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The “Always” music video was released on December 11th, 2018. “Always” is really a beautiful and soft song. It’s a kind of Japanese ballad song. Every member’s part is shown nicely in the video.

Check out Apeace’s “Always” Official Music Video here:

Feel So Good


The “Feel So Good” music video was released on September 26th, 2019. “Feel So Good” is Apeace’s 10th single. It was released on November 20th, 2019. “Feel So Good” is a song that expresses the feelings of being loved by the important person in front of you and the burning moments of men and women, along with songs, rap rhythms, and dance. This song has been a debut for the first time at AICHI IMPACT! 2019 KPOP FESTIVAL (Aichi Sky Expo), appearing together with IZ*ONE and others on August 30th and 31st.

Take a look at the fans’ reactions to the “Feel So Good” MV:

  • OMG I’M CRYIN. Finally, it’s a Korean song! And omg doesn’t the music video just give you vibes of all of their past music videos. Like I’m seeing a bit of Veil, You Are My Life Carry On, Brave to Wonder, Never End… Or is that just me? Haha. You all look so incredibly handsome ❤ Icb you actually put JD shirtless I’m spazzing out asdfghjkl. and I can’t get over Wanchul’s high note oof boy I just went to heaven. Seunghyuk, Seungho, and Geonhee would have been so nice in here. Can’t wait for them to come back! Apeace 화이팅! ❤ [Number 1 Inspirit]
  • It took me a whole 10 seconds to realize it was in Korean! 😅 I was wondering why I couldn’t understand it jajaja! I LOVE it!! 😍🎶💕 The MV is nice to see and those individual shots of the members are great, like the styling as well! Amazing job guys, another great song! 😊👏💞 -blue [bluerosety]
  • Wow I was not ready! Thanks for lighting my days! I am so happy to see your comeback. You did great. Thanks for tour work and living [I Love Potatoes]

Check out Apeace’s “Feel So Good” Official Music Video here:

Never Ever End


The “Never Ever End” music video was released on December 16th, 2018. The song was officially released on January 23rd, 2019. “Never Ever End” gives out a cool and sexy vibe. Based on the MV, they have turned into bad boys. Some members even got shirtless in the MV. The song has a dance part with some electronic tunes which are very interesting.

Check out Apeace’s “Never Ever End” Official Music Video here:

I Love You


The music video of “I Love You” was released on September 13th, 2016. The intro was really catchy. This song is really suited to summer just by looking at their MV. The MV shows their kind of holiday activities which really look summer-themed. Playing on the beach, in the skate park, also in the park with friends. The song also has a funky, upbeat, and fresh melody. It’s good to listen to it in the summer along with your friends.

Check out Apeace’s “I Love You” Official Music Video here:


History of Your IDOL

Apeace’s members Kim Won-Sik and Yun Jun-Sik are being the MCs of the Mnet Japan program titled History of Your IDOL. History of Your IDOL is an original program of Mnet Japan that traces the trajectory of K-POP stars such as BTS, SHINee, and many more. It is broadcast every 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month. Check them out as MCs of the show, here:




Other members of Apeace, Choi Si-Hyuk and Choi Young-Won, have also appeared in the Mnet Japan TV program.


Apeace have been active a lot on their social media account. Recently, they did a live broadcast live on their YouTube Channel.


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