Who Is APINK’s Jung Eun-ji’s Boyfriend?


The Happy Virus Jung Eun-ji Has a Boyfriend?

Jung Eun-ji or more known as Eun-ji was part of a popular senior girl group named Apink that was formed by Plan A Entertainment on 2011. Her position was as the main vocalist and the ‘Face’ of the group. But in 2016 she pursued a solo career with a mini album called Dream. Since last year she also released her 2nd solo album in July called The Space.

Not only as a singer, Eun-ji was also known to take some roles for several dramas such as Reply 1997 (2012), The Winter The Wind Blows (2013), Reply 1994 (2013 ep. 16-17), Lovers Of Music (2014), Cheer Up (2015). Her latest drama in 2017 was Untouchable and this year she will also appear in a horror film called 0.0MHz along with Infinite’s Sungyeol.

Eun-ji was known for her tomboy, carefree and friendly personality by the members in Apink, friends and her fans; even all of them call her The Happy Virus since she always make people around her feel happy and comfortable. But before we find out more about the latest news of Eun-ji’s boyfriend lets check out her ideal type of man below!

Eun-ji’s ideal type is a masculine guy with a kind smile who has single eyelids, and a tall nose bridge but she said that ultimately appearance doesn’t matter at as long as the both of them are liking each other.


Jung Eun-ji and Her New Boyfriend

Now let’s move on towards the main news. Reportedly on May 16, 2018, Eun-ji was at the airport and about to pass towards the check point. There were also some reporters who waited there for her and when she passed by they were waving towards Eun-ji.

Suddenly an innocent bystander who sees the situation joining too waves his hands towards the reporters camera and from the information that we know, this man probably doesn’t know who Eun-ji was. Noticing whats happening Eun-ji then respond to it jokingly by saying, “Girlfriend, Boyfriend. My Boyfriend!”. The man quickly says, “Woah, no no no no!” causing Eun-ji and all people in the place laughing at the moments they saw.

Here is the hilarious video footage!