April’s Yena: Profile, Pre-debut, Nickname, etc

April’s Yena’s Performances on Stage

Even though the members are still young, April surprisingly has celebrated their fifth anniversary. It is quite surprising because Chaekyung, the oldest member, is still 25 years old, and Jinsol, the youngest member, is 20 years old as of 2021. That’s all because April made its debut when the members were so young. They learned and trained so hard until finally becoming the April that we know today.

April did well in performing a song with a cute concept, but they also slay other concepts, too. Especially, they proved this to people by releasing a song called “LALALILALA” in 2020. The concept is powerful, and their dance included flamboyant moves. Then again, April matches with a lot of concepts that they had!

Let’s see some performances of April in some music shows!

Just by seeing the songs that they released and promoted on music shows, we know that April fits with various concepts. The outfits and make-up they had were all lit, too! Which songs and outfits do you like the most? You can share your preferences in the comment section!

And now, it’s time to see the videos that only focus on Yena’s performance. As you can see, Yena is the main dancer of April. She might not catch your attention as the main dancer if only looking at her pictures. But, when Yena dances on stage, her main dancer aura really shows.

Let’s see videos focused on Yena!

What do you think about Yena’s dance performances? No wonder Fineapple (the fandom name of April) loves Yena the Squirrel so much. She’s a cute girl off stage but a powerful main dancer on stage.

April’s Yena Did a Cover to K-pop Songs

Although Yena is the main dancer of April, it doesn’t mean that she can’t do anything outside of dancing. In fact, she also holds the role of lead rapper and sub-vocalist. That’s why she can rap and sing well, too.

And, as proof, let’s see some videos of Yena performing covers to some popular K-pop songs!

Yena and Jinso did a dance cover of GD x TAEYANG’s hit song titled “Good Boy!”

The two youngest members look so mature while performing. But, their cute faces cannot lie- they are so adorable!

And, next, Yena proved that she did well in singing too by covering Red Velvet’s Yeri’s song called “Dear Diary.” In the music video, Yena looks so comfortable exploring her world. It seems just like Yena is your girlfriend, right?

Yena can sing and dance really well. Basically, she is the full package as an idol!

The Musical Debut of April’s Yena

April might be popular with one of their members, Naeun, starring in dramas. Naeun portrayed the main role in A-Teen, a web drama that got a lot of attention back in 2018. But, the acting-dol (an idol who turned into an actor or actress) is not only Naeun. Yena also turned into an actress starting in 2021.


In August 2020, it was reported that Yena confirmed her main role in a musical film called K-School which will air in 2021. It tells a story about an elite school that focuses on fashion. Yena portrays Amy, the daughter of the school’s chairman. She’s so fashionable and gets called the “Paris Hilton from Korea.”


Besides Yena, other cast members include Dawon from WJSN, Baekgyeol and Uiyeon from GREATGUYS, etc. Since the film is in the musical genre, the cast has to sing throughout the storyline. We can’t wait to see Yena’s performances as the sassy fashionista girl!


That’s all the info that we can gather for you about Yena from April. Well, whether it’s the month of April or not, it’s never the wrong time to talk about April’s members, especially Yena! She’s a talented main dancer, and she also does well in singing and rapping. Yena is also an adorable squirrel. Which of her charms do you like the most? Let us know your opinion in the comment section!