve their anger. For example, Yeosang releases his anger by playing skateboard.

Whereas his rising sign is Gemini. Gemini rising is generally known as a positive person, has a high curiosity, and is funny.

ATEEZ’s San’s Personality Based on His Zodiac Signs

ateez san zodiac sign

San’s zodiac is Cancer, Gemini, and Aquarius.

San’s Cancer Sun

ateez san zodiac sign

As a Cancer, San is known as one of the moody types. Cancers can change their mood in a short time, this nature reflects San quite accurately. In the group, he is called the mood maker because he can show a cheerful personality but also he can do silly things and make people laugh.

San also has an innate curiosity about things, for example, he wanted to learn to speak Japanese, so he learned it.

San’s Moon & Rising: Gemini – Aquarius

ateez san zodiac sign

San’s Gemini moon is the same as Yunho’s Gemini character. Geminis always judge something based on what they feel mentally. However, his rising sign is an Aquarius. People with this rising/ascendant sign are independent and enigmatic. Aquariuses are always idealistic, sometimes can be stubborn but he’s actually friendly like San.

ATEEZ’s Mingi’s Personality Based on His Zodiac Signs

Ateez mingi zodiac sign

Mingi is a rapper of ATEEZ who has swag style on stage. But, does his style match his personality based on zodiac signs? Let’s take a peek!

Mingi’s Leo Sun

Ateez mingi zodiac sign

Mingi was born on August 9th, 1999, and he is included in the Leo sign. This sign is very independent, loyal, and adventurous. They are very ambitious and passionate about spreading all the motivation throughout the family or people around them. Leos are also natural and fun-loving entertainers and make people feel comfortable.

Mingi’s Moon & Rising: Cancer – Sagittarius

ateez mingi zodiac sign

Just like some ATEEZ members, Mingi also has a Cancer side in his moon or inner nature to express his emotions, feelings, or something inside himself. However, Mingi is a Sagittarius in his rising sign. Sagittariuses are sometimes too optimistic about every single thing, full of confidence, and convey everything openly in publicly.

ATEEZ’s Wooyoung’s Personality Based on His Zodiac Signs

ateez wooyoung personality

Based on his zodiac signs, Wooyoung’s personality seems like Sagittarius, Cancer, and Libra. So, let’s find out more details about his personality!

Wooyoung’s Sagittarius Sun

ateez wooyoung zodiac sign

Sagittariuses are known for being adventurous, smart, and knowledgeable. They are highly self-confident, very optimistic, and always think in positive ways. Based on Wooyoung’s personality, he’s very interesting and confident in anything, it can be seen in any ATEEZ content.

Wooyoung’s Moon & Rising: Cancer – Libra

ateez wooyoung personality

Wooyoung’s Moon zodiac is Cancer. As a Cancer, he is highly sensitive and easily gets emotional about things. Meanwhile, Wooyoung is Libra in his rising sign. This sign with air element will show warm attitude and can face life by analyzing who or what they’re are dealing with.

ATEEZ’s Jongho’s Personality Based on His Zodiac Signs

ateez jongho zodiac sign

The last member is ATEEZ’s maknae Jongho. This maknae who was born in Seoul has different astrological signs in terms of the sun, moon, and rising sign. Here are the signs of Jongho!

Jongho’s Libra Sun

ateez jongho zodiac sign

Libras usually stand out and are cooperative in nature, they are fair and believe in social relationships. They are also known to be generous and have very fun personalities, which is reflected in Jongho. Even though he’s the youngest, Jongho’s heart is very kind and soft.

Jongho’s Moon & Rising: Aries – Taurus

ateez jongho zodiac sign

It seems you already know how the Aries affects the character in the Moon sign, but you still don’t know what’s Jongho’s rising sign. He’s a Taurus, which means he will look for something based on facts and focus on material things. Jongho doesn’t make a conclusion if there’s a problem.

So, that’s all the information about each ATEEZ members’ personality based on the zodiac signs. Please kindly write the member’s name who has the same zodiac and personality as you in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share this article on your social media and follow our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial to get more notifications from us!