ARIAZ’s Yunji: Profile, Facts, ‘Produce 101’, ‘MixNine’

Learn More About The Beautiful And Talented Yunji From Recently-Debuted Girl Group ARIAZ

Yunji is part of the girl group ARIAZ that debuted on October 24th, 2019, under the Start Empire. The company itself was previously known as Rising Star Entertainment. Yunji is teamed up with other members including Jueun, Sihyeon, Dawon, Yeori, and Hyogyeong.

Yunji first drew the public’s attention when she was 15 years old, with her Superstar K performance. She then became even more popular after joining Produce 101 Season 1 and the survival show Mix Nine.

Here, in this Channel-Korea article, you are going to find out everything you need to know about the interesting journey of this lovely ARIAZ member—Yunji! Stay tuned!

Full Profile

Stage Name: Yunji (윤지)
Birth Name: Kim Yunji (김윤지)
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Birthday: August 26th, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Nationality: Korean
Height: 154 cm (5’0’’)
Weight: 40 kg (88 lbs)
Blood Type: AB

Fun Facts

– Yellow and pink are her favorite colors

– Yunji can speak out her mind during sleep

– Yunji get ranked 84th on Produce 101

– Yuji was eliminated in Round 1 of Produce 101

– She participated in Mix Nine and was ranked 36th

– Yunji was eliminated in Round 2 of Mix Nine

– Yunji’s shoe size is 225 mm

– She joined the Star Empire company in 2013

– Yunji was born in Ilsan, Gyenggi-do, South Korea

– She graduated from Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts (DIMA)

– Yunji has a younger brother

– Before joining Produce 101, Yunji was a trainee for two years

– Yunji has a talent for TV dancing

– Yunji loves to listen to music

– Yunji was a background vocalist for APRIL’s song “April Story”

– Yunji is the shortest member of the group

ARIAZ’s Yunji’s Personality

When talking about her personality, Yunji has a persistent and determined personality. She has been trying to pursue her dream by joining some survival shows. Yunji revealed her feelings about how she has been waiting to debut and stand on stage as an idol.

Yunji said that she has been working really hard to make her debut become a reality. They were crying and encouraging each other to work harder with the other members. Yunji and all the members have been waiting for this to happened and finally, it is happening.

ARIAZ’s Yunji’s Focus Fan-cam

Here are the cutest Yunji fan-cams during her debut. Which one do you like the most?

During her pre-debut, she got interviewed to introduce herself with ARIAZ. This is one of the moments of her historical journey.

She is so cute interpersonal and doing aegyo in the interview session!

ARIAZ’s Yunji’s Singing IU’s “Blueming”

Her voice is so soothing and calming. No wonder she is the main vocal!

Check out this video of her singing “Blueming” by IU!

Pre-debut Story as a Produce 101 & Mix Nine Contestant

In 2016, Yunji decided to try her chance on the survival television show broadcast by Mnet, Produce 101. She was a trainee of Star Empire Entertainment and decided to take a leap of faith and grasp this opportunity to debut. Yunji made it until Episode 5 of Produce 101 with rank 84.

Later, in October 2017, Yunji came back on the small screens again to seize another opportunity to debut, this time in the reality show MIX NINE. She made it past the audition. Yunji managed to secure a position in the reality show until Episode 10 and was ranked 26th.

Her persistence and hard work brought her into her dream to debut, Star Empire finally enabled her debut with a girl group called ARIAZ in October 2019. Yunji was revealed as the fourth member in the teaser concept photo. Yunji was announced as a member and then debuted on October 24th, 2019, with the lead track “Grand Opera.”

The company Star Empire affiliated with the label Rising Star Entertainment oversees the debut of girl group ARIAZ. Yunji and the five other members each got their own official debut announcements in September.

ARIAZ itself has been through up to seven years of training. The company believes that they are going to make a difference as a rookie group.

The concept of ARIAZ itself is defining Unique voices (Aria) coming together to create one song and stage. The members are Yunji, Dawon, Sihyeon, Yeori, Hyokyung, and Jueun. Yunji is one of the most popular members together with Sihyeon as they have participated in Mnet’s Produce 101.

The album of ARIAZ is apparently produced with who also produced songs of some prominent groups such as EXO, Apink, Wanna One. E.One has even produced the popular songs “Lucky” by EXO, “Paradise” by Apink, and “Wanna” and “Day by Day” by Wanna One.


After their debut, ARIAZ confirmed that they are going to participate in the 2020 Idol Star Athletics Championship on MBC. This annual event shows idol teams in all 7 sporting categories. Apparently, there will be 51 idol teams which are 202 individuals that will compete in the Lunar New Year Special as 2020 ISAC.

The athletic championship contains categories such as archery, wrestling, free kick shootouts, baseball pitching, e-sports, and horseback riding which is almost the same as the Chuseok Special 2019 ISAC.

Besides ARIAZ, the other girl idol teams would also participate, like (G)l-DLE, AOA, ITZY, GWSN, Gugudan, Nature, DIA, Rocket Punch, MAMAMOO, Momoland, Saturday, 3EYE, April, A Pink, Oh MyGirl, LOONA, Cosmic Girls, Cherry Bullet, Purplebeck, Pink Fantasy, and HashTag.

On their official Instagram account @ariaz.official, Yunji uploaded photos and said, “It’s already been 300 days since I have been with ARIAZ and fellow members. It was nice to be able to work together on such a happy and precious day. Let’s make good memories in the future. I love you so much.”

Yunji also put her selfie with the brown teddy bear on her side on the official ARIAZ Instagram account. She looked fresh and beautiful as always. In the comment section, so many fans commented, waiting eagerly for their comeback. Hopefully, it will happen soon!

That’s all about Yunji from ARIAZ; her career journey, and the latest news. Keep supporting Yunji and all her career aspirations all the way! Her journey during her trainee days, her determination to seize every opportunity to debut is a lesson that everyone must learn. She is strong and has her own character in the girl group now. It is a lesson that proves that when one puts their best efforts the success is inevitable. Don’t forget to leave a comment and kindly share your thoughts in the section below! Also, please send plenty of love to Yunji and ARIAZ.