Are You A Food Lover? Check Out Kim So-eun’s Appearance In ‘Wednesday Foodtalk’

Follow Kim So Eun As She Takes You To Enjoy Delicious Korean Food

Kim So-eun joined the cast members and food experts of the food program, Wednesday Foodtalk. She showed the audiences and viewers the best places and restaurants to enjoy unique and trendy Korean food.

While guiding viewers to delicious restaurants, she also explained the reason to go to, and the best taste of each food in the restaurant. Her review and opinion were good examples to decide good ratings for favorite restaurants and dishes. Find out more and follow her as she takes you to unique and tasty food.

In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Kim So-eun’s appearance on Wednesday Foodtalk. So stay tuned!

Brown Sugar Boba in Hongdae

Kim So-eun went to Hongdae to try the latest trendy beverage that has hit Korea like a heat wave. She had to spend around 40 minutes before being able to taste the famous Brown Sugar Boba. On a normal day, she said that it was considered typical to be able to get the drink after waiting for around two hours.

Kim So-eun said that the beverage was a popular way to overcome the summer heat waves, and cooled down the body during the hot weather. The beverage was originated in Taiwan. The cold beverage is made from brown sugar syrup, milk, tapioca balls, and ice cubes. The visual of the cold drink was very pretty, with a brown to white gradation.

Before drinking the brown sugar boba, Kim S-eun explained the best way to drink the sweet and cold drink. First of all, before making a hole through the lid, the drink should be shaken well about 15 times to dilute the thick brown sugar syrup. She said that the beverage didn’t taste too sweet, even though it contained lots of brown sugar syrup. The tapioca balls were boiled wit a very exact temperature and boiling time. They were very chewy, and didn’t have any hard texture at all.

First, tapioca balls are placed in the cup, then ice cubes get put in, and lastly, cold milk was poured into the mixture, making the beverage a feast for both eyes and mouths. One of the experts from the program said that the beverage didn’t taste too sweet, making the person who drinks it keep wanting more. It also tastes like drinking cold milk. On a hot weather day, drinking a brown sugar boba can bring extra energy to overcome the hot temperature.

Vegetable Pancakes With Rice Wine

Kim So-eun visited a famous vegetable pancake restaurant. The pancake was thick, and filled with lots of vegetables and other ingredients. Normally, Korean pancakes are crispy only at the edges, and rarely crispy in the middle. She said that the restaurant served a very crispy pancake in every part The inside and center part of the traditional Korean snack were very crisp and crunchy. As soon as the pancake was served, it was ripped into pieces with chopsticks. After tearing it into small pieces, it was time to try out the texture and crunchiness of the pancakes. As soon as the pancakes reached her mouth, she immediately wanted to drink Korean traditional rice wine. The outside was crispy, while the inside was moist and tasty. The chewy texture made the pancake extremely tasty and delicious. She drnk more rice wine to complement the pancake. She rated the restaurant five stars for taste, and possibility for revisiting. The atmosphere of the restaurant was given four stars by the beautiful actress.

Normally, traditional Korean pancakes are best when eaten with traditional Korean rice wine. The combination is overwhelming, especially when enjoyed with relatives and close friends. Kim So-eun said that she ordered and drunk many bottles of rice wine to enjoy with the pancakes.

Other celebrity experts said that normally Korean pancakes are cooked with lots of cooking oil to make them crispy and crunchy. The crispness makes it more enjoyable, but makes the pancakes more oily. She said that it is better to eat pancakes with raw and marinated squids. The spicy and sweet squid reduced the oily taste, and makes the pancakes more tasty and enjoyable.

Salted Chicken Wings

Kim So-eun recommended the restaurant Salted Chicken Wings as the first place she would revisit in the future. She said that the combination of the salty taste of the chicken wings and the spicy taste of chicken feet is very delicious.

Other food experts said that the chicken wings were marinated for 24 hours before being washed and removing remaining seasoning. After re-washing, the chicken wings were grilled and served to customers.

Mukbang With Grilled Pork Tails

Kim So-eun also tried the latest trend of eating grilled pork tails. The restaurant was located at a construction alley that was filled with manufacturing workers. Somewhere inside the alley, a trendy pig tails barbeque restaurant could be found. The interior looked extremely trendy and comfortable for a good dining experience.

Inside the restaurant, the customers were mainly young Korean women enjoying a night out with other female friends. The restaurant became popular through SNS advertising.

At first, the pig tails didn’t look like pigtails, but more like cooked slices of pig intestine. The pork tail pieces were already steamed and marinated before serving to the diners. Though looking like pig intestine, there were pigtail bones at the center of the meat pieces. Only base of the tails were used, since those are parts that are covered with meat and fat.

The smell, texture and the color were extremely similar to pork feet. At first, the pieces looked small without much meat. It turned out that the pieces had more meat than she imagined. The meat was tender, and could be easily ripped from the bone. It has lots of oily stuff and a garlic aroma. Kim So-eun preferred eating the pigtails without any additional sauce.

Kim So-eun has a lot of experience as a food columnist. She can describe and explain different kinds of Korean food with her own style. Her explanation was easy to understand, and it made viewers drool for the food that she reviewed.

That was all the information about Kim So-eun’s appearance on Wednesday Foodtalk. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below!