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Introducing You with ASTRO’s Rocky

Calling out all of those AROHAs out there! One of the awesome ASTRO members Rocky who famously known for his ‘magical’ dancing moves is becoming our topic for this article! Not only known for his dancing skills, but Rocky also has another special thing that you need to know. Through this article, Channel Korea will explain all you need to know about ASTRO’s Rocky, so stay tuned!

ASTRO’s Rocky Full Profile

astro rocky

Rocky (라키) was born in Jinju, South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea on February 25, 1999, with the real name Park Min-hyuk (박민혁). Currently, he’s 21 years old (international age) or 22 years old (Korean age). He has 176 cm of height and 63 kg of weight, then his blood type was O. Pisces also his zodiac sign.

For his education necessity, Rocky was attended  Eonbuk Middle School (2012-2015), Seoul Music High School (February 2015-October 2015), then transferred into Hanlim Multi Art High School (October 2015). Before he made his debut with ASTRO in 2016, Rocky participated in Korea’s Got Talent (2011). Then following his debut with ASTRO in 2016, Rocky was joined Hit the Stage. Not only that, but he also made several appearances in acting such as Persevere, Goo Hae-ra (2015), and web-drama To Be Continued (2015).

Rocky was active in the entertainment industry from 2016 until now and scouted under Fantagio. In ASTRO, he was in charge of the main dancer, lead rapper, vocalist, and the first member to be revealed by Fantagio. Rocky was the best dancer in ASTRO, and he was started dancing since 5 years old. He also revealed if he didn’t become an idol, he’d love to be a dance teacher. He was known as the runner-up of 1theK’s Dance War and competed against other eight contestants as well.

Interesting Facts About ASTRO’s Rocky

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Let’s get to know more about ASTRO’s Rocky by find out several interesting facts about him!

  • Rocky was known for his reliable personality, as well as a hard-working person and quiet.
  • When he was in elementary school, he is also known for becoming a representative in the taekwondo championship.
  • His nickname was “Chef Minhyuk”, “Rocky Swag”, “Rock”, “Spinach”, but Fantagio staff also called him as “Dancing Machine”.
  • Since he has amazing dance skills, he has also known several types of dances such as modern jazz, Hip-Hop, ballet, and tap dance.
  • Previously, he used to be choreographer assistant of SBS Inkigayo Special UDF Stage Six-Pack.
  • Rocky was made several choreography for Autumn Story’s Your Love, Spring Up’s Morning Call, and Summer Vibe’s Firework.
  • Rocky’s role model was BIG BANG’s G-Dragon.
  • His ideal type was a cute, nice, and caring girl.
  • He also friends with Monsta X’s Jooheon, AKMU’s Lee Suhyun, Kim Sae-ron, and Seventeen’s Seungkwan.
  • Rocky was known as a big eater, but he couldn’t eat cucumber and dislikes coffee.
  • Red is his favorite color.

ASTRO’s Rocky’s Family

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People also getting curious about Rocky’s personal life, especially for his family background. Apparently, there’s only a little bit of information about his family. Rocky used to know for lived with his parents and his younger brother, Park Jung-eun.

ASTRO’s Rocky’s Abs

astro rocky

Even though ASTRO’s Rocky was known for his quiet personality and sometimes a little bit sheepishly, but who knows that actually, he has amazing abs on his body? It was proven through certain occasions where Rocky also show-off his abs that will make you out of breath!

And here are several breathtaking appearance of ASTRO’s Rocky with his abs:

astro rocky
astro rocky
astro rocky
astro rocky
astro rocky

ASTRO’s Rocky’s Filmography

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ASTRO’s Rocky is also known for his appearance in television shows such as in K-Dramas and music variety shows as well. Even before got his popularity with ASTRO, he has appeared in TV shows! And here are the list and details about that!


Year Title Role
2014 Forever Young Trainee (Guest Role)
2015 To Be Continued Himself
2016 My Romantic Some Recipe (Guest Role)
2017 Sweet Revenge Himself (Guest Role)
2019 Soul Plate Angel Rumiel


ASTRO’s Rocky in Soul Plate

astro rocky

TV Shows

Year Title Role
1998 Pops in Seoul Guest
2011 Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend Guest
2011 Weekly Idol Guest
2013 After School Club Guest
2015 ASTRO PLAY Main Host
2015 ASTRO DDOCA Main Host
2016 ASTRO OK Ready! Regular Member
2016 Hit the Stage Guest
2016 The Immigration Guest


ASTRO’s Rocky in Hit The Stage


2016 Idol Party: Under The Sky Without a Mother Guest
2017 After Mom Goes to Sleep Guest
2017 2017’s Idol Star Athletics Championships Regular Member
2017 K-RUSH Guest
2017 K-RUSH Season 2 Guest
2018 Two Yoo Project Sugar Man: Season 2 Guest
2018 2018’s Idol Star Athletics Championships Regular Member
2018 2018’s Idol Star Athletics Championships Chuseok Special Regular Member
2019 2019’s Idol Star Athletics Championships  Regular Member
2019 2019’s Idol Star Athletics Championships Chuseok Special  Regular Member


ASTRO’s Rocky in 2018’s ISAC


2019 Same Age Trainer Guest
2020 2020’s Idol Star Athletics Championships Regular Member
2020 Hidden Track: Season 2 Guest


ASTRO’s Rocky in Same Age Trainer:



ASTRO’s Rocky’s Skincare

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ASTRO’s Rocky was known for his flawless and luminous skin, which made people also wondering the secret behind it as well! Then finally, he was revealed the ‘secret recipe’ behind his glass skin! His secret tips for glass skin were using a contact solution to washed his face! Basically, it was a kind of water-based cleanser for contact lens.

For him, the skincare routine was really important since his mother also often suggesting him to taking care of his skin as a K-Pop idol. Since foam cleanser often makes his skin feel slightly dry, he will use a toner in a cotton pad afterward to balancing his pH. It also helps him to maintain the moisture and balancing his skin as well. It seems quite simple and easy to get flawless skin as ASTRO’s Rocky, right?

That was all of the information about ASTRO’s Rocky! Let’s always send a bunch of love towards him and his career, and we do hope all the best things for his upcoming career in the future!

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