Everything You Need to Know About Astro’s Moonbin

Plastic Surgery Rumor

Debuted at a very young age, ASTRO’s Moonbin’s visual has been in the spotlight of the public’s talk and has attracted the attention of his fans and the general public. This is mainly because there isn’t much difference in his appearance from when he was a child till nowadays.


Many people have praised his visual for not changing too much after puberty but also for having a perfect visual appearance as an idol. There aren’t any plastic surgery rumors or news to be found regarding ASTRO’s Moobin. What do you guys think about his appearance now?

Scandal and Controversy

On June 16th, 2017, ASTRO held a V-Live and greeted their fans. The 6 members of ASTRO went live at the backstage during the music show M-Countdown. They were joking about one of their members, Rocky, that he will be leaving the group to promote ‘Rocky Swag’ which is an inside joke for them.

One of the members, Jinjin, said that this was Rocky’s last broadcast in V-Live and Moonbin followed his statement by saying that ASTRO will be promoting with 5 members only.

Moonbin continued joking throughout the live stream by saying that the band will only be in existence for 5 years and jokingly mentioned the band’s break-up.

The members were taken aback for a second but they quickly realized that Moonbin has a unique sense of humor and continued the stream with smiles on their faces.

On the other side, their fans were not happy with ASTRO’s Moonbin sense of humor and him mentioning the dissolving of the band. As reported from Koreaboo, some of their fans commented on ASTRO’s Moonbin’s joke with, “I’m not surprised… Please be careful about your words next time.” “If you understand how Moonbin talks on a regular basis, you know it’s not a big deal.” “I understand it’s a joke, but don’t you think it’s hurtful to fans?”

On August 31st, 2017, ASTRO’s Moonbin broke the LGBT barrier by mentioning a couple from a V-Live with their fans.

ASTRO’s Cha Eun-woo and Moonbin were at their hotel room in Tokyo when they held a live broadcast through V Live and chatted with their fans.

One of their fans started talking about her relationship by saying, “Oppa, I successfully got into a relationship! Please congratulate me!”


ASTRO’s Moonbin responded by saying, “Congratulations!”


He continued, “I don’t know whether the couple is a male or female, but we ask that you turn the person you are going out with into an Aroha (fan of ASTRO).”


Viewers who watched ASTRO’s Cha Eun-woo and Moonbin’s live broadcast speculated that Moonbin responded by carefully considering that the fan might not be a heterosexual. It was obvious that the fan used the word “Oppa” which is a Korean word used by females to refer to older males.

Latest News and Instagram

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Well, that was all the information and the full profile of ASTRO’s Moonbin! Let’s keep cheering him and support his career as a member of ASTRO and hope that only the best will happen in his life in the future!