ATEEZ in ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’: Performances, Ranking, Fans Reaction

ATEEZ Kingdom

ATEEZ: The Pirate Group Who Joined Kingdom: Legendary War

Since their debut, ATEEZ have awed people with their music and unique concept. Using the concept of pirates as the storyline of their music, ATEEZ have successfully gained fans all around the world. They have steadily become well-known in the K-pop industry.

In 2021, ATEEZ, along with other K-pop groups, ATEEZ took part in Kingdom: Legendary War. Some of you might be familiar with Kingdom: Legendary War that aired on MNET, but for those who are hearing it for the first time, Kingdom: Legendary War is a survival show where six K-pop groups are battling against each other. Throughout the segments, there are various evaluations to see which group has the highest score.

So, how was ATEEZ’s performance throughout Kingdom? Let’s take a look at ATEEZ’s legendary performance in Kingdom!

ATEEZ’s Legendary Performance in Kingdom

ATEEZ Kingdom

In Kingdom, the contestants go head to head by showing their best performances until the final round. There are five rounds in which the contestants should go through and every round has a different theme. And as expected from ATEEZ, in every round, they managed to show the audience a legendary performance, not leaving their pirate concept.

Before Round 1 of the event, as an Introduction stage, ATEEZ performed “Wave: Overture”, the song that got them their first music show win. With their signature pirate concept, ATEEZ brought the audience in awe with their strong performance. Watch how ATEEZ astound their audience with “Wave: Overture”.

In Round 1: To The World, the contestants would perform one or two of their representative hit songs with a different arrangement so it could differ from their usual stage performance. ATEEZ chose their song “Symphony No. 9” (From the Wonderland). In “Symphony No.9” (From the Wonderland) ATEEZ members are pirates on a journey looking for a treasure. Opening the performance with a fierce rap from Hongjoong, ATEEZ made a stunning performance through the fight with a monster and eye-opening vocals. Even non-ATINY can’t deny how great ATEEZ’s “Symphony No. 9” (From the Wonderland) is!

Round 2: RE-BORN is the time when contestants show their style by performing other contestants’ songs; and this time, ATEEZ performed iKON‘s “Rhythm Ta” but in ATEEZ style, thus moving forward into The Awakening of Summer. In ATEEZ’s hands, the hip-hop laid-back “Rhythm Ta” is a performative song with strong vocals. Let’s watch how ATEEZ made “Rhythm Ta” theirs.

In Round 3: No Limit, ATEEZ performed “Answer: Ode To Joy”. With the accompaniment of La Poem, ATEEZ once again proved that they are ready to conquer the stage and be The Kings. Check out ATEEZ’s “Answer Ode To Joy” performance.

It’s time for the Finale. To see whether or not ATEEZ are going to be The Kings, they performed “The Real” as their Finale song. For the finale song, ATEEZ gave it their best and made the stage enjoyable to watch.

ATEEZ’s Ranking Throughout Kingdom: Legendary War

ATEEZ Kingdom

ATEEZ might be the youngest group among the six groups that participated in Kingdom: Legendary War, but they keep working hard and show their awesome performances that keep fans in awe and gain praise from other contestants.

Through the show, ATEEZ have been steadily climbing the ranks. At first, in the Introduction Stage, ATEEZ performed the song that got them first win on a music show that is “Wave: Overture”. In their Introduction Stage, ATEEZ ranked 5th among the six contestants. In Round 1, where each group had to perform one or two of their representative hit songs rearranged differently from their usual stages of the song, ATEEZ performed “Symphony No. 9” (From the Wonderland) and got high points which got them the second place.

In the next round, Round 2: RE:BORN, where the contestants were exchanging songs with other groups and arranged them ATEEZ performed iKON’s “Rhythm Ta” and with their astonishing performance, they grabbed the audience’s and expert’s attention and won the round.

In the finale round, ATEEZ showed their boss side with “The Real” performance, and in the finale, they ranked 3rd with total points of 6.101.043.

Fans’ Reactions to ATEEZ in Kingdom: Legendary War

ATEEZ Kingdom

ATINY were surely happy to learn that ATEEZ took part in Kingdom. They never stopped showing their support by watching their performances and voting so ATEEZ could get more points. However, ATEEZ didn’t win the show and ATINY couldn’t hide their disappointment knowing how hard ATEEZ prepared for their performances in Kingdom amidst their comeback preparations.

One of the fans even said that ATEEZ are the dark horse in the show because they keep improving each round and it doesn’t matter whether they win or not, ATEEZ still keep making outstanding performances.

Even though ATEEZ didn’t win Kingdom: Legendary War, they gained more popularity as more people have recognized how talented ATEEZ members are and their peculiar and spectacular performance worth waiting for. So, are you getting curious about ATEEZ’s members and their discography? Find out more about ATEEZ on Channel-Korea and make sure you share this article so people know how amazing ATEEZ are.