Get To Know The Youngest Member of ASTRO, Sanha: Profile, Cover Songs, Suffering From Depression After Debut, and More

Find Out Everything About Our Beloved Member of ASTRO – Sanha

Hello, fellow K-Poppers! How are you guys today? Welcome back to Channel-Korea. We hope you guys are ready because today we bring you a new batch of pieces of information about the Korean entertainment world. Let’s start your day with some news about your beloved Korean artists.

Today, in this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a detailed rundown of everything about a member of the Korean boy band ASTRO. For you, who might not know yet, ASTRO is a South Korean boy band formed by Fantagio in 2016. The members of this group are JinJin, MJ, Eunwoo, Moon Bin, Rocky, and Sanha. Their single called “Hide & Seek” is their debut song, from their debut EP Spring Up, and were subsequently named by Billboard as one of the best new K-Pop groups of 2016.

However, in this article, we won’t be talking about every member of ASTRO or the band’s history. We will specifically talk about the youngest member of the band, Yoon San-ha or Sanha. Enough with the intermezzos, now let’s jump right into it!


ASTRO’s Sanha’s Full Profile and Facts

Sanha, with a full name Yoon San-ha (윤산하), was born in Seoul, South Korea on March 21st, 2000, which makes his zodiac Aries. His height is 184 cm (6’0’’) and his weight is 60 kg (132 lbs). His shoe size is 260. Sanha’s blood type is AB. Fast learning, having a flexible body, can dance and play the guitar, all of these are Sanha’s specialties and talents. As far as his religion is concerned, he is a Christian.

Sanha’s physical appearance is known for his babyface, he is and looks like the youngest member with his long and narrow face, soft jawline, small mouth with full lips, and small ears.

ASTRO’s Sanha attended A-Sound Music Academy. Originally, he took vocal classes and he mastered how to play the guitar in eight months. He first learned to play the guitar from his dad and his brothers. For you who didn’t know, Sanha has two older brothers. His first older brother, Yoon Jun-ha was born in 1995 and the second one, Yoon Je-ha was born in 1998. Although his fans know his personality as the pure and innocent one, Sanha likes to tease his brothers a lot. And then, he eventually got the nickname “evil maknae” because he likes to tease the other members of ASTRO as well.

His position in ASTRO is the maknae (the youngest member of the group) and lead vocalist. In fact, Sanha almost didn’t make it into ASTRO because he was too short, but then he had a growth spurt and was then able to be included as one of the members of ASTRO. In their dorm, Sanha shares the room with Rocky and MJ.

Sanha’s other nickname is “Beagle.” Even though one of his hobbies is eating, Sanha can’t eat seafood because he is allergic to it. And also Sanha can’t drink coffee. Due to the flexibility of his body, he can fit in a bag or a cupboard. Sanha’s favorite color is pink. He once talked that if he was a girl, he would like to date himself (according to Astro Idol Party 170109), and Sanha also said that his ideal type of girl is a girl who thinks about him a lot and ask him about his day. His role model is Busker Busker. And if he wasn’t a K-Pop idol, he would most probably be a guitarist.


Sanha’s Pre-Debut Story

The member of ASTRO was known as iTeen Boys while training as part of Fantagio iTeen, a rookie talent development program under the management of the agency Fantagio. Sanha was accepted as Fantagio iTeen’s trainee on December 16th, 2012. He was the 3rd trainee to officially be introduced with Photo Test Cut. And in 2015, he participated in Fantagio’s web drama called To Be Continued (투비컨티뉴드).


Debut With ASTRO

Sanha, with the rest of the members of ASTRO, debuted with their EP (Extended Play) Spring Up, released on February 23rd, 2016, featuring the title track “Hide & Seek.” They held a debut showcase where they announced their official Fan Club name Aroha, which is an abbreviation for “ASTRO hearts all fans.”

Sanha’s Depression After Debut

On the episode of Mnet’s Visiting Tutor aired on September 6th, 2018, the show had a discussion on teenage depression. And then, Sanha confessed that he suffered from depression after making his debut. Sanha, who has known as the happy, adorable maknae, told everybody that he started suffering from depression during ASTRO’s promotions of their 3rd album.

He said, “I suffered from depression around the promotional cycle for our 3rd album. I had no energy.”

He secretly would go to the playground in their dorm and just cry out, without even knowing why he was sad.

“There was a playground near our dorm. After our schedules, I would tell our manager that I am going for a walk and cry on the playground for no reason. I wondered, ‘What should I do?’” said Sanha again.

Of course, this statement made their fans, especially Sanha’s fans, shocked.

But fortunately, Sanha had the other members of ASTRO who were always there for him. He shared his concern with fellow members and they helped him fight through his depression. It is a relief that Sanha has such dependable bandmates who are there for him and he can rely on them during his struggles, considering the hardships every idol faces every day.

“There’s an older member who’s good at listening to your problems. I felt better after talking with him,” said Sanha.