ARIAZ’s Jueun: Profile, Fun Facts, Pre-debut Story

ARIAZ’s Jueun’s Pre-debut Story

On September 21st, 2019, Jueun got caught up in a controversy. Photos of Jueun of the rookie girl group ARIAZ were uploaded to various online communities and social media. An online community posted a post titled “Illustrating the past of a new girl idol who will debut soon.” Because of this, she even insisted that Jueun exit from Han Hye-ri’s fan club. Another netizen who pointed out his past behavior said, “Even though Jueun was a minor, she was smoking and drinking.”

The published picture of Jueun prior to debuting shocked everyone. It was presumed that the picture was taken in middle and high school, but there were also pictures of her wearing a school uniform and showing her middle finger and using swear words, smoking a cigarette, and holding a beer. She was also reported to have written swear words on her social media. The netizens were angry and responded, “Is this kind of friend-making their debut,” “You are trying to make your debut like that,” “You look bad,” and “You are swearing.”

Accordingly, Rising Star Entertainment, a member of the Star Empire Entertainment, said, “We obtained the material that is in the issue online and identified the authenticity of the past as a trainee. Jueun is deeply regretting her past actions.”

“As a student, I admit that it was an act that should not be done, and the agency also decided that it was necessary for reflection. I am aware of the seriousness of the problem and apologize for causing concern to many people,” she added clarification.

Lastly, Rising Star Entertainment promised, “We will continue to do our best to manage consistently with more responsibility for situations that may be caused by the actions of our singers.” As a result, netizens still sent some comments and responses, such as: “Jueun-ah, if you are only aware of your seriousness and sorry,” “As it has been confirmed that the idol members, the dreams and hopes of teenagers, have acted inappropriately, ARIAZ has to debut without Jueun,” and many other comments saying that Jueun has to take responsibility of what she did in the past.

Jueun, a member of the rookie group ARIAZ, has taken legal action against the spread of false information, saying that the ‘school violence rumors’ that had been raised before their debut were false.

On November 15th, 2019, Jueun’s agency, Rising Star Entertainment, announced that it made an official position and filed a complaint about online posts about Jueun. On October 31st, 2019, Rising Star Entertainment released an official statement by saying, “On October 31st, we submitted a complaint to the Mapo Police Station against two suspected of violating Article 70 of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.”

Rising Star Entertainment also said, “Since last September, we have conducted constant monitoring of malicious slanderous posts and malicious comments based on false facts that damage Jueun’s image and reputation. Nevertheless, serious damage has occurred due to malicious posts containing unfounded content of ‘school violence,’ so I filed a complaint through a legal representative based on the collected evidence.”

“We will take legal action in civil and criminal matters without any agreement or preemptive action, and we will make a strict response to future damage cases. I will do my best to make it possible,” concluded one of the representatives of the agency.

Earlier in September 2019, an online community posted a post titled “Uncovering the past of a new female idol who will debut soon.” This post was controversial because it included a photo of Jueun drinking and smoking when she was a minor.

On her debut showcase with ARIAZ, Jueun also clarified the controversies she made in the past by saying, “I am deeply repenting and reflecting on the reckless actions I have done. I’ll do it, so I want you to watch it beautifully.”

Pre-debut Girl Group Member Of OMZM

While Star Empire’s label Rising Star Entertainment was preparing the launch of the new girl group ARIAZ, an article about the past of member Jueun was released, again drawing attention.

On the night of September 18th, 2019, a post that was posted on the Nate version revealed the past of a new female idol. According to the article, Jueun joined Star Empire in 2016 and then went gossiping about Han Hye-ri, who was about to debut after appearing in Mnet’s Produce 101 in the past.

Eventually, after Jueun’s past was revealed, there were a lot of comments asking her to leave Han Hye-ri’s fan club in the online community, and the person who finally revealed that it was Jueun’s father said, “I will not return to the entertainment industry after coming out of Star Empire.”

At this time, OMZM debut was canceled for some reason, but there were some theories that Jueun’s actions were somewhat related to this situation. As the news was delivered, most netizens expressed a negative stance on Jueun’s debut.

According to an article, Jueun was scheduled to debut with Han Hye-ri, Kim Yoon-ji, Kang Si-hyun, and Shim Chae-eun, who were former contestants of Mnet’s Produce 101 as the members of OMZM. But after the controversies that Jueun has made in the past the debut with OMZM was canceled until an unknown time.

Latest News

Even though there is currently no news about ARIAZ’s Jueun or some schedule, fans can still see some of the latest activities that the members are doing in their spare time by uploading some video content on their official YouTube channel or Instagram account. As for August 19th, 2020, ARIAZ held their 300-days debut anniversary by uploading individual selcas.



Atsu!!!! Thanks to the arts and our member sisters, it was so nice to be able to spend a precious day of 300 days together🥰 We will be together all the time, okay???ㅎㅎ I love you a lot ⭐️💚”

On January 2nd, 2020, another piece of news came from ARIAZ’s Jueun where the drinking photo of her was released on an online community. It became the center of controversy since the youngest member of ARIAZ, Jueun is drinking beer after she is legally allowed to drinking at the age of 19 years old. Because of this, there were many reactions to what was wrong with the fact that Jueun was drinking.

What made this new even bigger was its relation to the past controversy of Jueun where she was caught in many scandals involving school violence, underage drinking, underage smoking, showing the middle finger, and swearing. The photos showing all of these controversial issues were taken prior to Jueun’s debut when she was still in high school, but the recent photo of Jueun drinking beer can be assumed as a new one if we look at her make-up that visualizes an image of an idol or her feature that looks mature.

As this recent picture went online, many netizens wrote various comments such as, “I wondered why drinking was a problem and that happened,” “What concept picture is it after drinking?” “It’s a shame when I look at it.”

Those are all the details about the profile and news of ARIAZ’s Jueun. Even though every human being has made mistakes in the past, it is still natural for them to gradually realize their mistakes and apologize to the public so they can accept them back. Everyone also has dreams and aspirations that they want to achieve. We shouldn’t be quick to judge one mistake and let it become a heavy burden on other people’s lives and strip them of their self-confidence and think they are unable to do anything else. For ARIAZ fans, let’s keep supporting and give lots of love to Jueun so that her career can still shine brightly and she gets a chance to make a comeback as soon as possible!