ARGON: Full Profile, Facts, Discography, Debut


Many people still don’t know the past of ARGON members before their debut. Like one of the ARGON members, Kain, who revealed that he had worked with BTS for three years before he debuted. In their debut showcase, he talked about BTS’ professional attitude while on a world tour. He also said that he gained a lot of experience during his time as a BTS back dancer on their world tour. He even added that BTS gave him motivation and inspiration to become an idol. In a showcase interview, he said:

“Thanks to the experience, I started to cultivate my own dream of becoming a singer, and I really enjoyed being a dancer. I was with BTS for about three years.”

Kain expressed his feelings for BTS who did everything professionally, from practicing for 16 hours a day to many fans shouting at them and it’s made Kain push himself to follow in BTS’ footsteps. Watch the interview on the video below!

In addition, when they started their career in the K-pop industry, they introduced themselves first through various music shows or talk shows. As in the video below, they did a self-introduction on the ARIRANG channel on the program Pops in Seoul. 

All members introduced themselves along with their strengths, talents, and fun facts. Such as Haneul, in the video, he says that he has a unique fact that he has stretchy skin and then the members try to pull off his skin.

Watch the full video, here!

ARGON members already know each other well, they even think of themselves as a family. One of the ARGON members during an interview session in promiSINGER, he said that he’s very happy to live alongside all the members in the same house. They share everything from food, bedroom, and bathrooms.

One of the members said: “I think a lot about how we’ve become a real family.”

YouTube Channel

ARGON has a YouTube Channel named ARGON OFFICIAL. On their YouTube Channel, they upload various kinds of content, such as their music videos, vlogs, dance covers, dance practices, or song covers, and more.

Below are three videos uploaded on their YouTube Channel!

  • ARGON’s Jaeun’s practice video

In the video above, we can see that Jaeun is practicing in rapping to expedite his rapping skills. This video was uploaded around January before their debut, and this video can be considered as an individual introduction of the member as well as marking their first content before debut.

  • Mini vlog

This vlog contains their activities outside their performing schedule. In the video, the members spend their personal time either together with the other members, or doing other activities such as traveling somewhere. They named this content CAM and CAM S2, which is recorded by the camera that was given to each member or their personal camera.

  • Cover Song

All the members have done cover songs and then upload them on their YouTube, such as what Yeoun did. In the video above, Yeoun sings a song from Taeyon titled “All About You (그대라는)” where this song is part of the original soundtrack (OST) of the Hotel Del Luna drama series. Yeoun sings it with a beautiful voice and perfectly. His voice is quite characteristic and soft so we can fall in love with his voice.

Actually, there’s a lot more content that they have uploaded, and it’s not only Yeoun that has made a song cover, but other members as well. For that, you have to check it by yourself on the ARGON OFFICIAL YouTube Channel!

Latest News

After releasing their 2nd mini-album in October 2019, until now they haven’t talked about their new comeback planning. But currently, they are creating various kinds of content for their YouTube. As they share on their social media accounts either Twitter or Instagram, they always announce “Sandy’s Radio Time” which they do at Daum café. And that content only has four episodes for now.

And not only that, but they often post their selcas on the group Instagram account to say hello to their fans as well as share their activities. Gon posted his selfie with a wink and finger love sign. He posted it on July 22nd, 2020, with the caption: “‪[#곤]윙크 하트😍 윙크 브이✌🏻 (500일 선물 🥰🎁)‬.”
‪⠀⠀⠀ ‬

For now, that was all their latest news. Therefore, to find out about them you have to keep checking them out on the social media that they have!


That’s all about ARGON, from the group profile to their latest news. So, what do you think about them? Write down your thoughts in the comment section below!