Steal The Girly and Feminine Look Of APRIL’s Naeun

april naeun

Meet April’s Talented Visual and Face of the Group, Lee Naeun!

She debuted back in 2015 as part of a girl group called April, under DSP Media. Popular for her unique visual, Naeun is also a great singer despite not being the main or lead vocalist in the group. Not only is she acts as an idol, but Naeun also works as an actress and participates in a variety of drama projects.

Since her appearance in ‘Extraordinary You,’ Naeun has gained even more popular than before. People have started watching her career with interest.

Naeun’s Airport Fashion

We all know that K-Pop idols like to mix and match their clothes, so they will look fashionable on their way to the airport. That also goes for Naeun, who mostly likes to wear brightly-colored clothes. Want to know more about her airport fashion? Let’s take a look at the picture below!

For the first picture, she wears a cute blue and white striped blouse with puffed sleeves. Naeun also wears a black pleated miniskirt, and blue heels to round out her look. For her accessories, she carries a gray sling bag on her right shoulder.

For the next picture, Naeun wears a short dress that has a yellow and white plaid motif. She also carries a purple pouch bag. Her appearance here is truly refreshing, right? She looks like sunshine that turned into a human being.

Another dress look from Naeun. In the photo above, she wears a short, white dress with elbow-length sleeves. You can see that the lower part of the dress is made of eyelet, and is cut so that it resembles shorts. As usual, she’s carrying a good-sized bag.

Overall, her airport looks tend toward a feminine and innocent look. So from all the examples up there, which one do you prefer the most?

Naeun’s Casual Looks

Many Korean people like to follow the latest fashion trends, so they can pick which styles suit them the most, even for a simple casual event. This also goes for a number of idols, Naeun being one of them. She may look girly on the stage, but in her activity behind the camera, she dresses in a way that’s very different.

Curious about it? Check out these three examples!

Naeun wears a pink and white plaid shirt with white pants and white thong sandals, with a black cardigan on the tip. She’s also wearing a pastel blue hat and carrying a small white sling bag.

Here, she wears a black cropped top under a soft pink pastel over-shirt with 3/4 length sleeves, pairing them with a dark gray skirt. She also carries a cute little pink cross-body bag that matches her shirt.

For the last picture, Naeun wears a medium gray jersey turtleneck with a black blazer as the outerwear. We can also see a little bit of her flowery, light chocolate skirt. She looks more mature, in a good way, with this look.

Naeun’s Dress Looks

Dresses are usually worn for all the formal events like award shows, parties, important meetings, and more. Let’s see how Naeun nailed her looks that were based on dresses.

The first picture was taken during the ‘Brand Awards 2019.’ Naeun was invited, and she even won one of the awards! On the red carpet, she looked innocent and sweet in this white brocade dress and nude heels.  Her loose, natural hair and subdued makeup added to her image.

On her way to a music show, Naeun was wearing a light red Sabrina dress that showed off her beautiful shoulder lines. She also wore a black choker and light blue heels and carried her ever-present bag.

Not only for formal events, but Naeun also likes to wear dresses during her off-schedule time. As you can see in the picture above, she wears a long soft purple corset puff dress that has ribbons on both sides. She also wears a cute matching headband and white earrings. She looks like a total princess here, don’t you agree??