APINK’s Son Na-eun Has a Cute Interaction With the Na-eun and Gun-hoo Siblings on KBS’ ‘Superman Returns’


APINK Naeun Meets The Cute Naeun and Gunhoo

Son Na-eun (born on February 10, 1994), more familiarly known as Naeun, is a singer, songwriter, actress, and the member of South Korean girl-group APINK. Naeun started to gather fame with her APINK debut in 2011, then she also started her acting career, as she starred in dramas like Twenty Again, Childless Comfort, and horror movies like The Wrath. 

APINK’s Naeun got the chance to become a guest of Superman Returns, a show about the daily life of cute babies, and she met Naeun and Gunhoo, two blaster babies from Germany and South Korea. Naeun is known for her pretty and cute appearance, and her amazing ability to speak in four different languages, Korean, German, Spanish, and English. While her sister, Gunhoo, is known for his cute babbling everywhere and people still guess what his babbling means.

What happened when APINK’s Naeun met another cute version Naeun and her sister Gunhoo? Channel-Korea will show you some cute moments between them, so stay tuned!

First Impression

That day, the soccer player Jun-ho, along with his two adorable kids, Naeun and Gunho, were preparing to attend the 2018 KBS Entertainment Awards. They came to the studio to have their hair done and wearing the suits. Suddenly, a surprise guest came to the studio,  APINK’s Naeun!


At first, the  babies were trying to guess who she was. APINK’s Naeun introduced herself  to Naeun first, as they had the same name. Naeun, who seemed shy and awkward before, changed her face into a beautiful smile when she knew that the unnie had the name that she did.

Different from Naeun, who is too shy, Gunho instantly gave APINK’s Naeun his best smile, and even crawled to her! Gunho stated his love in first sight directly as he asked to be carried and hugged by APINK’s Naeun. He even brushed aside his sister’s hand, that somehow means “don’t disturb me with this beautiful unnie!”


2 Naeuns At The Time

While their daddy was getting ready for the show, the babies came out with APINK’s Naeun. They visited a dessert shop, buying some chocolates and macaroons. While Gunhoo fell asleep so well, Naeun and Naeun were having a good time together.


At first, they cutely about who the real Naeun was, and Naeun baby ended it with “Naeun unnie”. Then Naeun invited APIN’s Naeun to her house in Ulsan, and she said she would give her one of her toys. What a generous Naeun! Then APINK’s Naeun fed Naeun white macaroon, and Naeun gave her the pink ones. They also played with Naeun’s dinosaurs, and then trird some cute filters on APINK Naeun’s phone. Naeun and Naeun really fit each other!


Gunhoo Like APINK Naeun

We could tell that Gunhoo already liked APINK’s Naeun from the start. When they went out, APINK’s Naeun carried Gunhoo all the way! In the dessert shop, APINK’s Naeun fed Gunhoo with his milk bottle, and Gunhoo comfortably fell asleep in Naeun’s lap.


Naeun stroked her brother with love, and she whispered “Gunhoo must like you” to APINK’s Naeun. She then said, “I Love you, Gunhoo” and kissed him, what a sweet sister!


Exchanging Gifts

At the dessert shop, Naeun gave APINK’s Naeun a couple of red rubber bracelets, and even want to give her one of her dinosaurs. The bracelets were the straight and the wavy one, really suited to the sporty looks. Naeun, herself, put it on APINK Naeun’s hand, how cute!


When they got back, APINK’s Naeun gave Naen a pretty Christmas snow globe. When the globe’s handle was twisted, it played music. Naeun seemed like the present so much!

Latest News of APINK Naeun

Play M Take Action to Malicious Commenters On APINK Naeun


When someone is famous idol with beauty and talent, there will always be some hate and critics toward the idol, and some of them are good and true but some are false news and want to smear the idol’s character, which happened to APINK’s Naeun.

These malicious comments couldn’t be held anymore, so Naeun’s agency, Play M, decided to submit a first round of lawsuits against the haters. On June 21, Play M Entertainment released their official statement to state their serious action.

They announced, “We have submitted our first round of lawsuits against those who attacked and defamed APINK member Na-Eun’s character, spread posts containing sexual harassment, as well as false, malicious rumors online, through the Gangnam police department’s cyber crime unit. As both our artist and our label suffered severe damage from such content, we plan to respond strictly without any settlements.

The representatives continued, “We are constantly in the process of considering legal action against malicious online posts involving the rest of the APink members and plan to respond equally strictly.

As internet users, we should beware of our hateful comments on the internet because they might have a negative impact to the idol or ourselves, especially for spreading false news.

So, that’s all about APINK’s Naeun’s meeting with Naeun and Gunhoo, they’re so cute, aren’t they? Do you want to see their moments completely? Just watch the video below!