The ATEEZ Demon Line: What Is It and Which Members Belong to the Demon Line?

ATEEZ Demon line

ATEEZ Demon Line: Their Stage Presence Is So Strong That They Are Called Demons

We often hear about the Bermuda Triangle in K-pop, the term used to describe three members in one group whose visuals are so stunning they can blind the fans. The Bermuda Triangle is a famous term, but have you heard about the Bermuda Devil? ATEEZ’s fans, ATINY, have come up with this nickname to describe the three members of ATEEZ that have a strong presence on stage. Other than the Bermuda Devil, this line is also known as the demon line. The members in the demon line are known as having demonic facial features while performing.

The demon line isn’t an official position given to ATEEZ by the company. ATINY are the ones who have come up with the position and listed three members that belong to this demon line. The three members that belong to the demon line are San, Seonghwa, and ATEEZ’s leader Hongjoong.

Those of you who aren’t familiar with how the fans came up with the demon line, must be curious about it. Don’t worry, because Channel-Korea is here to provide you with all the details about it.

Check Out ATEEZ’s Performances That Bring Out the Demon Line

ATEEZ's Demon Line

The nickname demon line isn’t formed for no apparent reason. Since 2018, ATEEZ have been showing their powerful performances. But among the songs that ATEEZ have been performing, there are several songs that provide the means for the members of the demon line to become evident and fit the nickname.

Among those performances, one of the most popular is ATEEZ’s performance of “Wonderland” for which they got the Performance Award at Soribada Best K-Music and the Best Korean Act Award at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Let’s check out ATEEZ’s powerful performance of “Wonderland”.

While performing “Wonderland”, Hongjoong, San, and Seonghwa excessively show devilish expressions and even demon-like smiles along with their energetic dance. While promoting “Wonderland”, ATEEZ also made a Special Halloween Stage performance. With all the creepy make-up, the demonic expressions the demon line members make stand out even more.

Before “Wonderland”, there was another ATEEZ performance where the demon line stood out. It was when ATEEZ performed “HALA-HALA” that the demon line showcased their demonic expressions, especially Seonghwa. Let’s check out the “HALA-HALA” performance and look at the demonic expressions of the demon line members.

Prove That San Belongs to the Demon Line

ATEEZ's demon line

Almost in every ATEEZ performance, San has shown what’s it like to be possessed by demons. From his facial expression to his dance moves, everything is demon-like. Even non-ATINY could see why San belongs to the demon line. There are several moments that prove why San belongs to the demon line, let’s check them out:

Prove That Seonghwa Belongs to the Demon Line

ATEEZ's demon line

The second ATEEZ member that belongs to the demon line is Seonghwa. Seonghwa’s official position in ATEEZ is vocalist and visual. But, even though he doesn’t belong to the performance line, his stage presence can outsmart those who are in the performance line.

Seonghwa’s quick-changing expression while performing is his signature. Even with minimal makeup, Seonghwa has deep eyes and the way he stares when performing makes the nickname demon Seonghwa a perfect fit for him.

Prove That Hongjoong Belongs to the Demon Line

ATEEZ's demon line

Hongjoong is ATEEZ’s leader, center, and even producer. It’s common for a center to get longer parts and screen time, which in turn could make him the attractor for viewers. While serving his position, Hongjoong is also known to be the first one who leads the demon line.

Hongjoong is a charismatic leader off stage, but when performing on stage, he can perform as if he is possessed by a demon and in dire need of an exorcism. His manic laughter and the way he smirks while performing make ATINY straight off give him the title demon. Here’s the moment that shows how Hongjoong turns into a demon while performing on stage.

Though the demon line isn’t an official position made by the company, the demon line in ATEEZ has brought people to become ATINY because of their strong presence on stage. What do you think of the ATEEZ demon line? Do they scare you, or simply amaze you with how excessively devilish their performances are?