Steal The Girly and Feminine Look Of APRIL’s Naeun

Girlfriend Material Looks

If there’s such as thing as looking like boyfriend material, the women can look like girlfriend material. Naeun of April is one of the examples, and many girls have taken inspiration from her girlfriend-material styles. Here are three of her top looks. Let’s take a look, shall we!

april naeun

Naeun paired a navy blue cable-knit sweater with a pinkish-red medium-length skirt. For the footwear, she added some medium blue and white striped socks and white sneakers. She also carries a small chocolate cross-body bag.

So what do you think of her look? It looks like Naeun is totally ready for her date!

april naeun

For the second picture, she wears a light brown blazer with baggy black long pants. Naeun also carries a white and red sling bag.

april naeun

She wears a dark purple-grey sweater, with grey jeans. With simple make-up, this look is suitable for a home date  with your beloved one.

Naeun’s Sporty Looks

Even though she is known for her girly and feminine style, Naeun also can also slay the sporty look, as well! If you want proof, here are three examples.

april naeun

The first picture shows a simple style, where Naeun wears a light blue t-shirt over white shorts. For footwear, sneakers are the best fit for this outfit!

april naeun

Want to exercise, but its cold outside? Don’t worry, you can copy Naeun’s sporty style like in the picture above. She wears a white sport jacket, with an orange stripe on both sleeves and the logo brand on the front.

She’s also wearing navy green cropped pants and white sneakers with navy blue and yellow accents. A backpack can also be a fashion staple, so don’t forget to bring one with you (it would be more better if the backpack has the same color with your clothes).

april naeun

For the last look, she wears an orange cropped shirt under a white long-sleeved shirt with black accents. Naeun added even more color by adding pastel pink color leggings and white sneakers with beige details.

And that was all for today’s topic about APRIL’s Naeun‘s girly and feminine style. We hope this article can be the source of your fashion inspiration. So which one of the looks we’ve shown you is your favorite? Give us your answer in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share this article, so your friends can also stay updated on the latest information about their favorite Korean artists with us, Channel-Korea.