ASTRO’s Jinjin’s Full Profile, Dating News And Controversy He Did After All This Time       

ASTRO’s Jinjin’s Tattoo


In 2018, during an on-stage performance of ASTRO, fans monitoring the band closely decided to ask Jinjin about possible tattoos on his body. Aroha (name of the ASTRO fandom) asked Jinjin if he has any tattoos which he promised to answer later.


Now, it is obvious from the photo above that Jinjin has a tattoo on his right chest which is a drawing of a lion inside a crown. Jinjin has never talked about the meaning of his tattoo, but the fans have assumed that it stands for ‘a threat.’



Meanwhile, during an ASTRO concert where Jinjin was shirtless his other tattoo was visible under his left chest, but it unconfirmed whether it is a permanent or a temporary tattoo.

Promoting Knock


Recently, Jinjin is busy promoting his group’s comeback song. Boy group ASTRO made their latest comeback on May 4th, 2020, with the single album Gateway with the leading track “Knock.”

This mini-album was released by Fantagio and distributed by Kakao M. The album contains six tracks in total. There are “Knock,” “When You Call My Name,” “Somebody Like,” “We Still,” “12 Hours,” and “Lights On.” Please give a lot of love and support to ASTRO for their new single.


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