All About Apink’s Yoon Bo-mi: Diet Tips, Her ‘We Got Married’ Days with Choi Tae-joon, and Much More!


The Multitalented Spring Fairy, Yoon Bo-mi

In Korea, Bom (봄) means spring and Yoon Bo-mi, the multitalented lead vocalist of APink, might as well be called the personification of spring itself with her cheerful and lovely traits. In the group, she’s also known as the mood maker because she likes to joke around and make everyone around her happy. Bo-mi packed a lot of talent in her petite body and pretty face. Not only a good singer, she also proven her capability as an artist by writing her own song titled Lost Pieces that is included in APink’s Album, Dear (2016). She also has starred in multiple dramas such as Reply 1997 (as a cameo), and web drama Love Profiler K and variety shows such as Running Man, Weekly Idol, We Got Married, etc. People love her for her bubbly and funny personality.

Want to know more about Bo-mi? Don’t you worry! In this article, you will find everything you need to know about her, including her ways to lose weight, her We Got Married love story with Choi Tae-joon, and so much more! So don’t go anywhere and keep scrolling until the end.

Bo-mi’s Profile

  • Stage Name: Bomi (보미)
  • Birth Name: Yoon Bo Mi (윤보미)
  • Nicknames: RillaYoon, Bomi Angry, and Angry Bom
  • Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Rapper
  • Birthday: August 13, 1993
  • Birthplace: Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Height: 163 cm (5’4″)
  • Weight: 47 kg (104 lbs)
  • Blood Type: O
  • Education: Youngshin Girls High School, Korea Arts High School
  • Twitter: @Apinkbm
  • Instagram: @__yoonbomi__
  • Youtube: Bomi’s channel

Bo-mi’s Facts and Trivia

  • She has a very huge interest in horror films.
  • She originally dreamt of becoming korea’s representative in Taekwondo. She has a 3rd-degree black belt.
  • She confessed in Strong Heart and Weekly Idol that she had once farted in front of infinite’s Woo-hyun.
  • She’s well-known for her gorilla imitation.
  • She has an older sister and a younger brother.
  • She was part of the girl dancing crew in BEAST/B2ST‘s “Beautiful“.
  • Her favorite color is red.
  • Her favorite food is budae stew (a.k.a Army stew or Army base stew, which is a soup that is loaded with Kimchi, spam, sausages, ramen noodles .
  • Her favorite number is 3.
  • She learned how to play drum before.

Bo-mi’s Career

Bo-mi debuted with Apink in 2011 with their title song I don’t know (몰라요)(2011) and received many love from the fans and non-fans with her innocent and cute appearance. Her talent not only remains within the music industry, but in 2012, she began to expand her career and experience towards the drama industry by starring in the drama Reply 1997 (응답하라1997) as a cameo of the teenage version of Moon Jeong-mi, the deceased mother of Yoon Yoon-jae, along with her fellow Apink Member, Cho-rong.

Trying out her acting skills once again, in September 2015, she was casted in KBS’ 10-episode web drama Love Profiler K (연애탐정 셜록K)as top star Yu-na. Two years later, Bo-mi was casted in a supporting role in the romantic comedy drama Because This is My First Life (이번 생은 처음이라). Not only as an actor, but as a singer, she also contributed to the drama Cinderella With Four Knights by singing the OST titled Without You.

Aside from being a singer and an actress, Bo-mi challenged herself as an artist by producing and writing her own song titled Lost Pieces (2016), which is included in Apink’s Dear album. Bo-mi also appeared in several TV programs as a host as well as the guest, which adds up to her experience as an entertainer.


Recently, Bo-mi has started her own youtube channel called Bbom Bbom Bbom that she uses to interact more with her fans, and let them know what she’s up to. Check out her YouTube channel below!

Bo-mi’s Extreme Diet


Not too long ago, Bo-mi revealed her intense diet in her YouTube channel, where she claimed to be able to lose 2,4kg in just one week. “This is something that fits for my body, so it’s not the right way for everyone. I don’t expect everyone to follow me. I do it when I need to lose weight really fast. There isn’t a diet I haven’t done for 7-8 days.” She said. Bo-mi explained that the name of the diet is ‘Juice Diet’, and it includes, “1) Anti-aging juice 500ML 2) Diet pomegranate juice 500ML 3) 2L of water a day 4) Always eat vitamins 5) Half a glass of chocolate protein.”

However, the fans did not take in this very well. Although some stated that they would like to try it, some also voiced out their concern and said that it might be dangerous for her health.

She concluded, “I plan to do a healthier diet this summer, and I want a healthy body”.  We surely wish that she stays healthy and not overdo her diet.

What do you think about her ways to lose weight? Do you want to try it or do you think that there is a better and healthier diet? Share your thoughts!