BTS Are On Vacation; Here Is A.R.M.Y’s To-Do List While Waiting For Them to Come Back


Get to Know ARMY’s Activities During BTS’s Rest!

After the Lotter Duty Free Family Concert, Big Hit announced that for the first time since their debut in 2013, finally BTS gets an official rest. Big Hit said that BTS will have time for them to enjoy their personal lives! BTS will be back two months after the announcement, but this made ARMY miss them. ARMY also thanked to the agency for giving them free time to themselves.

Even though they’re on rest, that doesn’t means BTS left their lovely fans. It’s not BTS if they doesn’t provide good fanservice. They’ve prepared an application to keep in touch with ARMY. So in this article, Channel-Korea will give you ARMY’s to do list while waiting for BTS to come back.. Check this out!

Watching VLive BTS RUN


If You’re an ARMY, you know about BTS Run! (달려라 방탄!/Dallyeora Bangtan!). It’s BTS’s variety show that aired on V-Live Channel every Tuesday. It began in 2015, where previously there was a similar program, called BTS Gayo. In each episode, all the members were given a mission to complete every challenge. Not only that, sometimes they complete the missions while they carry out their activities. For example, when they held a concert by visiting another country in the world, they were also filming for Run BTS!. 

While BTS is on a rest, ARMY are always waiting for them to upload the new episode in order to see the idol’s funny actions. Every ARMY make this a mandatory and routine activity every week. Although they’re so stunningly handsome when they on the stage and  when they’re on RUN BTS, all the members act like people in general who enjoy the time with friends, joking, and acting silly and funny. So many episodes have made ARMY burst out laughing while watching, here are some of the best and funniest episodes!

RUN BTS! Episode 75

In episode 75, members get a challenge to make a short drama where they play double roles as an actor and as part of the production crew, included needing to make a script. The drama was called “Dalbang BTS Drama”. V was a director, Jimin was a timekeeper, RM gave them mental care, Jungkook got a slate, Suga is the one who was in charge of snacks, Jin took care of property needs, and J-hope was a fashion stylist.

This episode was tiring for Jungkook, because he had to go back and forth serving as slate and actor. The funny part was when Jin act shocked because Jungkook put all the skin care products in the fridge. V, as a director, told Jin to do the scene repeatedly, so that made everyone laugh because he said “Uh?!” or “Woah?!”, with his mouth that looked like a snout.

RUN BTS! Episodes 81-82

Next, episodes 81-82. At that time they got a chance to play games in a game park. They were divided into two teams, V’s team and RM’s team. V’s Team contained the maknae line and RM’s Team consisted of the Hyung line. They had to fight each other to be winner in every challenge, so they don’t get punished.

They really enjoyed the challenge, because at that time they were involved with Virtual Reality (VR) games and they were definitely used to it. Before they could play into a real game they had to know how to play, so the members had to do a trial, especially for those who have never been at all.

On the first try, Suga got attention from members because the machine he was using didn’t move. The members laughed at him because he had to move his body to make the machine move, too.

In episode 82 they still played with VR games. They had to eat a cake which was above the building and they must take it with a long wooden handle and it shouldn’t be tipped. Now it’s J-hope turn, he has to eat the cake by using the elevator first, but when the elevator door opened and he had tol take the piece of cake, suddenly Jin pushed him so that he fell from the top and J-hope shouted loudly with fear, because the games feel real.

RUN BTS! Episode 84

Next, the latest episode on August 13, 2019. This is a follow-up episode from last week, where they were challenged to play in the water with a balloon slide and also a playground from a balloon on the water.

During August, this episode made ARMY watch it over and over for the laughs. The members were given several missions. One of them was jumping from a balloon in a river and they must take a selfie with the pose instructed by the team, but when it was J-hope’s turn, the camera fellinto the water, very exciting!

Watching Youtube Bangtan Bomb Channel

Besides RUN BTS!, Army has another spectacle, which is BANGTAN BOMB. BANGTAN BOMB is a short video that’s been uploaded on BTS’s YouTube channel and shows BTS members having fun behind the scenes of music shows, awards shows, dance practice, live performances, and photoshoots.

Big Hit doesn’t upload the videos on a routine, like with RUN BTS!. The running time for any given video is between one and thirteen minutes and there are even episodes that uploaded with just a fer seconds.

Share Your Moment With Weverse App


It feels unsatisfying if a fan can’t communicate with the Idol, even though they often share a lot of video content, and it also happens with ARMY. In early July, Big Hit Entertainment  just announced a community only for ARMY. BTS Weverse is a way for BTS and ARMY to communicate more closely. Previously, Big Hit also opened this application for their new group, TXT.

This application has the same function as Daum Fancafe, but Daum fancafe uses Korean while Weverse can use English or another language and it’s a global fan community platform launched by beNX.

Not only can the BTS members share their moments, but ARMY can, too. They can share whatever their moment is and reveal it to BTS. Because the platform’s purpose is to bridge between BTS and ARMY, it’s certain that ARMY have a great chance to get likes and comments from BTS members directly!

Play Dalcomsoft Game Superstar BTS


Not only the application platform for communication, there’s also a game application!. If you just became a new ARMY, this game can certainly help you to get to know their songs and albums because SuperStar BTS (Ssbts) is a rhythmic game specifically for BTS songs.

This game will not leave ARMY feeling bored, because there are thousands of their photocards, new missions every day, and events and prizes, as well as a list of songs that is always being added to. In this game, ARMY must to get the stars to open the next song and if you want to add a lot of points to get 3 stars, it must change or make the photocards to ‘power up’ into a high level, such as in category Rare (R).