Find Out About APINK’s Chorong’s Diet Tips and the Truth About Her Plastic Surgery Rumor

How to Get Body Goals like A-Pink’s Leader, Park Chorong

Being part of an idol group is hard work, a lot has to be done and sacrificed to gain popularity among many people, especially for members of a girl-group. Not only do they have to have the ability to dance and sing, appearance is also an important point to get attention and increase their popularity. For this reason, many girl-group members go on diets to get a perfect body shape or perfect appearance.

In this article, Channel Korea will tell you all about the diet tips from A-pink’s Park Chorong. Park Chorong leads the girl-group which debuted in 2011 and was formed by Play M Entertainment (formerly Cube Entertainment and Plan A Entertainment). As a member of a girl-group, the performer provides tips for getting the ideal body shape with a diet that is not too extreme. Chorong Park also does many things to get a perfect body shape.

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A-Pink Park Chorong’s Weight Loss Method

As a female idol, maintaining your appearance and weight is very important. Previously, Park Chorong used to carry a little bit of extra weight, but with some work outs and diet tips she managed to get her weight down and get the ideal body shape. The idol says that Pilates has transformed the muscle on the bottom part of her body from thick and ungainly to slim and toned.

Further, instead of eating a heavy breakfast, Park Chorong consumes a light breakfast consisting of Greek yogurt, granola, and fruits such as blueberries. Right before a comeback, she also detoxes her body’s impurities by drinking juices. Chorong also said she continues to eat three times a day in order to have the strength to carry out her activities.

For breakfast, she eats Radish soup or brown rice, and 40 g of sugarless cereal. For lunch, she eats corn or sweet potatoes and two bananas. At 5 PM, she’ll have a salad for dinner.

Well, you want to try this method to lose your weight?

Park Chorong Plastic Surgery Rumor

Some agencies in Korea have invited their artists to do plastic surgery so that their appearance looks more ideal, but there are other agencies that don’t allow their artists to do plastic surgery. Many rumors say that every Korean artist does plastic surgery, but not all artists really do. Some artists have been born beautiful or handsome but are still rumored to do plastic surgery, because doing plastic surgery has become commonplace in South Korea.

One of them is Park Chorong. She was rumored to have had plastic surgery on her face. Despite having natural aegyo sal (tiny bands of fat underneath eyes), Chorong’s eyes used to have a single eyelid but, in the current pictures, we can see that her eyes now have double eyelids. In addition, Chorong’s old nose, which was considered to be flat and short, changed into a slimmer nose with a higher bridge.

Park Chorong Photo Comparison: Before VS After

Park Chorong’s Childhood Photo

Here are some photos from the idol’s childhood. She looks so cute with short or long hair. Chorong Park’s beauty has been seen from childhood until now without plastic surgery.

Her face looks so innocent, right?

Park Chorong Pre-debut Photo

Before debuting with A-pink and becoming a trainee at Cube Entertainment, Park Chorong did look beautiful using bangs, even until her debut with A-pink. She looks very sweet and adorable.

Park Chorong’s Debut with A-pink

This is a photo of Park Chorong’s first debut with A-pink in 2011. At that time, the group’s formation had seven members, before one of them left to focus on her education.

All the A-pink members look so innocent, especially Park Chorong. What do you think about this?

Park Chorong Now (2019)

Eight years have passed since A-pink made its debut. There have been many changes that Park Chorong has gone through so that she looks more beautiful and mature now.

She looks so charming, right? She really changed her appearance and her style to look more mature. Park Chorong is also on a diet to get a better appearance than before.