Apink’s Nam-joo: Plastic Surgery Rumors and Friendship with BTOB

APINK Nam-joo rumor and latest news 2019

APINK’s Nam-joo Friendship Goals and Rumors

Nam-joo is one of the most active members in APINK. APINK is well-known for its pure concept among many of the girl-groups in the K-Pop Entertainment industry. The group’s concept stereotype was broken after their comeback with the album ONE & SIX. Other than group updates, Nam-joo has a lot of news updates which the public needs to catch up with. Let’s check it out!


Plastic Surgery Rumors

APINK Nam-joo plastic surgery

Nam-joo’s different looks have become a hot topic. Right after APINK attended the 2018 KOAFEC Ceremony, Nam-joo had plastic surgery rumors surface among fans and the public. Many fans were shocked by drastic changes in Nam-joo’s appearance, especially around her eyes. Nam-joo fans who also APINK fans, Pink Panda, couldn’t recognize her at  first glance.

Once Nam-joo’s plastic surgery rumors started to spread fast and become a hot topic among the public, Plan A Entertainment, as her agency, couldn’t give any exact explanation about the Nam-joo controversy, stating, “We have nothing to say about it.”

On the CeLuv TV show, Issue Clock, reporter Kim Ji-ha talked about the controversy, defending Nam-joo.

“Celebrities’ cosmetic surgery becomes a controversy but I don’t understand why such issues become a controversy.  I believe taking care of physical appearance is the foundation and a factor in competitiveness for celebrities. I think continuing the care on looks is a form of effort, I think people who are on TV can take care of their physical appearance as much as they want.”

Celebrities’ cosmetic surgery might be a controversial topic, but it’s already part of the culture in the industry. While Nam-joo’s controversy came along with APINK’s new fan song, reporter Kim Ji-ha thought it could become publicity to gain more attention. The show’s MC, Hwang Hyun-hee, gave a thumb’s-up and said, “Noise is the best for marketing indeed.”


Friendships with BTOB

APINK Nam-joo and BTOB

The groups APINK and BTOB are close since they were formerly under the same agency, Cube Entertainment. Although APINK and BTOB are under different agencies now (APINK is under Plan A Entertainment and BTOB is under Cube Entertainment), they are still close. Known as BTOPINK, their cute friendship gained support from fans and the public.

APINK Nam-joo and BTOB

Nam-joo and BTOB’s close relationship could be seen on MBC’s Idol Star Athletics Championships. There haven’t been any dating rumors to haunt them, as of yet, although they like to show off their close relationship. Usually, close friendships between male idols and female idols make the public suspicious about their real relationship. APINK and BTOB’s relationship seems deeper, like a family relationship.

APINK’s Nam-joo is known to be good friends with Sung-jae from BTOB. Nam-joo and Sung-jae were born the same year, and can be really good friends to each other. They even released a song together in 2015, called Photograph. 



Kim Nam-joo instagram

Among APINK members, Nam-joo is one with the most updates of Instagram content among the members. Pink Panda, APINK’s fandom, use it to stay updated on APINK Nam-joo’s group and personal schedules.



Nam-joo behind the scenes during shooting of the web drama Detective Alice or Rebel Detectives, alongside Yoo Seon-ho and Ahn Hyeong-seop.

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APINK behind the scenes of a photoshoot as models for the game Racing Star M.

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APINK comeback teaser.


APINK’s Nam-joo watching a Sam Smith concert during his 2018 The Thrill of It All World Tour in Gocheok Sky Dome on October 9, 2018.


Latest News

APINK Nam-joo latest news 2019

Nam-joo joined the cast of Law of the Jungle this mid-year, with Wanna One’s Ong Seong-wu, Wanna One’s Ha Sung-woon, and others. However, she had to be taken to the hospital following a neck injury, and later returned to Korea for further treatment.

Along with her group, APINK, she will also make a comeback with the album Percent, which shows a more mature concept than previous albums. Nam-joo’s individual concept photos were released on December 29, 2018, and have a dreamy quality and a feminine theme. The album will be out on January 7, 2019.

Nam-joo and the other APINK members will have a concert tour next year. APINK 5th Concert 2019, PINK COLLECTION : RED & WHITE begins on January 5, 2019, and January 6, 2019, in SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium. Nam-joo’s poster promotion was already up in early December, 2018. Further concert schedule plans will be released soon.

APINK Nam-joo concert 2019

The APINK official 2019 season’s greeting pre-order has been opened in many online shops.  The Eternal Jewels season’s greeting consists of a desk photo calendar, photobook with video QR, 12 photo cards, deco sticker set, mini calendar poster and a random photo standing card. One lucky order will eceive a bonus polaroid.

APINK 2019 Season Greetings

Currently, Nam-joo and APINK are busy with year-end events, such as award ceremonies year-end concerts on several TV networks.