Is APINK’s Chorong Really Involved in a School Violence Case? Find Out the Explanation Here!

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APINK’s Chorong – A School Violence Perpetrator?

Park Cho-rong raised her fame as the leader and the main vocalist of the shining girl group APINK. However, she became involved in a controversy and accusation of underage drinking as well as school violence when she was in high school. Are you curious about that? In this article, Channel Korea will inform you of the news regarding APINK’s Chorong’s bullying accusations, so keep on reading!

APINK’s Leader Park Cho-rong: The Bullying Accusation of When She Was in High School

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APINK’s Chorong has entered the spotlight and drawn attention lately due to the accusation of bullying that she is accused of having done in the past. It was reported that Chorong was involved in a school violence case following the report that she smashed her school friend.

In April 2021, a person who claimed to be APINK’s Chorong’s friend revealed that the idol bullied her when they were in high school. The person that was later named “Kim” told the story through an online forum. It occurred in 2008 when Kim ran into Chorong and smiled at her while Chorong looked displeased.

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One of Chorong’s friends went to Kim and dragged her into the alleyway while saying, “Hey, Chorong wants to hit you.” Chorong continued with, “I didn’t like the way you smiled at me.” Then, Chorong reportedly slapped her face and kicked her feet. For more information, check out the chronology down below:

The Conversation between Chorong and the Victim

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The transcript of a conversation between Chorong and Kim from a phone call also spread through the whole Internet, and the victim used it as evidence. However, the agency of APINK revealed that the transcript had been edited. You can read some of it through the phases below:

[Chorong]: I didn’t do those things for no reason.

[Kim]: It doesn’t matter if you had a reason or not. Did I do something wrong to you? I reported it to the police after you hit me.

[Chorong]: The problem is that I should have told you this at that time. There was a misunderstanding like you said in your DM. I should have talked to you then on the spot, but I was also a bit angry at that time.

Even though Chorong also expresses her apology to Kim, the pain and trauma caused damage to Kim which made her become even angrier.

APINK’s Chorong: Drinking Alcohol Since She Was Young?

apink's chorong alcohol scandal

Aside from the school violence accusations, APINK’s Chorong was also rumored to have drunk alcohol while underage. The rumor spread after an old acquaintance of Chorong shared the story with multiple old pictures of APINK’s Chorong. Turns out, there was a picture of Chorong in a restaurant with a couple of friends while drinking alcohol.

apink's chorong underage drinking
apink's chorong underage drinking

The picture was supposedly taken in 2008 when Chorong was still in high school. Moreover, the acquaintance also revealed that Chorong went drinking almost every weekend. Although the underage drinking case has nothing to do with the bullying, the fans demanded an explanation from Chorong for the picture.

An Explanation from Chorong and the Victim’s Mutual Friend

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After the bullying accusation of Chorong was spread, a lot of anger and hatred was directed towards her. However, there was an explanation from Chorong and the victim’s mutual friend about the case who was close to both Chorong and Kim. The friend created an online post and revealed that it was a false accusation against Chorong.

From her post, the netizen revealed that Chorong didn’t drink a lot because she couldn’t handle alcohol. It was true that Chorong and Kim had an argument, but there was no violence involved since it just a misunderstanding between them. Furthermore, there was no group assault towards Kim.

The Official Statement from the Agency


APINK’s agency Play M Entertainment responded to the bullying accusation that occurred about their artist through the statement, “On April 1, we filed an initial criminal complaint at Gangnam Police Station against ‘Kim’ for defamation by alleging a false accusation towards our artist, Park Cho-rong.” Furthermore, they explained that Kim also threatened Chorong about exposing the false rumor to the public to demolish her reputation.

“Kim suddenly canceled the plans to meet [for an explanation and apology between her and Chorong], recording the phone call including Park Cho-rong’s apology and sent it to the media with false information. It has reached the stage where taking legal actions is inevitable at this point.” Play M Entertainment also asked the public for their understanding and will do their best to protect the artist.

The Apology from APINK’s Chorong

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On April 6, 2021, APINK’s Chorong expressed her apology through her Instagram, @mulgokizary. From her statement, APINK’s Chorong seemed to admit to the underage drinking controversy. She felt very sorry since she caused concern regarding the old picture of her drinking when she was a minor, stating “There is no room for excuse, I sincerely apologize.”

On the other side, Chorong denied the bullying accusation that involved Kim. “I never, at any point, slapped Ms. Kim like she claimed, took off her clothing, or committed violence against her.” For the closing statement, she expressed her regret and apology for APINK’s members, the agency and staff, and the fans who have supported her before and after.

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That is everything about APINK’s Chorong’s school violence accusation and the other details! Both Chorong and the agency have explained the situation and given an apology, and we hope that the truth will appear to avoid any undesirable events in the future. What are your thoughts on this matter regarding APINK’s Chorong? Write your statement down below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!