Get To Know The Main Dancer of Male Group ATEEZ, Jung Yun-ho


Focus Camera Performance

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We just can’t get enough of the talents of ATEEZ’s Yunho! After seeing Yunho during his dance performances or singing performances, people are probably going to want more! There are also some video compilations from ATEEZ’s Yunho during his performance on stage from a Camera Focus Performance! Do you want to check it out?

Let’s take a look at some gorgeous Camera Focus Performances of ATEEZ’s Yunho, here!




Latest News

ateez yunho

Now that you have gotten acquainted and have learned more about ATEEZ’s Yunho, your curiosity for his latest news has grown larger, right? Let’s find out what he’s been up to lately, together!

Currently, ATEEZ’s Yunho has continued with his daily activities together with other ATEEZ members. Whether it is practice, promotion, tour, or other activities! Not long ago, Yunho appeared in Weekly Idol along with ONF’s Hyojin, ONF’s Wyatt, and H.O.T’s Jang Woo-hyuk! The ATEEZ member and ONF attended the show for the recording of H.O.T’s legendary performance as well! Yunho and Wooyoung were performing H.O.T’s “We Are The Future.”

Watch their performance here:

Yunho and the rest of the members of ATEEZ also celebrated their 1st anniversary on October 24th, 2019 for their mini-album, Treasure Ep. 1: All to Zero! Fans also celebrated the annual event, even their anniversary got into the 1st rank on the worldwide trending topic on Twitter at that time!


Well, that was all of the information about Jung Yun-ho, or famously known as ATEEZ’s Yunho! Considering that people are in love with his talents, his appearance, his sincerity, and basically everything about him, no wonder Jung Yun-ho has been deemed as one of the “It Guys” among K-Pop idols.

As genuine fans, let’s always support Yunho and his career along with ATEEZ and patiently wait for his upcoming project soon! Channel-Korea has introduced you to Jung Yun-ho from ATEEZ, so please, don’t forget to write your comment about Jung Yun-ho in the section below!